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GRA Member & Election Integrity Advocate Larry Hand Appointed to Cherokee Board of Elections

GRA Member & Election Integrity Advocate Larry Hand Appointed to Cherokee Board of Elections

On Tuesday evening, the Cherokee County Board of Commissioners met to appoint four new members to the Board of Elections. The Board of Commissioners there is made up of four Republicans, who could have appointed four strong, election integrity candidates to serve in those positions, yet three of their choices did not reflect a concern for integrity, nor for the will of the people. 

Beth Mercure

GRA member Beth Mercure, an accountability-minded election integrity activist and Republican precinct officer in the county said: “I am very happy to announce they appointed Larry Hand, but very disappointed by the lost opportunity for them to do the right thing by The People!” Larry Hand has been a member of the North Metro Republican Assembly since September of 2022. 

At the meeting, an argument was made that, since Cherokee County votes roughly 75% Republican, perhaps the appointments should reflect that voting percentage, with three Republicans and one Democrat. After all, the Board of Commissioners consists of four Republicans and no Democrats.

Those present reported that all the constituents who spoke at the meeting, except for one, were in favor of the 3-1 allotment. Nevertheless, this suggestion was ignored.

Of the two Republicans who were appointed, one of them appears to have been a nomination from a brand new group outside the official Cherokee County Republican Party. This is an unprecedented move, though not entirely outside of the legal parameters of the commissioners, under a brand new law that was recently passed.

Richard Jordan

North Metro RA President Richard Jordan from Cherokee expressed more optimism about being able to possibly work with both of the two Republican appointments to the local Board of Elections to advance election integrity, even though one of them was not nominated by the official Cherokee GOP.

“Another controversy is whether and how the different factions of the Republican Party should be represented. The new leadership of the local Republican Party is mostly supported by those who seriously doubt the integrity of the elections process and want to make major changes,” wrote Harry Johnston, Chairman of the Cherokee Board of Commissioners.

“But I believe there’s an equal or larger group of local Republicans who believe elections have been substantially fair and accurate, at least in Cherokee County. I’m in that group. The BOC may decide to appoint one BOER member from each of these two Republican groups.”

Clearly election integrity is a central, defining issue that has dominated the recent changes in the Republican Party. Many activists in the GOP believe that evidence of vulnerabilities in Georgia’s elections system such as the Halderman Report reveal simply cannot be ignored any longer. This evening Gwinnett County will also be having a Board of Elections meeting where activists hope to make an impression.

The Accountability Rule Goes Local

One recourse that the Cherokee GOP, and other Republican organizations in red counties are considering is to adopt their own local version of the Accountability Rule. While the state GOP is still considering the implications of the proposal, local county GOPs may provide a testing ground to assure more people it could succeed at a state-wide level.

County parties have the constitutional authority to qualify Republican candidates for county commissioner races, and if they believe a commissioner is not working in the interests of the Republican cause, they can vote to block incumbent commissioners from running for re-election as a Republican in the next primary election.

Already, in several solid red counties where the GRA has helped the grassroots to win this year during conventions season, GOP organizations are planning how they could implement their own version of the Accountability Rule against wayward “Republican” commissioners come next March. These counties often find themselves in the unpleasant position of having Democrats run as Republicans (because no Democrat would be elected out-right in these rural districts otherwise). While election integrity is a large concern, constituents are also concerned about other bad policies being foisted on them, such as interference with the free market in rural places where restrictions have been added against farming chickens and other livestock. Corporate cronyism at the county level has also been a subject of scorn.

So-called “Republican” county commissioners may be running under a different banner next year if they don’t listen to their local GOP leaders.

Fulton Commissioners Subvert Law to Block Appointment of Republican Jason Frazier to Board of Elections

Fulton Commissioners Subvert Law to Block Appointment of Republican Jason Frazier to Board of Elections

The Fulton County Board of Commissioners this morning voted to illegally reject the Fulton Republican Party nominee to the Board of Elections. More than thirty election integrity activists (including many local GRA members) showed up to speak and passionately addressed the Board in favor of Jason Frazier, who was nominated by the Fulton County Republican Party. 

The word “shall” in the Fulton Ordinance 14-33 means they are required to accept the nomination from the Fulton County Republican Party.

The Fulton County Commission has always appointed the four Board nominations from both the Republican and Democrat chairs of the county, giving them two slots each. So why try to subvert the law now?

They opposed Jason Frazier for being a “disrupter,” and Democrat Commissioner Barrett indicated in a recent podcast interview that she was opposing him in an effort to protect against the “far right.”

Fulton resident Jason Frazier, has been volunteering his own time and money to clean up voter rolls in his county because the county wasn’t doing its job as required by law. In one example of his challenges, an abandoned house at 850 Oak Street NW in Atlanta had twenty voter registrations! 

Over the last two weeks, activists have been collecting signatures on a petition for free and fair representation on the Board. 

They were able to collect a large number of signatures despite the petition link being entirely banned from Facebook. 

“I am holding a petition of 900 Fulton constituents!” declared activist Jamie Parrish.

The activists that took to the mic to make public comments were met with loud applause from the crowd. GRA Member Michael Gordon said, “The Board just re-appointed those who fail to do their job, and opposed Jason Frazier, who has been doing the job!”

“You have made Fulton County a nation-wide joke on elections. I call you to rise above your partisan hack and appoint Jason Frazier to the Board of Elections,” said GRA Member Julie Allen.

Republican Commissioner Bridget Thorne pointed out that the county is eager to save costs, yet they continue to do nothing about the “bloated voter rolls”, which cost tax payers money in the equipment that is required for every 2,000 registered voters. 

Jason Frazier had been the one to discover that there were approximately 20,000 duplicate voter registrations in Fulton and approximately 2,000 registrations had no address listed. How were they registered with no address? 

The Fulton Board of Elections overwhelmingly acknowledged that Jason’s challenges to the voter rolls were correct — nearly 100% of them! Yet instead of showing gratitude for his volunteer service, and recognizing his experience and potential, the Fulton Board of Commissioners blocked his appointment to the Board of Elections. To the Democrat Commissioners, Frazier’s challenges were considered to be “frivolous and irrelevant.”

The motion was made by commissioner Thorne and seconded by Commissioner Bob Ellis, but the vote to approve Jason Frazier failed by a vote of 5-2.

In Floyd County: Opposition to “Transqueer Pride”

In Floyd County: Opposition to “Transqueer Pride”

Angela Rubino with Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene

This week Etowah Republican Assembly Vice President Angela Rubino, supported by many other members, spoke out against the facilitation by the Rome City Commission for the Transqueer Pride event being hosted in Heritage Park on June 24th in Rome, Georgia. The event organizers repeatedly call for children to be brought to the event in their promotional materials.

Last year’s event featured middle-aged men, dressed in secondhand thrift-store women’s clothing, doing sexualized dances for tips in full view of the children in attendance – which is illegal under city ordinances as well as Georgia law.

However, city police refused to enforce the law against such a display of left-wing politics in action. What sort of middle-aged men specifically seek out an audience of children to put on a display of this sort in a public park?  

Vendors at last years event hosted in the same public park featured sex toys for sale at children’s eye level as well as women walking around bare-chested.

The currently Establishment-dominated Floyd County Republican Party, chaired by

Jamie Palmer, as well as the local Republican legislative delegation, as led by corporate lobbyist-controlled State Rep. Katie Dempsey (R-Floyd), not only refused to speak out against the event but the Floyd GOP leadership expressed vociferous criticism of Angela and others who did so. Rome Police have indicated that they will take action against people exercising their constitutional rights of free speech to peacefully assemble in public areas as they protest at this year’s “pride” event.

Governor Kemp Vetoes Amended S.B. 23

Governor Kemp Vetoes Amended S.B. 23

This weekend Governor Brian Kemp appeared to heed the great public outcry from the grassroots against S.B. 23, as it was amended in the final days of the recent legislative session.

Although we have sometimes pointed out missteps from Governor Kemp’s administration, we have also publicly expressed our appreciation when he has taken bold and right stands — as when he signed the “Constitutional Carry” legislation and when he early re-opened the state in the midst of the COVID lockdowns. This is yet another example where we want to give credit where credit is due.

Many grassroots activists such as Hank Sullivan have pointed out the problems with S.B. 23, which was amended late into the legislative session to include some of the bad provisions from H.B. 520 relating to data collection on citizens. The amendment was so bad that State Senator Greg Dolezal (R-Forsyth), who was the second sponsor of the original version of the bill, voted against his own bill. In fact, in a sign of solidarity, all of the members of the Georgia Freedom Caucus in the previous legislative session opposed the amended S.B. 23.

We wish to thank and commend Governor Kemp for vetoing this awful legislation. Thanks also to all of those who called and messaged the Governor’s office, urging him to make this veto!

Mallory Staples Responds to “Republican” Legislators Griping about Being Reprimanded for Voting for H.B. 520

Mallory Staples Responds to “Republican” Legislators Griping about Being Reprimanded for Voting for H.B. 520

In a recent newsletter we reported about how multiple GOP Congressional District Conventions passed resolutions reprimanding those “Republican” legislators who voted in favor of the awful “Mental Health” H.B. 520 while commending the few Republicans who voted against it.

Several state legislators present at the 14th District GOP Convention reportedly walked out after learning about the resolution. State Rep. Mike Cameron (R-Walker) turned to the airwaves to belly-ache about the resolution on a local podcast show from Floyd County. He claimed the characterization of H.B. 520 was erroneous and complained about not being treated with more respect as a legislator at the convention. Meanwhile, elected representatives who took strong stands for Republican principles such as State Senator Colton Moore (R-Dade) and Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Green (CD-14) were greeted by the convention as rockstars.

Cameron said he is so offended by the grassroots in northwest Georgia that he intends to boycott the GA GOP State Convention.

In response to the show, the Georgia Freedom Caucus‘ Executive Director Mallory Staples responded to these complaints and mischaracterizations of the legislation, taking to the John Fredricks Show and other programs to defend the resolution and affirm the problems with H.B. 520.

In particular, one thing Mallory pointed out was that the first “Mental Health Parity Bill” H.B. 1013 from the previous legislative session cost the state an estimated $1 billon in taxpayer funding, and now its follow-up H.B. 520 would cost another estimated $80 million to the taxpayer, if passed. (H.B. 520 is presently sitting dormant in the State Senate until next year’s legislative session.)

During the legislative session, we heard many people from the political industry in the Atlanta Establishment say that we didn’t need to pass anymore Election Integrity legislation this year because Georgia had just passed S.B. 202 in 2021. They said that we didn’t need to pass Senator Colton Moore’s Second Amendment Preservation Act (S.B. 67) because Georgia had just passed the “Constitutional Carry” bill in 2022. They said we didn’t need to pass the pro-life Prenatal Equal Protection Act because Georgia had just passed the “Heartbeat Bill” in 2019.

However, these same political industry types had no objection to the legislature trying to pass another omnibus Mental Health bill only one year after H.B. 1013 was adopted!

Some point to reports of recent mass shootings as as an illustration of the need for the state to pad the wallets of Big Pharma, take away people’s liberties, and steal more of the taxpayer’s money through such programs as Medicaid expansions. (Remember how folks voted against Democrat Stacey Abrams because she wanted to expand Medicaid in Georgia?) Yet this is actually an example of the civil government trying to fix a problem that the government has created.

When the state prohibits children from learning the Bible or having prayer in our schools, and indoctrinates them that they evolved by random chance due to no divine purpose or design, and are just chemicals and atoms bouncing off of each other, and there is no transcendent morality; when it tells them from an early age to be worried about global warming and how the earth could become uninhabitable and lead to everyone’s death, and then tries to suppress their resulting anxiety by prescribing these children with drugs until they are dependent; when it tries to pit “white people” against people with other colors of skin; when the state engages in these kinds of practices, it is no wonder that our youth are experiencing mental health issues. It is a problem the state created, and it is a problem the state will only make worse.

The solution is less statism, not more. The solution involves looking to our Creator God and not the false-god of the state.

Fulton RA Condemns Racist Remarks at Fulton County Commission Meeting

Fulton RA Condemns Racist Remarks at Fulton County Commission Meeting

The Fulton Republican Assembly chapter condemns the racist conduct of Fulton County Commissioners Khadijah Abdur-Rahman and Marvin Arrington, Jr., in their interaction with fellow commissioner Bridget Thorne. “I’m offended at your white privilege!” Khadijah shouted at Bridget in the meeting.

Fulton Commissioner Bridget Thorne

The comments were made at the March 15th Fulton County Commission meeting when discussing action item 23-0208. We also condemn the rest of the Board of Commissioners for not standing up for Commissioner Thorne when those racist sentiments were uttered, especially Fulton County Commission Chairman Robb Pitts, who failed to restore proper professional decorum to the meeting.

More importantly, we condemn the toxic ideology from which these racist sentiments spring forth: critical race theory. This utterly destructive ideology has infected the minds of far too many Americans and has led to a worsening of racial tensions, which hurts people of ALL races and social classes. It is a tragic shame that people like Commissioners Abdur-Rahman and Arrington are anywhere near the levers of power at any level of government since their concern is clearly not for the welfare of their constituents. They apparently prefer to grandstand with racially charged comments about a fellow commissioner rather than work towards finding common-ground solutions for the serious problems that their constituents face. Their constituents deserve better representation.

If a hospital is closing down somewhere in Fulton County, the Board of Commissioners has a duty to investigate why the fundamental economics of the venture made operating a hospital in that part of Fulton County financially infeasible. None of the other commissioners disputed any of the financial numbers that Commissioner Thorne provided in her statement. If the Board is legitimately concerned about the health care needs of its constituents, it needs to examine the heavy handed role that government taxes and regulations play in making hospital operations economically unsound in Fulton County – NOT to attack a fellow commissioner who is trying to solve the problem.

Commissioner Thorne is an equal voice on that Board and deserves to be treated with respect. In the face of the racist attacks against her, she continued to conduct herself in a professional manner and with the best interests of the residents of Fulton County in mind. Commissioner Thorne is a hero. The commissioners who attacked her based on the color of her skin are an utter disgrace to the seats of government they occupy. The other commissioners who piled on or otherwise stood by while that attack took place are cowards.

The Fulton Republican Assembly hereby calls for an immediate apology to be issued to Commissioner Thorne from the rest of the Board.

GRA-Endorsed State Senator Colton Moore Votes “No” to State Supplemental Budget

GRA-Endorsed State Senator Colton Moore Votes “No” to State Supplemental Budget

We commend our endorsed State Senator Colton Moore (R-Trenton) for making good on his promise to vote “no” on the state supplemental budget for the reasons explained in an earlier press release. 👏 You can see the video of his good-natured but firm speech on the State Senate floor and the vote last week on our YouTube channel here.

Click to watch the video.

Last week the Georgia State Senate voted on our state’s record budget and what to do with our historic $6 billion surplus. We have never had this much extra money as a State. We have historic debt as a state and very little of this surplus went to pay back some of the $10 billion in Georgia’s bonds.

“None of this historic surplus was used to permanently reduce the income tax rates on Georgians!” said Senator Moore. “Even a .5% or 1% reduction would be a step in a great direction but nothing of that sort was in this budget.”

Why is the youngest Senator in Georgia the ONLY Senator saying these things?

Tennessee has a 0% income tax rate for people and families and Tennessee has a lower fuel tax. “This is why families in Northwest Georgia find it very strange when people say Georgia is the #1 state to do business in,” Moore added. “We see this drastic difference first hand.”

“These things were difficult to say and they were difficult to hear, but I didn’t get voted to go represent 200,000 people in Northwest Georgia to do what’s easy, I was elected to fight for lower taxes, lower crime, support our law enforcement, reduce regulation and seek more freedom for all.”

State Rep. Emory Dunahoo Introduces the Prenatal Equal Protection Act

State Rep. Emory Dunahoo Introduces the Prenatal Equal Protection Act

A historic moment in post-Roe Georgia has occurred! This week the GA Freedom Caucus member State Rep. Emory Dunahoo (R-Gillsville) finally dropped his much anticipated pro-life bill called the Prenatal Equal Protection Act. You can see the video above from him about this landmark legislation. The GRA continues to be a dedicated partner in the “Georgians Ending Abortion” coalition, and this is the best legislative opportunity to end abortion murder we’ve had in decades! The clock is ticking and we have just two weeks to get this bill through the State House and sent to the Senate before Crossover Day! 

Click to watch the video announcing the legislation.

The Prenatal Equal Protection Act is also known as H.B. 496 and has been assigned to the Public Health Committee, which is Chaired by State Rep. Sharon Cooper (R-Cobb).

The legislative co-sponsors for the
Prenatal Equal Protection Act

Please contact the members of the Public Health Committee and urge them to do justice for all pre-born children! We’ve made it super-simple to do that with this form from Georgians Ending Abortion.

You can also contact Chairwoman Sharon Cooper directly at (404) 656-5069 or her to allow the bill to come up for a hearing in committee at their next meeting! It needs to be passed out of committee with absolutely zero amendments to ensure every baby in the womb will be protected from murder.

In the past State Rep. Sharon Cooper has not been friendly to pro-life legislation, and as GA Freedom Caucus Executive Director Mallory Staples reported, Cooper has threatened to keep other conservative medical legislation locked up in her committee without a chance to reach the House floor just out of spite

This kind of mafia-style tyranny against fellow Republicans promoting Republican principles and policies MUST STOP! 

The Golden Rule Jesus taught calls us to “love your neighbor as yourself.” How do you love your pre-born neighbor as yourself? You give them equal justice and the same legal protection you and I enjoy from murder and manslaughter. 

Click here to send a clear and united message to Speaker Jon Burns (R-Newington), the Republican leadership in the State House, and all the members of the Public Health Committee that we want Georgia to save all babies lives from abortion murder—just like the Georgia Republican Party platform says!

New GRA Legislative Scorecards Released

New GRA Legislative Scorecards Released

First, thank you for the out-pouring of donations made in response to our email blast last week! Your generous giving is strengthening our efforts in the face of antagonism from the Atlanta Establishment and the Democrats of the “Uniparty”!

Your donations also contributed to the GRA-PAC helping to defeat Mrs. Sheree Ralston 47% to 53% in the special election runoff for State House District 7 last night, and contributed to helping Charlie Chase (out of nine candidates) make it to the runoff in his special election for State House District 119!

Second, one of the services we continue to be pleased to provide is a legislative vote scorecard of all our Republican state legislators, and our latest scorecards are now available for you to see here! The data brings several alarming items to our attention:

  • The majority of Republicans in the legislature scored a C or D. This is particularly troubling since we are very generous with our scoring system; a legislator can earn as low as 80% and still earn an “A” under our scoring system.
  • Most legislative Republicans scored lower than the most conservative Democrats.
  • While there are some exceptional outliers, most Republican legislators have gotten worse or stayed the same over time.

Do you know how your State Senator and State Representative actually votes at the Georgia State Capitol? The legislative session is currently happening right now, but Republicans are making little progress toward advancing any of the Republican principles of concern to the grassroots activists back home.

Click the image above to see more of our vote scorecards.
These Republican Heroes Need Your Help!

These Republican Heroes Need Your Help!

This legislative session, our GRA-endorsed legislators and their partners are tackling some major issues that the Establishment in Atlanta does NOT want to come up for a vote! Last week we met with several of our state legislators (pictured above) such as State Reps. Charlice Byrd (Cherokee), Mitchell Horner (Catoosa), Emory Dunahoo (Jackson), and State Senator Colton Moore (District 53), who are working to champion several of the Republican issues folks back home have been clamoring for!

Issues such as election integrity reformequal protection for all of the preborn, shielding children from drag queens as well as trans and woke indoctrination, securing gun rights, cutting back cronyism and government waste, and more! But before they can barely get started, they are already meeting with opposition and intimidation tactics from the Establishment cronies in the GOP.

The crux of the controversy: The Republican Party does not exist merely to get people with an “R” next to their name elected. The Republican Party exists to advance the pro-American principles in our Republican Party platform. If we win all the elections, but do not pass Republican policies into law, the Republican Party is not doing its job.

The fact is that we are losing Republican supporters because the GOP is not doing its job. Take, for example, this recent email message we received from one of our readers:

The Establishment in Atlanta and D.C., however, want you to think that Republicans must make people with an “R” next to their name look good regardless of whether they advance Republican principles or undermine them. That’s why they took so much offense at the GRA publicly exposing the wrongs of former Speaker David Ralston and calling him to account, or take offense when we’ve pointed out something bad or questionable that Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger or Governor Brian Kemp has done.

GRA leadership meeting with legislators at the state capitol last week

So while the Establishment in Atlanta acts very indignant for the GRA publicly seeking accountability against RINOs, they hypocritically seek to bring their own form of accountability against those of us who do not pretend like all elected Republican officials are wonderful in all that they do (or do not do). They want to “cancel” us. They want to cancel our endorsed legislators. They want to cancel the voice of you, the grassroots activists. They are actively right now trying to destroyshame, and neuter those champions working to advance the issues you have told us you care about in Georgia.

Issues that are a matter of life and death, issues that determine whether we enjoy the freedom and prosperity we inherited from our forefathers or sink into oppression.

We expect the Democrats, the Marxists, and the “fake news” liberal media to attack us. They have already clearly marked and identified themselves as the enemy. But when people in your own party stab you in the back, that is especially disgraceful.

GRA President Alex Johnson, State Rep. Charlice Byrd, and State Rep. Mitchell Horner at the capitol

Over the last two weeks our legislators have been told to keep quiet about election integrity reform. No one in leadership is providing any plan on how to address the concerns. Meanwhile, new Speaker Jon Burns (Screven) has signaled he is not “looking” to take up another pro-life bill this yearPseudo-prolife groups controlled by the Establishment are pressuring legislators like Charlice Byrd and Emory Dunahoo to back down from introducing Equal Protection legislation and to disassociate with GRTL and the GRA.

Likewise, the first day of the legislative session, Representatives in the State House were given less than an hour to review proposed rules changes before being called upon to vote on them. One of the rules changes gives the state Speaker new authority to bypass the House Rules Committee and bring legislation to the Floor unilaterally, and another rule allows the Speaker to shorten the window of time in which legislators could vote on a bill. These are powers some could reasonably question whether they might be abused. State Rep. Mitchell Horner made an objection on the adoption of these rules and was quickly berated on the House floor by State Rep. Sharon Cooper (Cobb).

GRA at GRTL’s March for Life

Over this last weekend, some officers of our Executive Committee have received death threats from anonymous callers identifying themselves with Antifa. This began at the same time riots of violence broke out in downtown Atlanta. Our words have been twisted and sensationalized to provoke a backlash. The radical left and the Republican Establishment are out to quash the GRA because we are fighting for you. We are fighting for the defenseless.

We need your help! Here’s two ways you can help:

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