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GRA Resolution Honors Sen. Colton Moore for Leadership on Accountability of D.A. Fani Willis

GRA Resolution Honors Sen. Colton Moore for Leadership on Accountability of D.A. Fani Willis

The GRA Executive Committee voted unanimously to pass a resolution commending and honoring State Senator Colton Moore (R-Dade) for his leading the charge to hold Democrat D.A. Fani Willis accountable in her harassment of political opponents such as the 2020 presidential alternate electors. The resolution also calls for the State Senate Republican Caucus to re-admit Moore to the caucus, and to support legislative reforms that prevents this kind of law-fare.

Read the entire resolution by clicking on this image link:

“Republicans” Betraying Republicans! Help Fight Now!💥

“Republicans” Betraying Republicans! Help Fight Now!💥

Click to watch the video of Senator Moore’s interview with Steve Bannon yesterday.

A little over a month ago (LINK), we applauded the bravery of GRA-endorsed Senator Colton Moore and others in fighting for accountability. He was leading the charge in response to Fulton DA Fani Willis’s political prosecutions in Fulton County. He was a lone voice in the State Senate pushing for a special session to defund her office, as well as investigate her actions for potential impeachment, a power explicitly given to the legislature by the Georgia Constitution.

Any decent Republican would support this, if not to stop the prosecutions, then to simply draw attention to the corrupt nature of these political prosecutions in Democrat-run Fulton County.


But instead, alleged Republican “leadership” has apparently become jealous and spiteful of the existance of actual leadership. Despite President Trump’s open support for Colton Moore, and that Senator Moore is the only Senator opposed to “kicking the can down the road” to an unelected commission which may be found unconstitutional and choose to do nothing, they have decided to effectively kick Colton out (“indefinitely suspend”) of the Republican Legislative caucus.

They don’t have the spine to challenge Brad Raffensperger by passing legislation that increases public confidence in our election system.

They don’t have the spine to challenge Democrats, or efforts to expand government power and cronyism in Georgia.

Yet they are willing to effectively defend Democrats that are instituting political prosecutions of Republicans by kicking Republicans out of the caucus?

This is appalling.

Any “Republican” politician not publicly supporting Sen. Moore’s efforts, or decrying “leadership’s” decision, is a coward. Silence is not acceptable in the face of politically motivated prosecutions, and it’s also not acceptable when elected officials are called upon to make a stand on one of their own being intentionally attacked by alleged Republicans.

If we hope to unify and defeat the Democrats in 2024, these people who betray our party and basic common sense principles need to be stopped. Only can you stop them.


First, here is a list of so-called “Leadership” who allegedly made this cowardly decision to avoid the ire of their donors and/or Democrat friends. Call them and let them know that not only are you a Republican disappointed in their behavior, but you’re going to find challengers for them and support anyone who runs against them in the Republican primary. Please call them all.

Sen. John F. Kennedy
President Pro Tempore 

Sen. Steve Gooch
Majority Leader             

Sen. Randy Robertson    
Majority Whip                 

Sen. Jason Anavitarte
Majority Caucus Chair 

Sen. Larry Walker III
Majority Caucus Secretary   

Second, contact your own Senator and Representative and let them know that you expect them to make a public statement opposing the removal of Senator Colton Moore from the caucus. They will gladly tell you, in private, that they disagree with “leadership”, but that is only because they are trying to hide behind “leadership” as an excuse. You know who elects “leadership”? They do.  And unless they are willing to stand up to “leadership”, they are implicitly supporting the decision to remove Senator Moore. If they refuse to issue a public statement, let them know that you’ll run against them (if you will…hopefully you will), or support any other actual Republican that is willing to take such a stand.

Third, apply to join the Georgia Republican Assembly (GRA), and organize with others around the state to have only principled Republicans elected to office, both through your endorsements, as well as by ensuring that the GAGOP is run by principled people that will not allow fake Republicans to run for office as Republicans and attack principled leaders like Senator Moore.


1. There seems to be an effort to demonize both Fulton County Republican Susan Opraseuth (who was elected, and then un-elected due to GOP Establishment wranglings two years ago: see articles HERE and 2nd HERE for a history), as well as the current GAGOP Leadership by alleged Republicans over a “corporate structure” issue. 

This is all counter-productive. The attached e-mail was provided by the GAGOP (the “Alex” referenced in it is not me) that shows the legal counsel for the Secretary of State affirming that the GAGOP is in compliance with state political party law. While there certainly are issues that need to be fixed regarding some historical issues (and the GAGOP has created a committee to address), this e-mail alleviates my concerns regarding the possibility of Republican candidates being excluded from the general election ballot in the foreseeable future.

2. The Forsyth County Republican Party, which had grassroots leadership elected this last year, attempted to have their chosen election board member appointed to the local election board. This was and is currently being thwarted, according to these links by Hank Sullivan. Another case of the GOPe (Establishment) attempting to hold on to power. (Link 1) (Link 2)

3. It is alleged that the Fish Fry hosted by the 8th District GOP (Chairman: Chandler Jones) restricted entry of Republicans, who had already purchased tickets, who were wearing “Paper Please!” (advocating election integrity) shirts until after numerous politicians left the event. While this is perfectly legal, it is interesting that politicians and/or their supporters are trying to marginalize active and engaged Republicans.

We must stop allowing cowardice and selling out in politics if we want to maintain our brand. By unifying around Republican principles, we can work together to defeat the Democrats. 

9th District GOP Convention Resoundingly Defeats Resolution Celebrating Life & Legacy of Speaker David Ralston

9th District GOP Convention Resoundingly Defeats Resolution Celebrating Life & Legacy of Speaker David Ralston

Flowery Branch, GA—Saturday at the 9th Congressional District GA GOP Convention, hundreds of Republican delegates from northeast Georgia voted overwhelmingly to defeat a proposed resolution that would have celebrated the life and political legacy of the late Speaker David Ralston (R-Ellijay). The 9th Congressional District encompasses Ralston’s old State House District. Resolutions Committee Chairman Stephen Aaron from Gilmer County had drafted the resolution and reportedly told the other Resolutions Committee members that the Ralston resolution was “non-negotiable” even though he was warned against presenting it.

The newly elected slate of officers in the 9th Congressional District GA GOP

GA GOP National Committeeman Jason Thompson presided over the 9th District GA GOP Convention. A package of resolutions including the Ralston resolution were originally presented to be voted on at the District Convention altogether, but the body at the convention instead voted to address each resolution individually. When the Ralston resolution was presented, delegates reported that it was “decisively defeated” by a voice vote.

In previous years prior to his death, GA GOP conventions have passed resolutions publicly reprimanding Speaker David Ralston for his bad leadership in the Georgia State House, when he has often squelched conservative Republican policies and legislation ranging from gun rights to pro-life advancements to election integrity and more, while fast-tracking Coporate Cronyist legislation and big-government expansions. He had persecuted fellow Republican legislators more conservative than him. He has also been publicly reprimanded for abusing his political office in his attorney practice.

For years the GRA has publicly criticized the former Speaker for his 13 years of bad leadership in the State House, demonstrated in numerous ways we have described many times both before and after he announced his retirement from office. We have even been publicly vilified by the AJC and the Atlanta Establishment (and their cronies) for our critiques.

While it is one thing to express public condolences to Ralston’s family and friends for his passing late last year, it has been shameful how many Republican officials in Atlanta have made public statements praising the late Speaker’s political legacy and implying that he was a model politician that others should emulate. At the time many of these statements were posted, we shared on our Twitter feed a quote from Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh, which he providentially made on that same day: “Not every person who dies necessarily deserves to be mourned. You don’t become a good person just because you happen to die.”

We are pleased that this resolution was resoundingly defeated, and we hope that the politicians will take note that their behavior on this subject has been shown to be completely out of sync with the Republican grassroots in Georgia. The late Speaker David Ralston’s example as a politician was deplorable and Republicans in the state legislature should not follow in his example.

You can see the text of the defeated resolution in the image below here: