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“Republican” Caucus Targets GRA-Endorsed Nominees

“Republican” Caucus Targets GRA-Endorsed Nominees

They say that after the primary is over, all Republicans are supposed join together, sing Kumbaya, and work together to get our Republican nominees elected in November. That’s what they said, anyway, before the GRA helped 13 of our endorsed Republican State House candidates win their Republican nominations in the May primary. As some nominees and new activists are learning now, that’s “rules for thee and not for me!”

All in all, the GRA got not only 13 endorsed State House candidates primary wins, but also won three endorsed State Senate races, two congressional candidate races, and three state-wide races!

But last weekend, the State House Republican Caucus (which is controlled by Speaker David Ralston) met with the Republican nominees in Georgia to give several of our endorsed nominees in viable races against Democrats the ol’ smack down: How dare you get the endorsement of the GRA?! If you are with the GRA, we will provide you with zero help in the general election—and we may even find a way to help your opponent! If you’re with the GRA, we’re against you!

Speaker David Ralston

At least three of these endorsed nominees have received intense pressure to renounce the GRA, their endorsement, and even their membership in the GRA!
So right now when the Atlanta Establishment could be trying to mend old wounds and build bridges to earn conservative support for the general election —instead they’re stirring more division! Why would they risk losing these critical viable seats to Democrats? Why sabotage their own party? Why would the State House “Republican Caucus” be so against activists dedicated to promoting accountability to the principles of the Republican platform?

This is the same caucus leadership that opposed a special session to investigate and evaluate the allegations of fraud in the 2020 election, and who opposed getting rid of the QR codes and the absentee drop boxes. It’s also the same ones who pushed the Mental Health Parity bill, who imposed eugenics (it’s okay to murder the baby this alternative way) language on the Heartbeat bill, who blocked the Constitutional Carry bill for several years, who blocked legislation to stop taxpayers from having to pay for abortion services for state employees, who “balance the budget” as our state law requires by issuing more debt through bonds, etc., etc., etc.

In each of these fights and more, it has been the GRA and our endorsed legislators who have been standing up against this wayward Republican leadership. Our numbers are growing in the legislature with this recent batch of primary victories, and it’s making them nervous. Why?

Because it would only take ten votes to unseat David Ralston (Blue Ridge) from being Speaker of the Georgia State House, and they know that most of our endorsed candidates have pledged to vote against Ralston as Speaker next year. They also know we are in reach of obtaining that objective. They know we are a threat to these RINOs. They fear us.

So now more than ever we need to support our GRA endorsed candidates! Any donations you can make to the GRA-PAC to help us get them elected in November will work to secure them as champions for you in the causes you care about! If you agree that our endorsed nominees need to stay courageous and stand up to Ralston, then chip in $25, $50, or $100 today to help them win this November!

If the Republican Caucus won’t support them, and is using intimidation tactics to pressure them to cave, they need to count on us.

Let’s encourage and embolden our endorsed candidates to courageously stand up for the issues that concern us from the Republican platform — the issues so many Republicans in the legislature seem reluctant to advance! Don’t abandon them to the intimidation tactics of David Ralston and his gang of thugs in the so-called “Republican” Caucus. Help us fight back with your $50, $100, or $250 donation today.

Our GRA-endorsed legislators have been the few Republicans consistently standing up for you and I—the grassroots—in our concerns at the state legislature.

Will you help them win this November with your $100, $500, or $1,000 donation today so we can restore liberty and America First principles in Georgia?

The Top RINOs Ralston Wants Re-Elected

The Top RINOs Ralston Wants Re-Elected

With less than a week before the May 24th Republican Primary Election concludes after several days of early voting, the public campaign disclosures are out — and we now know who RINO Speaker David Ralston (Blue Ridge) is prioritizing for re-election and how much he gave! Of course, Ralston is backing his most loyal cronies in the State House, and if you wondered who they are, wonder no more!

One example is State Rep. Kasey Carpenter (Dalton), one of the leading advocates for corporate welfare (aka “Cronyism”) in the state legislature. Carpenter has had a consistent “D” vote scorecard rating with his most common score being 40% in the State House. He supported Ralston’s original H.B. 1013. He also recently took to the floor of the House to take pot shots at Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene (GA-14). He’s far to the Left of the population in his rural district in Dalton—if the conservative Republican voters in his district would only be made aware!

Besides getting the maximum $3,000 contribution from Speaker Ralston, you can see above that Carpenter’s next big contribution came from lobbyists for Hollywood in Georgia.

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Cobb RA Announces Local Endorsements

Cobb RA Announces Local Endorsements

Marietta, GA — Participating members of the Cobb County Republican Assembly met today at the Cobb County GOP Headquarters to hear speeches by local candidates and to vote on whether to endorse them and others nominated by the membership. It takes a two-thirds majority of the participating membership for a candidate to be endorsed by the RAs. The local endorsement convention ran from 10:30 am and run until 2pm, and included lunch. Here are the candidates the Cobb RAs voted to endorse:

David Delk campaign sign with GRA sign topper

Legislative Offices

County Commissioners

  • For Cobb County Commission District 3: Judy Sarden (north central Cobb)
    • Challenging incumbent Republican JoAnn Birrell with a poor vote score
  • For Cobb County Commission District 1: Keli Gambrill (West Cobb)
    • Also won endorsement four years ago when challenging an incumbent & has maintained a strong vote score since being elected

Cobb School Board

  • For Post 4: David Chastain (incumbent)
  • For Post 2: Matthew Anthony Sears

For Solicitor GeneralCourtney Brubaker

GRA Calls Out Gubernatorial Debates for Excluding Kandiss Taylor & Catherine Davis

GRA Calls Out Gubernatorial Debates for Excluding Kandiss Taylor & Catherine Davis

The Georgia Republican Assembly urges the inclusion of Kandiss Taylor & Catherine Davis in the upcoming gubernatorial debates that are being hosted by WSB and Gray Television.

A recent poll from the respected polling firm Landmark Communications has Taylor at 10% which has been more than enough in the past for inclusion in primary debates. Catherine Davis recently scored 5% in an Emerson poll and deserves inclusion as well.

If the Republicans are to win in November we need to avoid unnecessarily antagonizing the tens of thousands of voters and activists who support Kandiss Taylor and Catherine Davis. They deserve the chance to make their cases to the voters.

Therefore, the Georgia Republican Assembly urges the inclusion of Kandiss Taylor and Catherine Davis in any primary debates held for Governor.

The debates will be hosted by WSB-TV, Nexstar Media Group, Gray Television, and the Atlanta Press Club in partnership with Georgia Public Broadcasting.

The debates are an April 24th showdown hosted by WSB-TV, an April 28th debate hosted by WTOC/Gray TV, and a May 1 face off hosted by the Atlanta Press Club and Georgia Public Broadcasting.

NWGRA Announces Endorsed Local Candidates

NWGRA Announces Endorsed Local Candidates

Last week the NorthWest GRA chapter (NWGRA) completed their electronic endorsement convention for local candidates, confirming many of those recommended at the state convention, and adding several others.

Congratulations to the following candidates for receiving the NWGRA endorsement! These candidates automatically receive the Georgia Republican Assembly endorsement as well:

• State Senate District 52: Derek Keeney

• State Senate District 53: Colton Moore

• State Senate District 54: Doug Keener

• State House District 1: Jackie Harling

• State House District 2: Jim Coles

• State House District 3: Mitchell Horner

• State House District 4: Nick Voyles

• State House District 5: No Endorsement

• State House District 6: No Endorsement

• Catoosa County Commission District 2: Britt Fant

• Catoosa County Commission District 4: Charlie Stephens

Catoosa is the only county in the NWGRA chapter that has a GRA County Chairman to facilitate the vetting, but they anticipate having more county chairmen in the future. Keep an eye out for upcoming posts from the NWGRA on their Facebook page about each of the endorsed candidates!

Announcement: 2022 GRA Republican Primary Endorsements!

Announcement: 2022 GRA Republican Primary Endorsements!

Newnan, GA— GRA members from all over the state met on Saturday, April 2nd at the Newnan Centre to hear speeches from candidates and vote on endorsements. The event was called to order at 10:00am and wrapped before 5:00pm with Chick-fil-A lunch included.

Over 300 tickets were sold to this GRA Convention. Under the rules of the organization, a candidate may only be endorsed if he receives at least a 2/3rds vote of the participating membership. A vote for “no endorsement” is always an option.

Here are the official results of the 2022 GRA Endorsement Convention:

GRA Candidates Endorsed for State House

  • State House District 1: Jackie Harling (pending chapter approval) *
  • State House District 12: Robert Watson (Chattooga County)
    • Challenging Republican incumbent Eddie Lumsden with a vote score of “F” 38% (2019) and “F” 35% (2020)
  • State House District 13: Luke Martin (Floyd County area)
    • Challenging Republican incumbent Katie Dempsey with a vote score of “F” 39% (2019) and “F” 39% (2020)
  • State House Distrct 17: Neil Wolin (Paulding County area)
  • State House District 20: Charlice Byrd (Cherokee County) (incumbent)
  • State House District 22: Jordan Ridley (Cherokee County area)
  • State House District 23: Allen Hutchinson (Waleska / Cherokee area)
  • State House District 24: Sheri Gilligan (Forsyth County area) (incumbent)
  • State House District 28: Blake McClellan (Forsyth County area)
  • State House District 33: Dylan Purcell (Hart & Franklin County area)
  • State House District 37: Tess Redding (Marietta / Cobb County area) *
  • State House District 39: Olivia Angel (south Cobb County area) *
  • State House District 50: Jill Trammell (John’s Creek area)
  • State House District 51: Peter Korman (south Fulton County area)
  • State House District 64: Shane Miller (Douglas & Paulding County area)
  • State House District 65: Jan Horne (Coweta County area)
  • State House District 67: Marziyah Marzi Amirizadeh (South Fulton)
  • State House District 68: Stoney Mathis (Fayette County)
  • State House District 70: Angel Nunez (Coweta County)
  • State House District 74: David Ballard (Fayette & Spaulding Counties)
  • State House District 83: Catherine Bernard (DeKalb County area)
  • State House District 100: David Clark (Buford area) (incumbent)
  • State House District 108: Johnny Crist (Lilburn area)
  • State House District 117: Noelle Kahaian (McDonough & Griffin)
  • State House District 144: Jayson Stonne (Macon area)
    • Challenging Republican incumbent Dale Washburn with a vote score of “F” 39% (2019) and “D” 41% (2020)
  • State House District 164: Chasity Pawvlik (Savannah area)
    • Challenging Republican incumbent Ron Stephens with a vote score of “D” 48% (2019) and “F” 36% (2020)
  • State House District 175: Bill Blanchard (Valdosta area)
    • Challenging Republican incumbent John LaHood with a vote score of “C” 51% (2019) and “F” 35% (2020)
  • State House District 178: Cason Carbaugh (Blackshear area)
    • Challenging Republican incumbent Steven Meeks with a vote score of “F” 39% (2019) and “D” 43% (2020).

The number of endorsed candidates running for State House was particularly encouraging since virtually every one of these candidates pledged to not support David Ralston for re-election as Speaker of the House, if elected as a State Representative. Many of them also spoke against H.B. 1013.

* Under GRA rules, where a local race has an operational county or regional RA chapter, that chapter has primary jurisdictional authority to vote on endorsement of candidates. While this candidate was approved by the state convention, this approval must be finalized by the approval of the local chapter’s participating membership before it is made official.

GRA Endorsed Candidates for State Senate

  • State Senate District 3: Jeff Jones (Brunswick area)
  • State Senate District 6: Angelic Moore (Smyrna & Sandy Springs area)
  • State Senate District 17: Brett Mauldin (McDonough area)
  • State Senate District 18: Dianne Vann (Macon area)
  • State Senate District 27: Greg Dolezal (Forsyth County area)
  • State Senate District 32: Andy Soha (Cobb & Cherokee area)
  • State Senate District 47: Charlie Chase (north Athens area)
  • State Senate District 48: Shawn Still (north Fulton & Gwinnett area)
  • State Senate District 52: Derek Keeney (Bartow & Floyd area) *

* Under GRA rules, where a local race has an operational county or regional RA chapter, that chapter has primary jurisdictional authority to vote on endorsement of candidates. While this candidate was approved by the state convention, this approval must be finalized by the approval of the local chapter’s participating membership before it is made official.

GRA Endorsed Candidates for U.S. Congress

Candidate Surrea Ivy
  • Congressional District 1: No endorsement
  • Congressional District 2: Vivian Childs
  • Congressional District 3: Jared Craig
  • Congressional District 4: Surrea Ivy
  • Congressional District 5: No endorsement
  • Congressional District 6: No endorsement
  • Congressional District 7: Dr. Lisa Babbage (write-in)
  • Congressional District 8: No endorsement
  • Congressional District 9: Michael Boggus
  • Congressional District 10: No endorsement
  • Congressional District 11: No endorsement
  • Congressional District 12: No endorsement
  • Congressional District 13: Caesar Gonzales
  • Congressional District 14: Marjorie Taylor Greene (incumbent) (unanimous vote)
Marjorie Taylor Greene at the event.

GRA Endorsed Candidates for State Office

  • Public Service Commissioner: Tim Echols
  • Insurance Commissioner: Patrick Witt
  • Labor Commissioner: Bruce Thompson
  • State School Superintendent: No endorsement
  • Attorney General: John Gordon
  • Secretary of State: Jody Hice
  • Lt. Governor: Burt Jones

GRA Endorsed Candidates for Top Ballot Offices

  • U.S. Senator: Kelvin King
  • Georgia Governor: No endorsement

In the race for Governor, both David Perdue and Kandiss Taylor performed strongly, but each candidate had an even number of votes, so neither received the two-thirds necessary to earn the GRA endorsement.

Candidate for Governor, Kandiss Taylor
GRA endorsed candidate for U.S. Senator Kelvin King
The GRA Calls Out Fulton GOP for Fundraising for Atlanta Democrat

The GRA Calls Out Fulton GOP for Fundraising for Atlanta Democrat

“Fulton County GOP corruption strikes again!” The Georgia Republican Assembly has joined with voices of other concerned Republican political activists in metro-Atlanta by expressing their shock and displeasure at yet another new antic of the Fulton GOP.

The Fulton County Republican Party posted on their official Fulton County GOP web site, which is paid for with donations to the Fulton GOP, a brochure advertising a fundraiser for Democrat Atlanta City Council President Felicia Moore. Moore is running for Mayor of Atlanta.

Screenshot of the fundraiser for a Democrat on the Fulton GOP web site

In addition, the Fulton GOP Chair Trey Kelly and his fellow Fulton GOP officer Ashford Schwall appear on this fundraiser event for the Democrat Atlanta City Council President! In addition to serving as officers of the Fulton GOP, Trey and Ashford are also on the Georgia 11th District Republican Party Commitee along with many members of the Cobb Republican Party, the Bartow Republican Party, and the Cherokee Republican Party. Michelle Carver from Fulton, the wife of 11th District GOP Chair Brad Carver (who was formerly found giving public donations to Democrat candidates) also included her name on the fundraiser event.

This is a clear-cut violation of the bylaws for the 11th District GOP and arguably a violation of GAGOP bylaws that prohibit any Republican officer from providing public support to a Democrat. For example, in the 11th District GOP bylaws, it states under Section 2.07 that officers of the 11th District Committee may be removed “for cause,” and it defines “cause” as, among other things:

“ii. Conduct detrimental to the party.”

“iii. Any public support, including financial support, of any candidate or nominee of an opposition party …”

The Rules of the Eleventh District Republican Committee, § 2.07 (b).

Holding a fundraiser for a candidate who is currently serving in office as a Democrat seems to be conduct “detrimental to the party.”

Members of the Fulton GOP who defended the actions of its officers argued that because Felicia Moore is running for Mayor of Atlanta, and the mayoral race is non-partisan, the rules of the party were not violated. We beg to differ. Both the letter and definitely the spirit of the rules are clearly violated.

Unlike some of the nitpickiness about rules that has been scattered lately in various GAGOP controversies on social media, this is a violation that strikes at the heart of why we have separate party organizations.

The response from those trying to justify the fundraiser also illustrates the disconnect within the group we call “the Establishment,” who care only about political power (rather than the Republican principles) in the Atlanta “swamp”:

Felicia Moore is currently holding office as a Democrat. Whether the particular office she is now running for is partisan or not, we know from the candidate’s political identification, current partisan office, track record, and worldview what the policies are she is going to promote if elected to new office! She is not going to be promoting policies that are consistent with Republican principles; she will be promoting Democrat policies. She will work to advance the Democrat Party in Fulton and squelch the Republican candidates in Fulton. No wonder then there was so many reports of election fraud coming from Fulton last year!

To put it another way: If you rename Atilla the Hun as “Joe Smiley,” it makes him no less dangerous. If you rename a bottle of arsenic as “sleeping potion,” it makes it no less dangerous. And if you rename a Democrat a “non-partisan,” it makes her no less dangerous!

“[E]lecting Democrats (even if they’re calling themselves non-partisan),” wrote GRA President Alex Johnson, “simply helps them [the Democrats] with fundraising and name ID. So then they can donate money to other Democrats (like Stacey Abrams) and their endorsement may sway others. It also gives them a perceived platform to advertise their brand (Democrat governance).”

“The GOP is a brand and a team,” Alex said. “As a brand, imagine it/your brand as Coca-Cola. Does Coca-Cola host events and then serve Pepsi at them, or suggest that people try out Pepsi products? No. What about having Pepsi and Coke both available, but just without labels on them? No again.”

“The Democrat Party,” GRA NFRA Director Nathaniel Darnell added, “stands for agendas that are immoral. Things like murdering the helpless and stealing from others. What Republican doesn’t acknowledge that murder and stealing are evil? Anyone who is a part of that becomes an accessory to that kind of evil activity. How can we in good conscience provide any kind of promotion to political candidates who are part of a party working to advance these kinds of evil statist activities?”

Furthermore, multiple Fulton activists have pointed out that there were one or two candidates who were Republicans also running for Mayor of Atlanta. Devonta “Sully” Sullivan was one candidate running who is reported to be a Republican, but the Fulton GOP and its officers are not throwing support behind any of them, nor are they seeking to recruit any better Republican candidate to run. With moments like this, we find ourselves wondering why the Fulton GOP thinks they exist. “With Republicans like you, who needs Democrats?”

The Cobb County chapter of the GRA initially posted on social media about this issue when the story first broke on Saturday, October 9th. The fundraiser was held on Friday, October 8th.

On October 22nd the Buckhead Young Republicans announced they are following the example of their elder peers and also hosting an event to promote an Atlanta Democrat running for Mayor. However, the Buckhead YRs would be giving attention to Felicia Moore’s opponent, the former incumbent Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed. One significant difference between the events, however, is that the Fulton GOP event was specifically described as a fundraiser, while the Buckhead YR event appears listed as only a candidate speaking forum. Since the Fulton GOP has already made clear that they regard this race as an “anything goes” because the candidates are “non-partisan,” it appears they have no basis to complain against their youthful counterparts supporting this opponent to their preferred candidate.

Cobb GOP Resolutions Critiquing Governor Brian Kemp Last Week Stir Controversy

Cobb GOP Resolutions Critiquing Governor Brian Kemp Last Week Stir Controversy

Last week the official Cobb County Republican Party Committee created something of a stir when they met last Thursday and passed several resolutions critiquing and “censuring” (a better word might have been “reprimanding”) Governor Brian Kemp, and calling for protections at all levels of civil government of medical freedom for citizens. The resolutions addressed time-sensitive subjects. The critiques of Governor Kemp concerned his handling of the allegations of election fraud and revisions to the voting system to ensure accuracy, the illegal immigration, and the indiscriminate admission of Afghan refugees.

Cobb RA member Michael Opitz was appointed as the Resolutions Committee Chairman of the Cobb County Republican Party and orally presented the resolutions, some of which were revisions of earlier drafts presented at a previous committee meeting. Supporters of Governor Kemp protested the resolutions on technical grounds, but the resolutions passed the committee overwhelmingly.

The GRA commends the GOP for holding elected officials accountable to Republican principles at all times. If Republicans do not promote their stated objectives, then the Republican Party becomes meaningless. While we have commended Governor Kemp’s performance in certain instances, we have also offered a critique of some of his actions as well. Such critiques are not endorsements of primary opponents, but instructive for all concerned and provide officials such as Governor Kemp the opportunity to correct their missteps before the next election. If Republican officials expect the grassroots activists to get out the vote for them during campaign season, they have a responsibility to listen to their concerns.

Alex Johnson
GRA President Alex Johnson

However, the Cobb YRs put out an email on Saturday condemning the Cobb GOP for passing the resolutions. Cobb RA member Nathan Adams called the author of the message on behalf of the Cobb YRs a “lobbyist, posing as a grassroots leader, tell[ing] you that you can’t hold your elected officials accountable …”. GRA President Alex Johnson added that actually most of the board members for the Cobb YRs have a conflict of interest: “One would think and assume that a YR group is ‘grassroots’. But simply look at the composition of their Board of Directors posted on their website: of the 4 board members listed, one of them works for a politician (a Congressman), and two of the others have businesses tied to lobbying that require politicians to like/support them.”

The GRA disagrees with the Cobb YRs about holding elected officials accountable, and our Board today passed a resolution supporting GOP organizations that have held officials accountable. Accountability helps motivate people to campaign and vote with the assurance that our candidates will do what they profess.

Members of the Cobb RA Executive Committee did, however, urge the Cobb GOP Resolutions Committee to provide copies of any proposed resolutions in advance with the Call of the Meeting in the future, and encouraged any party rules to be changed to ensure such a reasonable practice would be followed.

Brad Raffensperger denied election as GOP Delegate

Brad Raffensperger denied election as GOP Delegate

March 20th, 2021
Alpharetta, GA – Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger was denied election as a delegate in his own precinct this morning at the Fulton County Republican Caucuses. Raffensperger failed to even secure a nomination for delegate. 

“We are sending a message that will be heard all around the state. Raffensperger has got to go” said one participant. 

Raffensperger‘s defeat comes as a shock given that Republican elected officials are often treated like royalty whenever they seek to be made a delegate to anything. 

Raffensperger had sent a note requesting to be made a delegate but no one nominated him and he did not attend the caucus. 

Turnout was very high at the caucus with 60-70% of participants being first time attendees. 

Former Alpharetta Mayor David Belle Isle also announced that he would be a candidate for Secretary of State next year. Belle Isle ran for Secretary of State in 2018, losing the primary runoff to Raffensperger. 

Congressman Jody Hice is also believed to be planning a run for Secretary of State.