Endorsements for the Year 2020

Runoff Congressional Candidates Endorsed by the GRA Membership

Candidates may only be endorsed if they win at least a two-thirds majority vote of GRA members in a properly called membership convention. In July the GRA held a duly called electronic convention (because of concerns about COVID-19) and gave GRA members the opportunity to vote to endorse candidates in congressional runoffs. Here is a list of candidates for elected local office who were endorsed by the GRA in their local communities this primary election year:

The 9th & 14th GA Congressional District Primary Races

State Rep. Matt Gurtler

GRA Legislative Score: “A” — State Representative Matt Gurtler has distinguished himself over the last six years as a tenacious and principled constitutionalist, willing to take the fight to the

Marjorie Greene

Marjorie Greene is a GRA member who has worked tirelessly and boldly to promote small-government, constitutional, conservative values in line with GRA principles in her campaign for the 14th Congressional