2019 – 2020 Legislative Term

Here is a list of candidates for elected state office who were endorsed by the GRA and went onto win election in their Republican primaries and General Elections:

Gurt 250x300State Representative Matt Gurtler, State House District 8
Matt Gurtler has consistently earned the best voting record scores since he was first endorsed by the GRA and elected to State House in 2016. He ran that year to succeed state Rep. Steve Allison, to whom he had served as a legislative aide. He won the Republican primary runoff with 61 percent of the vote and was unopposed in the general election. He has consistently opposed omnibus spending in the Georgia General Assembly and promoted Constitutional Carry, which have made him a thorn in the side of Speaker David Ralston (R-Blueridge). Ralston and former Governor Nathan Deal attempted to help Gurtler’s primary opponent beat him in 2018. With the support of the GRA, Gurtler nevertheless secured renomination, winning again with 60 percent of the vote.

Colt 250x300State Representative Colton Moore, State House District 1
Colton Moore at 24-years old was the youngest elected official ever from Dade County, Georgia, defeating John Deffenbaugh in the Republican Primary by a margin of 326 votes with a final tally of 2,184 to 1,858. As a small-government conservative, Colton has opposed intrusion into freedom and business, including fighting against Corporate Cronyism. He has been a leader in promoting Constitutional Carry for gun rights. He recently announced his candidacy to run for State Senate in District 53.

The NWGRA chapter endorsed Colton in the race for State Senate District 53 in April 2020. Colton will face incumbent State Senator Jeff Mullis in the June 9th Republican Primary.

Kenp 250x300State Representative Ken Pullin, State House District 131
Ken Pullin won election in 2018 against an incumbent Big-Government, Corporate Cronyist & wasteful spender backed by Speaker David Ralston (R-Blueridge). He has consistently supported trimmer, fiscally responsible state government and gun rights, among many other principles for which the GRA stands. In the 2020 legislative session he introduced a bill to oppose “red-flag” regulations similar to those that have been adopted by the Democrat legislature in Virginia. Due to relentless harassment from Speaker David Ralston in the Georgia State House, Ken announced in early March of 2020 that he would not be seeking re-election for the 2021-2022 term.

Stovr 250x300State Representative David Stover, State House District 71
David Stover was first elected in Coweta County in the 2012 election, and continued to serve with distinction as at GRA-endorsed state legislator through two re-elections (in spite of primary opposition backed by Speaker David Ralston) until his changing family life forced him to resign from office in the middle of his third term in 2019. He continues to support GRA efforts at a grassroots level, and is now happily married to his wife Lisa, and enjoys traveling with her. In 2019 he endorsed and helped Philip Singleton to win a special election in October to succeed him as the the State Representative for House District 71, defeating a candidate that outspent them 2-to-1.

Philip 250x300State Representative Philip Singleton, State House District 71
Philip Singelton was endorsed by the GRA and won in a special election in October 2019.  Prior to that, Philip spent the 13 years as an active duty officer flying the AH-64D Longbow both in and out of combat. He deployed to combat for one tour in Iraq and two tours in Afghanistan with the storied 101st Airborne Division, and was awarded two bronze star medals and five air medals for his combat actions. In the 2020 legislative session he has already distinguished himself with legislation he introduced to require young people to only be allowed to compete in sports with other participants who have the same biological sex, and another to crack down on illegal immigrant “Sanctuary Cities” which received national attention.

County Commissioners

Gamb 250x300Cobb County Commissioner Keli Gambrill, District 1
Keli Gambrill was endorsed by the Cobb County chapter of the GRA in 2018 after her Republican Primary opponent—the incumbent in District 1—indicated that he was planning to support a proposal to raise property taxes in Cobb County, which he did. Keli publicly opposed the tax increase, and after winning election has fought hard to scrutinize the spending of the county government and oppose wasteful spending and the pressure for more Corporate Cronyism in the county which led to the Braves stadium deal—a $400 million taxpayer subsidy to a billionaire’s private business.