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  • Can I support through donations?

    Yes, you can! We knew that was the foremost question on your mind! We accept donations in $100s, $50s, $20s, $10s, and even Jeffersonian $2s! Of course, we’ll accept Washingtonian $1s as well.


  • How can I become a member?

    Applying to become a member on the Georgia Republican Assembly’s web site is the easiest way to become a member. To become a member, an applicant must agree with the general principles of the Republican Assembly as stated on the web site and must pay the appropriate membership fee. There are a number of membership options which are lifetime and do not require renewal each year.


  • What are the special benefits of members?

    There several special benefits of being a Cobb County Republican Assembly member, including invitation to all Georgia Republican Assembly events. But perhaps the most significant benefit is being able to vote in applicable county, district, and state conventions and meetings to determine whether to endorse candidates in a Republican primary. A two-thirds vote is required for an endorsement.


  • How can I get a GRA name badge?

    Have no fear. Your badge will be here. Just register as a member of the Georgia Republican Party in Cobb County and you’ll receive your badge in a few weeks.


  • Does this party covers all ages?

    Over 18? No, just kidding. Many of our members first got involved in politics when they were young enough to still be watching Saturday-morning cartoons, and they made very meaningful contributions that impacted elections and legislation. So of course we welcome participants of all ages!


  • What's the difference between the GRA and the GRA PAC?

    The GRA PAC is an affiliated organization with the GRA that is focused exclusively on providing financial support for campaigns for premiere GRA-supported candidates for elected office in our local civil governments and state legislature. The GRA PAC works to help our best endorsees beat opponents in primaries with an “R” next to their name but who have proven themselves to be circumventing the principles of the Republican Party platform.


  • Republican officers can endorse in the GRA?

    None of our individual members actually use their official titles in the Republican Party as officers to endorse a candidate in a contested Republican primary election. Doing so would be a violation of the rules of the party. Also, no member of the GRA, including leadership, has the ability to unilaterally choose to endorse any candidate. GRA chapters only do so as an organization and only when at least 2/3rds of membership at an endorsement convention votes in favor of endorsing a candidate.


  • Are you trying to replace or take-over the Republican Party? Are you a different party?

    No and no. We are a fully Republican organization that believes that many of those people who call themselves “Republicans” do not actually stand by, believe, or advocate Republican principles or values that Republican voters believe they are getting when they vote Republican. Our goal is to get actual Republicans, those people who, at a minimum, support basic, common sense principles that help society (link to our principles), elected into public office and into party office, and to hold them accountable once there. Far too often “my guy got elected” means that “my guy” won’t be held accountable if or when they start voting badly, or they will lead the Republican Party organization into only caring about donors, not about policies. If you believe in our principles and want to see politicians working for you, instead of betraying those principles, the GRA is for you. Many of our members hold offices throughout the GOP, but we are constantly seeking to have even more involved.

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