Georgia Republican Assembly

We believe that man’s rights flow from the Creator and the rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are unalienable and cannot be legitimately granted or rescinded by men.

We believe in the guiding force of moral law as expressed by the Judeo-Christian ethic and contained in the Holy Scriptures of these historic faiths.

We believe that the preborn child, from conception to the end of natural life, is a human being possessing the same unalienable rights as all other people and entitled to the full protection of the law.

We understand that the concept of self-government begins with governing one’s self first, then family, community, state, and nation.

We believe in the free enterprise system as the best hope for men and women to fulfill their economic hopes and dreams. We know that the free market is the most efficient and the least costly system to deliver the highest quality goods and services at the lowest price to the consumer.

We believe in the rights of parents to a quality education for their children. We support parental choice to create competition among the schools. We must insure that no school or teachers’ union can compromise the education of our children or advance a particular political agenda at the expense of our future generation’s educations.

We believe that the federal tax system is abusive to the American people while discouraging investment and growth. We believe in growth-oriented tax policies which would gradually eliminate punitive income taxes and move our tax system toward that originally established by our Founding Fathers.

We believe in the unqualified right of our citizens to keep and bear arms and in the Second Amendment’s guarantee to individuals of that right.

We believe in the concept of victims’ rights over the rights of any criminal. We support a system of restitution as a deterrent to crime and recidivism.

We believe in the power of the individual over the power of the state. We believe that only small government truly serves the needs of the people.

We believe in a strong and consistent national defense. We believe in victory over, and not accommodation with, tyranny in any form or philosophy.

We believe in nationalism, and that Government’s first concern is the welfare and protection of the American people and their sovereign right to rule themselves without deference to any foreign or international body.

We support the right of Israel to exists as a free and sovereign nation, and as our most consistent ally in the Middle East. We believe its continued safety and security are paramount for the peace and stability of the region.




GRA PRESIDENT, NFRA South Region Vice President

Alex attended Oglethorpe University and received a B.A. in Politics and attended Georgia State Law school for his Juris Doctor. While at Oglethorpe, he helped found the College Republicans in 2003. In 2009, he became involved in the DeKalb County Republican Party and DeKalb County Young Republicans serving as Secretary, Vice Chair and eventual two-term Chairman of the DeKalb County Young Republicans.

He has served within the DeKalb County Republican Party as an Executive Committee member, Senate District Chair, and General (Legal) Counsel, as well as being the Republican candidate for the Georgia State Senate in District 41 in 2010 against Democrat Steve Henson, losing but garnering approximately 43% of the vote.

​Alex ran for Georgia GOP Chairman in 2013, 2015, and 2017 (receiving 40%, 45%, and 47% of the vote, respectively). He has also founded Advance the GOP, an informational effort to improve the Republican Party in Georgia by holding politicians accountable to the Republican principles that they claimed to support when they took office.

He received the National Federation of Republican Assemblies (NFRA) President’s Award for Activism in 2017, and was also elected to serve as the Southern Regional Vice-President for the NFRA.

​As his paying job, Alex practices law throughout Georgia, focusing on both personal injury and civil rights litigation, as well as representing businesses. He lives in Dunwoody, Georgia with his wife, Andrea.


NFRA Director from Georgia

​Kay Godwin has been a grassroots activist for more than 27 years, serving on more than 100 local, state, and federal campaigns including as state grassroots co-chair for the George W. Bush campaign. Kay has been a Delegate/Alternate to four national conventions, served as chairman of the Pierce County Republican Party, and as Chairwoman of Georgia Under 80 Thousand Counties in the Georgia GOP.

​In 2003, Kay received the A. A. Richardson Georgia Republican Volunteer of the Year award. She is the co-founder of Georgia Conservatives In Action, Capital Coalition of Conservative Leaders, and Calling All Moms, and also serves on the Georgia Baptist Ethics and Public Policy committee.

Kay has been a critical part of ensuring Republican dominance in Georgia and is committed to ensuring the principles of the Republican Party stay strong.


NFRA Director from Georgia

​Jack Staver is a small business owner and involved citizen. Jack is the Chairman of the Northwest GA 9/12 project and has served in an advisory capacity for other grassroots conservative Republican organizations.

He helped lead the tea party movement in Georgia at its inception and has worked as an activist attempting to reign in an out of control government at all levels since 2009. He has planned or spoke at various statewide and national events and appeared on TV and radio. Most recently, he offered himself for public service in Cherokee County, barely missing election by less than 100 votes.

Jack is a lifelong Republican who has always believed the government is “We the People” and diligently works at reminding our government of that at all levels.


First Vice President

​Brant is the Chairman of the Coweta County Republican Party (CCRP) serving since March 2013. He previously served as 1st Vice Chairman of the CCRP from 2011 to 2013 and served as a delegate to the 2012 Republican National Convention.

​Brant was born and raised in Georgia and has lived in Coweta County since childhood. Brant or “Five” (as his friends call him) has served as a volunteer in the campaigns of Gary Bauer, Saxby Chambliss, and Sonny Perdue. He also served as county campaign manager for Jeff Chapman and Max Wood in 2010.

​In 2010, Brant was appointed to serve as Vice Chairman of the Newnan Urban Redevelopment Agency. In 2013, he was appointed Chairman of the agency.

​In 2011, Brant was elected as 1st Vice Chair of the Coweta County Republican Party (CCRP). In late 2011, Brant worked closely with Mike Crane in Crane’s successful bid to win a special election to the state senate. Brant would go on to serve as a legislative aide to Senator Crane in 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015 sessions of the Georgia General Assembly. In April 2012, Brant was elected to represent the Third Congressional District of Georgia to the Republican National Convention in Tampa serving as the youngest delegate from Georgia.

​Brant was elected as Chairman of the CCRP without opposition in March of 2013; and elected to the GAGOP State Committee on April 20, 2013. In March 2015, Brant was re-elected CCRP Chairman unopposed. Also in March, Brant successfully led the effort to stop a proposed rules change to the GAGOP rules that would have created greater obstacles to participation in the party process.

Brant served on the Resolutions Committee at the 2012 and 2013 GAGOP state conventions. He is a co-founder of and has written for as well as other political websites. As a young Christian Conservative Brant has always striven to conduct himself in a manner that would be a credit to his Lord, his family, and his country.


Second Vice President

​Mike Scupin has an A.E. degree in Architecture from Southern Technical Institute, a BBA degree in Economics from North Georgia College, a MS degree in Management of Technology from Southern Polytechnic and State University.  He has been an adjunct professor at North Georgia College teaching various management courses.

Mike has various business experiences.  He has worked in planning and engineering, owned and operated a gift shop, as a Registered Land Surveyor owned and operated a land surveying business, and has been involved in the building and development business.

For years Mike had realized there was something terribly wrong in our political system but like many was unsure how he could help change things.  When the tea party movement began Mike was looking for a tea party group close to his home to join but could not find one.  He started Lanier Tea Party Patriots and during its early inception he was unable to find people willing to step out and get involved so he operated as a one-man tea party for over a year.  During this time he assisted others in pushing the Georgia Legislature to adopt a Healthcare Compact Agreement and Georgia become the first state in the union to actually have an agreement approved and signed by the Governor.  Since its early inception the Lanier Tea Party has grown significantly to become a very active group that continues today to put pressure on elected officials to stand by their oaths and support and defend the Constitutions of the USA and Georgia.

Mike became a member of the Republican Party shortly after forming the Lanier Tea Party and continues to be a member.  Mike was a candidate for Congress in 2016.

Mike is involved with a large number of other groups in Georgia that are working for better government.

Mike is a co-host on Thursday mornings on WDUN radio in Gainesville where he tries to bring attention to things the people need to know to bring appropriate change to politics in both Georgia and the nation.


Third Vice President

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​Pat Tippett has been a grassroots activist for more than 25 years serving on numerous local, state, and federal campaigns, including as state grassroots co-chair for the George W. Bush campaign.

She has been a Delegate/Alternate to four national conventions and served as Chair of the First Congressional District Republican Party in 2009-2011. In 2002, she received the A. A. Richardson Georgia Republican Volunteer of the Year award and in 2001 received the State of Georgia Republican Party Outstanding Service Award. She is the Co-founder of Georgia Conservatives in Action, Co-founder of the Capital Coalition of Conservative Leaders, and Co-founder of Calling All Moms.

Pat was instrumental in seeing Georgia become a Republican state, and is committed to ensuring elected officials serve the people that elected them.



​Norine attended UNG and received her AA in Business Administration. Also, attended the Leadership Institute to learn how to effectively run a grassroots campaign. .

Norine is actively involved in the local GOP as Events Chair, and other local political organizations. She has been involved in politics for many years and has had active roles in running campaigns including being an Intern for Congressman Paul Broun.

Norine volunteered for Candidate Trump and passionately supported and voted for him.  If you have more questions, please call or email.


Assistant Secretary

(Bio Coming Soon)



GRA Membership

Chairman: Ron Hooper

​Ron Hooper is the Chairman of the GRA Membership Committee, which assists with educating people about the GRA, and showing them how and why to be involved.


Hank Sullivan

​Hank Sullivan, previous Chairman of the Lanier Tea Party Patriots and long-time activist and political educator is the membership coordinator for the GRA.