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    We have already helped to win several Republican Party and government elections.

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    We believe in the principles of the Republican Party platform and think our Republican elected officials should reflect those principles.

    Our Influence Is Growing

    We are helping to shape the composition of our county government, our GA GOP, our state legislature, and our congressional delegation.

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    If you want to help to shape the future, get involved now.

    • Get Out the Vote!

      There’s no substitute for good old fashioned campaigning. It doesn’t get more fundamental than going door-to-door. Whether you’re going on behalf of a candidate you believe in, or on behalf of the GRA, we can equip you to make your campaigning more effective. Contact one of our field leaders and get ready to see a whole new world of how campaigning works.

    • Today We Change Everything!

      It’s all about team. For the politically active, two things are easy pitfalls: growing egotistical (those titles can really go to people’s heads!) or getting burned out! Many hands make light work, and every participant is valuable. When we work together, contributing our individual gifts and talents, that’s when we are most are most effective! Join the GRA and become part of a family.

    • Be With Us From Now

      Come to the table to learn winning strategies to ensure success! Don’t be caught flat-footed, and don’t be assimilated by the “Borg” Establishment of Atlanta and Washington who are more infatuated with greed and power than they are with morality and accomplishing good. Iron sharpens iron, and if you want to be a true leader, you need to run with real leaders. Join the GRA today!

    • Join Our Next Events

      You like political events? We can give you political events. The GRA is a part of a network of small-government and constitutional political organizations that literally have events going on virtually everyday of the year. There’s always something exciting going on and to be a part of. Join in the action and make some new friends along the way. Join the GRA!


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    • How can I become a member?

      Registration on the Georgia Republican Assembly’s web site is the easiest way to become a member. To become a member, a registrant must agree with the general principles of the Republican Assembly as stated on the web site and must pay appropriate membership fee. The best membership in the long-term in the “life-time” membership as it does not require renewal each year.

    • What are the special benefits of members?

      There several special benefits of being a Georgia Republican Assembly member, including invitation to all Georgia Republican Assembly events. But perhaps the most significant benefit is being able to vote in applicable county, district, and state conventions and meetings to determine whether to endorse candidates in a Republican primary. A two-thirds vote is required for an endorsement.

    • How can I get a GRA name badge?

      Have no fear. Your badge will be here. Just register as a member of the Georgia Republican Party and you’ll receive your badge in a few weeks.

    • Are you trying to take over or replace the GOP?

      No and no. We are a fully Republican organization that believes that many of those people who call themselves “Republicans” do not actually stand by, believe, or advocate Republican principles or values that Republican voters believe they are getting when they vote Republican. Our goal is to get actual Republicans, those people who, at a minimum, support basic, common sense principles that help society (link to our principles), elected into public office and into party office, and to hold them accountable once there. Far too often “my guy got elected” means that “my guy” won’t be held accountable if or when they start voting badly, or they will lead the Republican Party organization into only caring about donors, not about policies. If you believe in our principles and want to see politicians working for you, instead of betraying those principles, the GRA is for you. Many of our members hold offices throughout the GOP, but we are constantly seeking to have even more involved.

    Our Leadership

    Alexj 200x200

    Alex Johnson

    GRA Chairman


    2ndvc 200x200

    Jim Fernander

    GRA 2nd Vice President

    Abdrn 200x200

    Abigail Darnell

    Junior NFRA GRA Director



    Ndrnll 200x200

    Nathaniel Darnell

    GRA President


    Joanh 200x200

    Joanna Hildreth

    GRA Secretary

    David 200x200

    David Carlson

    Chapter Relations Chairman

    Cthbn 200x200

    Catherine Bernard

    Senior NFRA GRA Director


    Annl 200x200

    Anne Lane

    GRA Assistant Secretary


    Field Searcy 200x200

    Field Searcy

    I.T. Committee Chairman

    Frstv 200x200

    Brant Frost V

    GRA 1st Vice President

    Banks 200x200

    Banks Wise

    GRA Treasurer

    AF1 200x200

    Cassandra Docherty

    Speakers Bureau


    5 Dunwoody Park

    Suite 100


    GA 30338

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