2023 Candidates For Georgia Republican Party Offices

(GRA Member) Josh McKoon, for Chairman

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Deprived of his leadership position as chairman of the GA Senate Judiciary Committee because of his non-stop push for ‘religious liberty’ legislation, ethics and tougher immigration restrictions. See AJC article.

Standing up a premier election integrity unit by identifying, recruiting, and training poll watchers, poll workers, and attorneys to defend/file election law related challenges in court is one of his top priorities.

Has plans for regional fundraising and has over $1 million dollars of fundraising experience.

(GRA Member) Marci McCarthy, for 1st Vice Chair

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Dekalb County Chairwoman reelected unanimously.  

Doubled Republican turnout and increased the margins of victory in the second bluest county in the state of Georgia. She serves on the GAGOP Foundation Board of Governors and was most recently a State Committee Member representing Georgia’s 4th Congressional District.

A strong advocate of FITness – Faith, Integrity and Trust in our elections, Marci spearheaded the effort to introduce and pass SB222, effectively STOPPING ZUCKERBUCKS!

(GRA Member) Brant Frost V, for 2nd Vice Chair

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Current State GOP 2nd Vice Chair.  Current 1st Vice President GRA.

Raised $241,000 for GRA-PAC since January 2022

Top three priorities for the role he is seeking?
1) Create a GAGOP Legislative Priorities Committee modeled on Texas
2) Create a GOP Poll watchers to Poll/Election Workers Pipeline
3) Create a first-rate Absentee Ballot program modeled on the PAGOP recent success

(GRA Member) Vikki Consiglio, for Treasurer

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Current GA GOP Assistant Treasurer since 2019

Experience creating budgets over $1 million dollars for past 26 years.

Put together GOP Training Program for County Treasurers.

Passionate and Experienced.   Trump Elector & Large Donor.

See Campaign Announcement

Alton Russell, for Assistant Treasurer

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84 yo hard worker. UNG and Columbus state. He is a storyteller.

Support Chair, whoever it might be, continue to be sure we are transparent with our money. Help provide training for local GOP parties.

I intend to represent everybody and the GRA is a strong voice and I intend to listen

Believes there needs to be unification.

(GRA Member) Caroline Jeffords, for Secretary

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Fulton County GOP Vice Chair. Very involved in Fulton County Election Integrity efforts.

Top 3 Priorities for the role she is seeking:
1) Win elections
2) Hold elected officials accountable
3) Uphold our values and laws as a Constitutional Republic for which this country was founded

Role of the party in holding politicians accountable to her is: That should be one of the party’s primary functions.

See Open Secrets for Extensive Campaign Donations to Trump and the GA GOP


(GRA Member) Suzie Voyles, for Assistant Secretary

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Eagle Forum State President

Maggie’s List State President (Federal PAC supporting conservative women candidates)

Spent over 20 years advocating for better laws and procedures in election security.

I would be honored to have the endorsement of an organization that highlights a biblical worldview and seeks to accomplish its goals in a public setting such as good governance. 

(GRA Member) Salleigh Grubbs, for Over 80k Chair

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Cobb County GOP Chairman

Has been fighting hard for Election Integrity

Top three priorities for the role you are seeking?
1) Coordination between counties so that issues with voting/ballots/elections can be pinpointed early and coordinate efforts halted in trying to steal elections.
2) Ensure counties are communicating when it comes to Commissions running amok.
3) Support the GAGOP more and have more open lines of communication. Help coordinate with campaigns. 

(GRA Member) Christopher Mora, for Under 80k Chair

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Pickens County Chairman

Fought hard for Hand recount in Pickens County with little help from the State GOP.

Top Priorities as Under 80K Chairman:
1) Help tackle election integrity by helping counties get poll watchers to turn into poll workers.
2) Help counties increase membership and involvement by identifying what’s important to their communities.
3) NEVER have a chairman of a county party to feel alone.

Rebecca Yardley, for Chairman

Committed to bridging any gaps that exist between Republicans in our party. Whether you’re a grassroots activist, elected official, or party donor, we all must work together in our respective roles towards winning elections.  Theme of unification, drawing in diverse minority groups with messaging that they have a place at the table.

Unclear messaging on Election integrity issue moving to 2024 through reconciliation of 2020 and holding those responsible accountable

Our party needs to run a robust absentee ballot chase program.

Dennis Futch, for Chairman

He is not asking for GRA endorsement.

B.J. Van Gundy, for 1st Vice Chair

Has served as 1st Vice Chairman of the GOP since 2021. Former 2nd Vice Chairman and Assistant Secretary of GAGOP. Former 7th District GOP Chairman.   Very knowledgeable, deep and wide insight.

Party to 3 lawsuits on behalf of President Donald J. Trump.  Vocal about concerns of 2020 election integrity while serving on state GOP.  Going forward will continue to fight for election integrity.

Brian Pritchard, for 1st Vice Chair

Long time Republican political analyst.  He understands the needs of the counties and the relationship to the state party and the power of the state party to leverage the influence of the grassroots conservative movement to improve election integrity.

Has Media Platform Fetch Your News Conservative Political News in Georgia which he used to oppose HB 520 Mental Health Bill.

Did not complete the full application but addressed some questions in the interview. When further information requested for clarity he declined any additional details.

David Cross, for 2nd Vice Chair

Passionate about exposing and getting rid of Dominion voting machines.

GRA Questionnaire came in too late for vetting.

Ken Carroll, for 2nd Vice Chair

Said he would take a look at the GRA questionnaire but never responded.

Laurie McClain, for Treasurer

First Vice Chair of the Gwinnett GOP

Has worked as CPA for 37 years. Taught Tax Class at Georgia State University.

Since I am the only candidate that meets the minimum criteria for being the Treasurer, I would expect the GRA’s endorsement.

Has the Fiscal Conservatism which is important for this position.

(GRA Member) Mike Welsh, for Secretary

Current Secretary GA GOP with Extensive GOP Leadership Experience.

Top 3 priorities for the role he is seeking:
1) Beating Democrats
2) Returning the country to “We the People,”
3) Reaching those disaffected by Democrats that have Republican values, but don’t realize it.

Role of the party in holding politicians accountable to him is: The party and the elected officials should act as one entity. That is how the average person perceives the situation and we need to make it a reality.

James King, for Assistant Secretary

Created Young Republicans of Northeast Georgia in 2017 (and chaired YRNG until 2022)

Top three priorities for the role he is seeking:
1) Establishing a clear plan of action and messaging
2) Providing greater emphasis on supporting the needs of local county GOP chapters
3) Ensuring each county GOP chapter is partnered with at least one GOP auxiliary organization

Rich Carithers, for Assistant Secretary

Not seeking GRA Endorsement. Replied to our request to fill out the GRA Candidate Questionnaire ‘Hard pass’

Kathy Hurley, for Under 80k Chair

Did not return GRA Questionnaire sent multiple times.