2023 Candidates For Georgia Republican Party Offices

Dennis Futch, for Chairman

Biographical Info

He is not asking for GRA endorsement.


1. Biographical information – age, family, where you live now and are originally from
Dennis W. Futch, born on March 9, 1968, in Ellenton, Georgia to Mrs. Mary Nell Spearman Futch and Mr. A.W. Futch Junior. Dennis is the only son of Mrs. and Mr. Futch and grew up in Colquitt County with his two sisters. Dennis Futch graduated from Colquitt County High School and in 1989, he married his high school sweetheart, Angela at the Ellenton Baptist Church, a church that Dennis’s grandfather helped build. Together, Dennis and Angela raised their two children, Alyse and Alex in Moultrie, Georgia. Dennis and Angela Futch still reside in Moultrie, Georgia today, surrounded by their children and three beautiful granddaughters.

2. Employment history
Dennis Futch has served Colquitt County Community for the last three decades as the founder of The Tax Shop, in downtown Moultrie, Georgia. In 1994 Dennis Futch became an Enrolled Agent of the U.S. Department of Treasury. Besides operating and owning The Tax Shop, Dennis is an investor and partner in many other lucrative businesses.

3. Educational history
Dennis Futch graduated from Colquitt High School in 1986 and went on to attend Valdosta State University where he graduated with a degree in Accounting.

4. Criminal/legal history
Dennis Futch has been and will always be a loyal supporter of First Responders, out of respect for their lives and work Dennis Futch goes above and beyond to be a law abiding citizen. Dennis Futch has no criminal history. It should also be noted that Dennis served in the Georgia State Defense Force until 1990 and most recently co-founded the Moultrie First Responders Association.

5. History of political involvement – positions held, etc.
Dennis Futch is currently the Chairman of the Colquitt County Republican Party. Dennis’s political resume is over 300 pages long. To share some recent highlights, Dennis most recently coordinated between Georgia School’s Superintendent, Richard Woods to push for counties across Georgia to enact the already implemented right for teachers to carry concealed weapons on school campuses in response to the 2022 State-wide School Shooting Hoax. Dennis and Mr. Woods were able to increase the number of counties supporting this right from two to thirty counties. Dennis worked on the legislation for the Second Amendment Sanctuary City Act for Moultrie with the support of the Sheriff as well as the CCRP and the motion was passed 4:1.

6. GRA membership – how long a member, why did you join (or why you have not joined yet)?
Dennis Futch is not a member of the G.R.A. and has not held membership. While Dennis believes that assemblies and different management styles are a great way to improve and grow an organization, it is in his opinion that the structure of the State’s Party best suits his preferred management style and format for the plans he has to improve the State’s Party.

7. Other political/professional/social organization memberships
Dennis Futch is a nationally recognized benefactor of the N.R.A. Dennis is a founding member of the Georgia Rifle Association. Dennis is the former Treasure of the Colquitt County Development Authority. He is a State Committeeman, as well as the 8th Congressional District GOP. Governor Kemp also appointed Mr. Futch to the Selective Service Board of Georgia.

8. Donations made/candidates and committees supported
In 2017, Dennis Futch was the first County Party Chairman to welcome Brian Kemp south of Macon, Georgia. Dennis Futch hand-delivered checks to Chris West, Tracy Taylor, Commissioner John King, Commissioner Tyler Harper, and Governor Brian Kemp. Dennis raised over one million dollars during the last election cycle. Dennis is a fundraising powerhouse, he was essential in doubling the size of the annual fish fry fundraiser. Dennis raised $308,000 in Colquitt County for Governor Kemp, and in 18 months he raised $83,000 for his county party, which was more then the CCRP had raised in the last two decades, combined.  See Open Secrets Report

9. What principled legislative initiatives have you supported, and what bad legislation/policy have you opposed?
In response to the State-wide School Shooting Hoax, Dennis connected with State Superintendent Richard Woods and local leaders to enforce and support the right of educators being able to carry and conceal hand-guns to defend and protect their classrooms in the event of a real threat. Dennis was an essential coordinator in driving the numbers from two counties across the State to support educators to thirty counties in favor and carrying.

10. What are your top three priorities for the role you are seeking?
As the Georgia GOP Chairman my top three priorities, are to be synonymous with accountability, accessibility, and activity. I will effectively audit the State’s party financials on day one, and produce the first financial report in two years. If the State’s party determines that there are too many red flags, I will then perform a forensic audit of the books. As an Enrolled Agent of the U.S. Treasury, I have the knowledge and capabilities to perform both of these tasks in-house and I will be transparent with the members. If elected Chairman, I will be accessible in location, communication, and presence. I will ensure that all Republicans far and wide, from the Mountains of Northern Georgia to the Georgia-Florida line, members will have access to resources, funding, training, and more. The organization will become a 365-day-a-year service-based business that works to cover a multitude of needs and requirements. Lastly, my priority is to consistently evolve to remain active and improve every step of the way, which means our focus will be providing quality work and being proactive in the communities we call home.

11. What is your position on GRA’s principles and goals (see https://georgiara.com/party-goals/ ) ?
There are many avenues to success and ways to be a good Republican per the GRA’s principles and goals, which align with my own principles. It is Dennis’s opinion that any true Republican could argue with the principles of your organization. Iron sharpens iron and while many organizations and assemblies struggle to cohesively work, it is Dennis’s hope that there can be an alignment of goals because we share beliefs.

12. What do you believe is the role of the party in holding politicians accountable?
Dennis believes that the role of the State’s party must support strong and defined Republican Candidates. Mr. Futch believes it is the party’s job to get and grow candidates as well as, provide the necessary resources to push the candidates across the finish line. Dennis thinks the State’s party is to advocate for the right to call Conservatives and to effectively cross the victory lines in November.

13. List your social media accounts
Dennis Futch can be found on Facebook at “Elect Dennis Futch GA GOP Chairman” and on Twitter at @Futch4GAGOP.

14. Who are your political heroes?
There are a few political heroes that come to mind but, to name three, Teddy Roosevelt, General Patton, and President Lincoln.

15. Why are you seeking the endorsement of the GRA?
Dennis is heavily in support of Georgian’s exercising their constitutional rights; Dennis worked on the legislation for Georgia Carry and had advocated tirelessly to ensure the right to bare arms is not in fringed upon. Currently, Dennis Futch does not support the Mental Health House Bill. While Dennis in support of improving our medical facilities and driving the innovation of our medical staffing while boosting the Georgia economy, with the way the bill is currently structured and written, Dennis can not support the bill, that is severely mislabeled and presented.

16. What will you do to keep the Georgia State GOP aligned with the grassroots conservative movement of Georgia instead of being driven by the National GOP?
Dennis is running for the State’s party Chairman position because, Dennis has the capability to keep our state Red and secure Georgia in 2024.. At 16 Dennis became a pilot, in 1984 he won the Georgia State Skeet Shooting Championship, and when he sets his mind to a task, he conquers the assignment. Dennis is standing strong for Georgia’s tomorrow and while he hopes you will join him, he wants you to endorse the candidate that best aligns with your organizations needs, morals and goals. He won’t ask for your endorsement but do respect your time and preparation to make an educated vote.


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