Our Local GRA Chapters

42 of Georgia’s 159 counties have incorporated GRA local chapters either through individual county Republican Assembly organizations or by regional organizations. Many of our members, however, also live in counties that have no organized local chapter.

Cstl 300x248Coastal Republican Assembly: Founded in April 2023, this ocean-side chapter elected former State Rep. Jeff Jones as their local RA President, and he is assisted by Ginny Hall. They have done a terrific job recruiting “America First” Patriots who have been disaffected and disillusioned by the GOP, and is preparing to turn the tide in that region. They represent Camden, Glynn, and McIntosh counties.

Cbbmp 300x237Cobb County Republican Assembly: The Cobb County chapter was established in July 2016 during the run-off between Tim Lee and Mike Boyce for Cobb County Commission Chairman. Due to Tim Lee’s responsibility for the Corporate Cronyist Braves Stadium deal, in which taxpayers were put on the hook for a billionaire’s private enterprise to the tune of $400 million, the Cobb RAs endorsed Tim Lee’s opponent and successfully defeated Tim Lee. The following year the Cobb RAs were the first local chapter within the GRA to win “Chapter of the Year” when they successfully helped a GRA member defeat incumbent Rose Wing for Cobb County GOP Chair. In 2018 when incumbent District 1 Cobb Commissioner Bob Weatherford indicated that he would support an increase in real estate taxes, the Cobb RAs endorsed Weatherford’s opponent Keli Gambrill and helped her to successfully win election. Cobb County has hosted the GRA State Convention and the President’s Annual Dinner 2018-2019. In 2021, GRA members in Cobb helped Salleigh Grubbs and her team win election as the new Cobb GOP leadership, and helped Keli Gambrill win re-election as Cobb Commissioner District 1 in 2022. Chris Deeb currently serves as the President of the Cobb chapter, and Nathaniel Darnell serves as its Chairman. Learn more about them at their web site at https://cobbgra.com/ or on their social media at https://www.facebook.com/gra.cobb/.

DeKalb County Republican Assembly: Rebooted as a county chapter in 2023, the local membership elected Mary Benefield as the chapter President. Their membership was decisive in getting GRA-member Marci McCarthy elected as the DeKalb County GOP Chairwoman.Etwh

Etowah Republican Assembly: Located in the area surrounding the Etowah River, this chapter was founded in Floyd County in May 2023. This group met and was birthed in the heat of battle fighting for election integrity, protesting the Rome drag queen festival, opposing SPLOST, protesting mask mandates and more. They elected Brad Barnes the President of their chapter and Angela Rubino as their Vice President.

Fulton County Republican Assembly: Rebooted as a county chapter in 2023 by local President Nick Cooper and Mark Endres, the Fulton RA was instrumental in flipping the Fulton County GOP organization and getting Mark’s wife Stephanie Endres elected as the Fulton County GOP Chairwoman. You learn more about them at their social media at https://www.facebook.com/FultonRepublicanAssembly/.

Gwinnett County Republican Assembly: Gwinnett County has had the second-largest collection of Republican voters in Georgia, although it has been undergoing some dramatic changes in recent years. The Gwinnett RAs have distinguished themselves for the excellent events they have organized and hosted in their county in past years, including trainings on Roberts Rules of Order, candidate forums and debates, and an annual RA Christmas Party. In 2021 they won the “Chapter of the Year” award. Learn more about them at their web site at https://gwinnettcountyra.com/.


Hart County Republican Assembly: Chartered in February 2022, the Hart County RA chapter borders the South Carolina state line on the path through interstate 85 beside Lake Hartwell. This chapter is led by Silas Roberts, who formerly also served as the GRA’s Chapter Relations Chairman. In February 2023 their chapter successfully won control of the Hart County GOP, getting Silas’ brother Tim Roberts elected as the the new County GOP Chairman.

MGRAMiddle GA Republican Assembly: This chapter was chartered in September 2023 and incorporates Bibb, Houston, Peach, Crawford, and Monroe counties. Paul White was elected as the chapter’s new local President. This local chapter’s Executive Committee team includes Troy Cook, Lisa Schaal Neisler, Edith Noriella, and Kathy Moody

NMetro 300x255North Metro Republican Assembly: The North Metro Republican Assembly regional chapter formed in May 2022, to supersede the former Cherokee County RA chapter, and now incorporates Pickens County and has invited many new members to affiliate with us from surrounding counties. Founded under the leadership of Richard Jordan as the new president, the members of the newly chartered GRA chapter were instrumental in electing “America First” C.V. Dinsmore as Chairman for the now thriving 2023-24 GOP Cherokee County Republican organization. The chapter also ushered in GRA member David Oles as the new GOP 11th District Chairman along with his slate of “America First” Officers. These victories followed a full year of planning and preparing under the leadership of Richard Jordan as president of the new regional chapter. The first ever Georgia Distrct Endorsement Convention was a great success along with effectively hosting several community Outdoor Cook-out events and FACL Political Training Seminars.


Northwest Georgia Republican Assembly: The Northwest GA RAs was originally composed of four counties in the northwest region of Georgia bordering Tennessee: Catoosa, Whitfield, Gordon, and Murray. In 2022, they added Walker County to their regional chapter. Led by Eddie Caldwell and Joanna Hildreth, this regional RA organization made state-wide headlines when they ran a successful campaign in March 2019 in Catoosa County to defeat a proposed T-SPLOST. In 2022 they also successfully got GRA-endorsed candidates Colton Moore (“A” rated) elected to State Senate and Mitchell Horner elected to State House. In 2023 they succeeded at getting their chapter President Eddie Caldwell elected as the Chairman of the Whitfield County GOP organization, electing GRA-member Jackie Harling as the Chair of the Walker Count GOP, re-electing GRA Secretary Joanna Hildreth as the Chair of the Catoosa County GOP, and re-electing GRA Assistant Secretary Denise Burns as the 14th District GOP Chairwoman. Learn more about them on their social media at https://www.facebook.com/NorthWestGeorgiaRepublicanAssembly/.


West Georgia Republican Assembly: The West GA RAs are composed of 15 counties, most of which participate in Georgia’s 3rd Congressional District. Their chapter won the GRA “Chapter of the Year” Award in 2019 for successfully campaigning to defeat a T-SPLOST as well as helping a GRA-endorsed candidate for State House to win a special election in October of that year even though he was outspent 2-to-1. The West GA RAs also hosted the first GRA State Convention in Coweta County in 2017 and two more in 2021 and 2022. They have ensured that former State Senator Mike Crane won election as the 3rd Congressional District GOP Chairman for three consecutive terms. Their chapter is led by Katie Frost and Brant Frost V

SgraSouth-East Georgia Republican Assembly (SEGRA): SEGRA consists of four counties along the heart of Georgia’s small coastline: Chatham, Effingham, Bryan, and Liberty. These include some of the oldest counties in Georgia, some dating back before the War for Independence in 1776. Founded originally by Dean Burnette, SEGRA is led by Brittany Brown and her local chapter’s executive committee with a vision on expanding GOP appeal and shaking up the Establishment to improve politics in the southeast region. In early 2023 they successfully led an effort to flip the Chatham County GOP and then win the 1st District Congressional GOP, helping to get Kandiss Taylor elected as the District Chairwoman. Learn more about them at their web site at https://segra.us/ or on their social media at https://www.facebook.com/southeastgra/.

SGAr 300x218South Georgia Republican Assembly: Representing eight counties (including Appling, Bacon, Coffee, Jeff Davis, Pierce, Ware, and Wayne) below the “gnat line” in the Empire State of the south, the South Georgia Republican Assembly chapter was established by early GRA founders Pat Tippett and Kay Godwin with the help of Debra Giddens in May of 2023.