2023 Candidates For Georgia Republican Party Offices

Laurie McClain, for Treasurer

Biographical Info

First Vice Chair of the Gwinnett GOP

Has worked as CPA for 37 years. Taught Tax Class at Georgia State University.

Since I am the only candidate that meets the minimum criteria for being the Treasurer, I would expect the GRA’s endorsement.

Has the Fiscal Conservatism which is important for this position.


1. Biographical information – age, family, where you live now and are originally from
I was born in Decatur, Georgia and moved to Gwinnett in 1975. Other than a brief time during college, I have lived in Gwinnett since then. I am married and have three grown children and one grandchild.

2. Employment history
1982 – 1986 Legal Secretary during college.
1986 – 1996 Gifford, Hillegass & Ingwersen, PC – Spent 10 years as a CPA, starting as staff accountant and rising to Senior Manager before leaving in 1996 to start my own firm.
1996 – Current McClain & Company, PC – I have owned my own tax and accounting firm since 1996. My focus is on small businesses and high net worth individuals in the areas of tax planning and compliance filing.
2020 – 2022 Part Time Instructor of Tax at Georgia State University
2022 – Southern Payroll Services – currently the CFO of a 40 year old payroll service bureau

3. Educational History
BBA in Accounting, Georgia State University, 1986
Master of Taxation, Georgia State University, 2017
Complete 40 hours per year of accounting and tax continuing education

4. Criminal/Legal History
No criminal history, divorced twice

5. History of political involvement – positions held, etc.
I have run for District One County Commissioner of Gwinnett twice. After the 2020 election, I ran for Treasurer of the Gwinnett Republican Party because I was so discouraged at the lack of assistance I received in my election. I am currently the First Vice Chair of the Gwinnett GOP. I have served on too many county committees to list them all here.

6. GRA membership – how long a member, why did you join (or why you have not joined yet)?
I am not a member.

7. Other political/professional/social organization memberships
Currently legislative liaison and committee member on the Taxation Advisory Council for the Georgia Society of CPAs. Member of AICPA.

8. Donations made/candidates and committees supported
Several, all Republican candidates. See Open Secrets but the out of state ones are not this Laurie McClain

9. What principled legislative initiatives have you supported, and what bad legislation/policy have you opposed?
I have opposed several of the initiatives that have come out of Gwinnett representatives and have told them so. That includes changing our school board to non-partisan and raising the salary of the current Chair.

10. What are your top three priorities for the role you are seeking?
There’s only one – Getting Republicans Elected. If you can’t do that, the rest doesn’t matter.

11. What is your position on GRA’s principles and goals (see https://georgiara.com/party-goals/ ) ?
I agree with the 13 guiding principles as listed on your website.

12. What do you believe is the role of the party in holding politicians accountable?
This is done through the voting booth. I have no issue calling out a politician who reneges on a policy decision, after making sure I know as much as he/she does.

13. List your social media accounts
I do not have a FB or website for my campaign.

14. Who are your political heroes?
Ronald Reagan

15. Why are you seeking the endorsement of the GRA?
I understand that the GRA is very active in the Republican wave and since I am the only candidate that meets the minimum criteria for being the Treasurer, I would expect the GRA’s endorsement.

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