2023 Candidates For Georgia Republican Party Offices

B.J. Van Gundy, for 1st Vice Chair

Biographical Info

Has served as 1st Vice Chairman of the GOP since 2021. Former 2nd Vice Chairman and Assistant Secretary of GAGOP. Former 7th District GOP Chairman.   Very knowledgeable, deep and wide insight.

Party to 3 lawsuits on behalf of President Donald J. Trump.  Vocal about concerns of 2020 election integrity while serving on state GOP.  Going forward will continue to fight for election integrity.


1. Biographical information
59 Years Old. Married for 30 years (as of 6/22/2021), wife is Christy, Daughters Whitney (25), Avery (21), Sons Cardin (17), and Reagan (14). And yes. Reagan is named after the great President. Live in Peachtree Corners in Gwinnett County. Been in the same house for 22 years. Have lived in Gwinnett since 1985 after school at Georgia Tech from 1980-1986. Originally from is a bit hard as I move 22 times before I was 15 years old… my Father was always taking opportunities in different places which included Minneapolis several times, Atlanta several times, Orlando a couple of times, and 3 different homes in Mexico City, Mexico. My Father finally settled down in Lakeland, FL for my high school years and the family ran a couple of Dairy Queens where I worked during my 4 years of High School.

2. Employment history
Mortgage Broker after college
Mortgage Banker through the 90s (Southeastern Regional VP for Barnett Mortgage Company)
Government Relations from 99-2005
Management Consultant 2005- Present

3. Educational History
Lakeland High School to 1980
Georgia Tech BS Industrial Management (Nuclear Engineering Minor) 1980-1986

4. Criminal/legal history
Lots of speeding tickets….

5. History of political involvement
Numerous since 1988 (please see political resume attached)
First vote was for Ronald Reagan in 1980

6. GRA membership
Joined TODAY! (5/18/2021) Didn’t know it was so easy! Especially easy when I agree 100% with the principles and values of the GRA.

7. Other political/professional/social organization memberships
Assistant Scout Master of Troop 525 (large troop with about 60 boys) – Proud to say both of my boys are working on their Eagles!
Worthy Advocate of the Knights of Columbus Council 11402 (over 500 member council!)
Member of Gwinnett GOP for 28 years
Associate Member of Conservative Republican Women of North Atlanta
Current President of the Greater Atlanta Chesterton Society
Former Board Chairman of the Georgia Charter School Association
Former (founding) member of the Georgia Charter School Commission
Former Board Member of Babies for Life

8. Donations made/candidates and committees supported
Many, many over the years.  See Open Secrets
Notables: Newt Gingrich 1993 through his Presidential campaign in 2012 (I was a “Senior Advisor to the Candidate”)
Congressman John Linder Campaign Chairman in 2002

9. What principled legislative initiatives have you supported, and what bad legislation/policy have you opposed?
Supported and lobbied for Marcy’s Law
Supported and lobbied for (RFRA) Religious Freedom Restoration Act
Supported stronger pro-life legislation in Georgia as it has come forward
Supported and lobbied against immorally run puppy mills
Recently heavily supported SB 202 passage this past year
Supported many other conservative causes at the State and local levels, especially school system related idiocy
20 years ago lobbied heavily against predatory lending legislation that caused a significant tightening of lending in Georgia when passed by the Democratically controlled legislature and signed by Governor Barnes
Opposed any legislation that furthered the cause of pro-abortion efforts

10. What are your top three priorities for the role you are seeking?
Continue to be an experienced resource for the District and County Chairs since I have served in both positions over the many years I’ve been involved at a high level.
Continue to work on GAGOP supported legislation to fight for election integrity
Continue to work with organizations such as the Georgia Charter School Association to improve relations with minority communities

11. What is your position on GRA’s principles and goals (see https://georgiara.com/party-goals/ ) ?
100% agreement with the principles. Do not see goals at that link.

12. What do you believe is the role of the party in holding politicians accountable?
I believe that, as I did with the SOS after the 2020 election fiasco, our elected officials should have strong conversations held with them with the intent to keep them in the GOP fold… those conversations should be held in an appropriate forum (mostly private) so as not to bring embarrassment to the GOP through the twisting of the conversations via the liberal media.

13. List your social media accounts
Facebook: bjvangundy
Twitter: MainStAction (had bjvangundy but I got kicked off in 2021 for posting truth about the Signature verification process.)

14. Who are your political heroes?
Ronald Reagan, Teddy Roosevelt, Newt Gingrich

15. Why are you seeking the endorsement of the GRA?
Because the endorsement carries weight with a significant body politic.

16. What will you do to keep the Georgia State GOP aligned with the grassroots conservative movement of Georgia instead of being driven by the National GOP?
I have been at the grassroots level of Georgia GOP politics since 1993. It is the grassroots that does the work and lays the ground game for successful elections. The National GOP is swayed to easily to the whims of crap like “social justice” and “fairness” and we need to work to keep Georgia GOP autonomous. Take their money, but decline to allow them to attach strings.

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