2023 Candidates For Georgia Republican Party Offices

(GRA Member) Brant Frost V, for 2nd Vice Chair

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Photo of (GRA Member) Brant Frost V for 2nd Vice Chair


Current State GOP 2nd Vice Chair.  Current 1st Vice President GRA.

Raised $241,000 for GRA-PAC since January 2022

Top three priorities for the role he is seeking?
1) Create a GAGOP Legislative Priorities Committee modeled on Texas
2) Create a GOP Poll watchers to Poll/Election Workers Pipeline
3) Create a first-rate Absentee Ballot program modeled on the PAGOP recent success


1. Biographical information – age, family, where you live now and are originally from
Brant was born and raised in Georgia and has lived in Coweta County since childhood. Link to Bio

2. Employment history (it is fine to attach a document that answers any of these questions)
First Liberty Building and Loan 2008-present

3. Educational history
Homeschool 1995-2008. Library of 2000 books. Reads over 50 books (80% non-fiction) a year.

4. Criminal/legal history
None other than traffic citations.

5. History of political involvement – positions held, etc.
Link to Bio

6. GRA membership – how long a member, why did you join (or why you have not joined yet)?
Since at least 2/16/16

7. Other political/professional/social organization memberships
Georgia Republican Foundation
United Republican Fund
Georgia Carry
Georgia Gunowners
GA Right to Life
Eagle Forum
President’s Team
Coweta Young Republicans
Georgia Republican Assembly
Family Policy Alliance of Georgia
Georgia Conservatives In Action
Metro Atlanta Republicans
Republican Liberty Caucus
Young Americans for Liberty
Coweta Tea Party Patriots
Madison Forum
Franklin Roundtable
Republicans for National Renewal

8. Donations made/candidates and committees supported
This Link to Open Secrets shows donations by both Brant and his father Brant Frost IV

9. What principled legislative initiatives have you supported, and what bad legislation/policy have you opposed?
I have been a strong supporter on virtually issue. I worked with the Freedom Caucus as well as Senators Moore, Crane, Josh McKoon, and Reps Singleton, Stover, Gurtler, Byrd, Gilligan and many others.

10. What are your top three priorities for the role you are seeking?
Create a GAGOP Legislative Priorities Committee modeled on Texas
Create a GOP Poll watchers to Poll/Election Workers Pipeline
Create a first-rate Absentee Ballot program modeled on the PAGOP recent success

11. What is your position on GRA’s principles and goals (see https://georgiara.com/party-goals/ )
100% agreement.   I served on the committee that wrote the GRA Platform 

12. What do you believe is the role of the party in holding politicians accountable?
We should hold them to account and reward and celebrate ones who adhere strongly to the platform. The ideal reform would be for the party to nominate candidates on the model of the Virginia GOP. Read more about this at GACaucus.com

13. List your social media accounts

14. Who are your political heroes?
My father, Pat Buchanan, Ron Paul, Larry McDonald and many more.

15. Why are you seeking the endorsement of the GRA?
Because my record and platform is in agreement with the GRA.

16. What will you do to keep the Georgia State GOP aligned with the grassroots conservative movement of Georgia instead of being driven by the National GOP?
Work closely to bring more people with the values like the GRA into positions of leadership.

17. Will you support a platform to reveal National GOP Committee votes for election of Chairman of the National GOP?
Yes. I would go further. The Chairman of each Congressional District GOP should have a vote on who the Chairman should be.

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