Month: September 2022

Register for the 2022 GRA President’s Dinner

Register for the 2022 GRA President’s Dinner

In case you missed it, registration for the GRA Annual President’s Dinner is available! Save $25 by purchasing at the early-bird rate before the end of September.

Congressman Thomas Massie (R-KY)

Not only does this annual event always entail delicious food and fun fellowship with like-minded conservatives activists, but it’s one of the key ways we raise funds to support the campaigns of our endorsed candidates in November and to provide for the other expanding outreach of the GRA.

Last year our keynote speaker was Congressman Thomas Massie (KY-R), the only Republican Congressman who who is on record consistently opposing every single one of the inflationary CARES Acts under both administrations during the pandemic.

This year the GRA is pleased to hear from our keynote speaker Jack Barsky (also known as “The Gentleman Spy”).

Jack Barsky, the Gentleman Spy

Trained as a spy in the former Soviet Union, Barsky spent 10 years living in New York City, and he “found years of living in America gradually turned him into a Communism skeptic. He started resenting the demands intelligence work made on his professional and personal life. Ultimately he was ordered to return home, his cover blown.” He ignored the order and remained. After being “caught” by an FBI agent, Jack agreed to provide information, ultimately disclosing secrets about Russian codes and training techniques. He became a Christian. For his cooperation he gained US citizenship. Mr. Barsky is an author and has appeared on numerous television shows. Formerly an Atlanta resident, he currently lives in Austin, TX.

We have lots of choices for you on how you can enjoy the dinner: Chicken or steak filet? From the main hall or in the VIP balcony? Coming alone, as a couple, or bringing a table of friends? Have your pick. It all goes to support a good cause.

Click here to register for the GRA Annual President’s Dinner on Friday, October 14th.

Cobb RA Video Now Available of Ben DuPré’s SCOTUS Message

Cobb RA Video Now Available of Ben DuPré’s SCOTUS Message

In case you missed the Cobb County Republican Assembly’s recent special event, you can now watch the video recording of attorney Ben DuPré’s report Life, Liberty, & Pistols: The Impact of SCOTUS’s Recent Term! In addition to serving as a lawyer who has worked on many cases over the years dealing with the subject matter involved in the U.S. Supreme Court’s recent rulings, Ben also serves as the Chief of Staff for the Chief Justice of the Alabama State Supreme Court. 

Watch the video on the Cobb RA YouTube channel here:

New North Metro RA Initiatives & Events

New North Metro RA Initiatives & Events

The North Metro RA chapter has just confirmed ICE Acting Director under the Trump Administration, Thomas Holman, as their keynote headliner for the 2022 Georgia Unite Conference scheduled for Oct. 8th. They are hosting it in Cherokee County at a 500 seat event facility at The Bluffs Governmental Complex in Canton. Our North Metro GRA Chapter is also planning a VIP Fundraising Dinner the evening before on Friday night.

They are also pleased to report that their newsletter is coming out this weekend to promote the event as they just confirmed our keynote headliner today.

The Georgia Unite theme centers around securing our Southern Border. Previous 6th District Congressional candidate Mallory Staples, soon to be the new Freedom Caucus Georgia Director, is serving as the MC. They are bringing multiple local conservative Patriot Groups together to rally together around securing the sovereignty of our country, otherwise have no country!

In addition, the North Metro RA created this announcement for the chapter to recruit volunteers because only four phone callers were logged into Hershel’s “Turn-out-the-Vote” phone system in all of NW Georgia last Saturday. They say “he needs our sacrificial help NOW!”

They have released this calendar of events for their chapter: