Month: December 2021
The GRA Passes Resolution Calling for Withdrawal of Children from Civil Government Schools

The GRA Passes Resolution Calling for Withdrawal of Children from Civil Government Schools

Fayetteville, GA—At the GRA State Convention on Saturday, the GRA membership passed a series of strong resolutions addressing several hot-button controversies of the day. Among them was a resolution to “END INDOCTRINATION OF CHILDREN IN GOVERNMENT SCHOOLS.”

The text of the resolution was unique in that it called upon families and parents to take action to solve a societal problem, rather than calling upon anyone in civil government to act. The text of the resolution reads in full:

WHEREAS, the civil government school system has been the primary promoter of socialistic, anti-Republican ideas in our communities; and

WHEREAS, the government school has been responsible for countless children from Republican homes turning against the principles that were taught to them by their parents and has led to many graduates voting Democrat; and

WHEREAS, government schools have proven themselves to be untrustworthy by forbidding prayer and the teaching of the Bible, and promoting Critical Race Theory, cultural Marxism, sexual deviancy, abortion, atheism, evolutionism, mandated vaccination and other false and harmful ideas; and

WHEREAS, Critical Race Theory is a flagrant attempt to teach unveiled, hard-core Marxism and racism; and

WHEREAS, the conservative exposure and intervention that prevented certain schools from teaching Critical Race Theory this year in no way guarantees government schools will not attempt this kind of indoctrination again in the future with greater success; and

WHEREAS, this damaging indoctrination usually occurs before parents are made aware of it or have organized to oppose it; and

WHEREAS, parental protest and interference at school board meetings has proven to be insufficient at checking the advance and of leftism and has only brought parents under investigation for being “domestic terrorists”; and

WHEREAS, the sustainability of all conservative victories are at risk if the next generation does not understand and embrace Republican values, which are American values;

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the GA Republican Assembly calls upon all Republican families to immediately remove their children from these harmful facilities and pursue alternative education options and furthermore suggests that local church leaders and Republicans without school-age children designate a portion of their volunteer time and personal resources to assist struggling families in their community in the pursuit of alternative education options.”

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Gwinnett RA Chapter Wins Awards for “Club of the Year” & “Volunteer of the Year”!

Gwinnett RA Chapter Wins Awards for “Club of the Year” & “Volunteer of the Year”!

Fayetteville, GA—At the GRA State Convention this year, volunteers from the Gwinnett chapter of the Georgia Republican Assembly received two of our most prestigious awards. We were pleased to bestow for 2021 the “Club of the Year” Award upon the Gwinnett group for their excellent example running their local chapter.

For many years the Gwinnett chapter been setting a good example for other local chapters in how they have held regular meetings (even during COVID), setting up local membership benefits, and hosting candidate forums and holiday parties that have helped to share useful information and good will in the community! There is a lot we all could benefit from in emulating them in these ways.

In addition, Gwinnett County Republican Assembly officer Mary Gordon was also awarded the “Volunteer of the Year” Award due to all of her hard work (often behind the scenes) helping to run her chapter and helping to organize and host special events for her chapter and GRA events. Mary has been gracious as well as skilled in all her service, demonstrating a sensitivity to others that many would do well to emulate.

We heartily congratulate these good folks from Gwinnett for earning this well-deserved recognition!

The GRA Elects New Officers for the 2021-2023 Term

The GRA Elects New Officers for the 2021-2023 Term

Fayetteville, GA—Today GRA members from across the state gathered to elect new Executive Committee officers for the next years.

We wish to congratulate to our new GRA Executive Committee!

Our new elected officers are:

Alex Johnson: GRA President (& NFRA President)
Nathaniel Darnell: NFRA Director
Catherine Bernard: NFRA Director
Brant Frost V: 1st Vice President
Jim Fernander: 2nd Vice President
• Abigail Darnell: 3rd Vice President
• Nate Porter: Treasurer
• Joanna Hildreth: Secretary
• Denise Burns: Assistant Secretary

Congratulations also to the Gwinnett Republican Assembly (County Chapter President: Gregory Howard) for winning the “Chapter of the Year” Award, to Philip J Singleton for winning the Legislative Award, and to Mary Gordon for winning “Volunteer of the Year.” Thanks to Derrick E Grayson, Kellie Pollard Austin, Ron Jones, and Zach Procter for offering to serve. We look forward to working with everyone to advance the GRA and get great principles which help all people enacted into law.