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Rising Tide of Lawfare Against Conservatives: A Call to Action

Rising Tide of Lawfare Against Conservatives: A Call to Action

Steve Bannon

In the last 24 hours, we have witnessed two more instances of unprecedented lawfare targeting right-wing figures. Steve Bannon faces imprisonment, while Dr. Eithan Haim, who blew the whistle on Texas Children’s Hospital’s illegal child sex-change program, is now being prosecuted by Joe Biden’s DOJ on what many see as outrageous and trumped-up charges.

America is increasingly polarized and divided, with Democrats driving this divide through unjust legal actions across our nation. This situation is further exacerbated by the cases in Georgia and Arizona against alternative slates of electors, which hold significant weight in both legal and political history.

Dr. Eithan Haim

The prosecution of Donald Trump across multiple states is a glaring example of the corruption and political bias infiltrating our justice system. In New York, the former president faces charges stemming from what many consider a politically motivated investigation into his business dealings. In Georgia, Trump and his associates are entangled in a case driven by partisan interests, targeting alternative electors in an unprecedented move that undermines the democratic process. Meanwhile, in Florida, Trump is contending with allegations related to classified documents, further showcasing the relentless legal assault aimed at derailing his political career. These cases collectively illustrate a concerted effort to weaponize the legal system against a prominent conservative figure, underscoring the urgent need for Republicans to unite and fight back against these corrupt practices.

As the Georgia Republican Assembly, we call on Republicans from across the nation to unite around our presumptive presidential nominee, Donald Trump. It is crucial to take the fight to the Democrats by organizing, mobilizing, and electing true Conservative politicians who will combat these corrupt abuses at the local, state, and federal levels.

Together, we can stand against the misuse of the legal system and uphold the principles of justice in America.

Read about the Steve Bannon story:

Read about the Etithan Haim story:

Catoosa GOP Finally Gets Heard In Federal Court

Catoosa GOP Finally Gets Heard In Federal Court

Rome, GA — Wednesday, federal Judge Billy Ray heard arguments from the Catoosa GOP that the Catoosa Board of Elections acted unlawfully when they followed state Superior Court Judge Don W. Thompson‘s order to violate the Catoosa GOP’s 1st Amendment protected right to freedom of association by forcing four known RINO candidates onto the Republican primary ballot. These candidates have a record of implementing democrat policies (like raising taxes, prohibiting property rights, etc.) and opposing basic tenants of the Republican Party platform. For the first time, attorneys for the Catoosa GOP were allowed to present their legal arguments in the courtroom since Judge Thompson had precluded any oral arguments on the merits of the Catoosa GOP’s position in his courtroom in Ringgold.

At issue is whether private organizations (such as political parties, businesses, clubs, or churches) have the right to freely associate or disassociate with someone who does not share the standards of that private organization. Recent SCOTUS precedent on that question says political parties do have that right, according to the Catoosa GOP.

Federal Judge Billy Ray

Unlike the courtroom in Ringgold, the federal courtroom in Rome hearing this case was not covered in police officers or following unusual measures in an effort to intimidate. Indeed, the federal courtroom did not appear to have a single officer in the room. Federal Judge Ray adopted a very inquisitive posture, asking numerous questions of attorneys, coming at the controversy from many angles, and musing aloud regarding the implications of different legal positions.

Judge Ray mentioned in the proceedings that the threats of jail time and exorbitant $1,000 per hour fines against the Catoosa GOP Executive Committee members that were imposed by Judge Don W. Thompson should, it seemed to him, no longer apply since that was from a civil case and the plaintiffs have already obtained their desired remedy. Time will tell if other judges in on-going proceedings agree with Judge Ray on that point.

The crux of this case is really questioning the very essence of a political party,” said GRA NFRA Director Abigail Darnell. “If a political party plays nothing more than a superficial administrative role, rubber stamping every candidate with no regard to their beliefs or their record on public policy, then why have a political party at all?”

Some of the supporters of the Catoosa GOP who came to the Rome courtroom meet for lunch after the federal hearing Wednesday.

Attorneys Alex Johnson and David Oles (also the 11th Congressional District Chairman) were on hand to represent the Catoosa GOP, and Catoosa County government attorney Christopher Harris represented the Catoosa Board of Elections members. Harris also represents the county commissioners — three of which are also among the four rejected candidates — which, as an employee of the county, paid by those commissioners, appears to be a conflict of interest.

Harris made the argument that the Catoosa GOP procedures for vetting and qualifying candidates were “inconsistent” with the GA GOP state party rules. Attorney Alex Johnson pointed out that there is no “inconsistency” because the GA GOP State Party rules do not address county processes on this point, and certainly do not preclude county party’s vetting and refusing to qualify candidates who don’t demonstrate a track record of faithfulness to Republican Party platform principles. The Catoosa GOP rules, including the new accountability measures and candidate vetting process, were unanimously approved by the delegates at the Catoosa GOP County Convention after the rejected candidates filed their lawsuit.

Harris also argued that such an Accountability Rule was rejected by the GA GOP State Convention last year. When Judge Billy Ray asked attorney Alex Johnson about that event, Johnson pointed out that he was actually the delegate at the convention who had submitted the proposed Accountability Rule last year, and that that proposed Accountability Rule had nothing to do with county party organizations. He also pointed out that the rule was never actually allowed to be voted on at the convention since it was blocked in committee and the convention chairman did not allow the proposal to be brought up from the floor.

Far-left newspaper Atlanta Journal Constitution reporter Greg Bluestein was in the federal courtroom observing and incorrectly reported yesterday that Johnson’s proposed Accountability Rule would have given the GA GOP the power to reject candidates to state office. In actuality, the GA GOP already possesses the constitutional authority to reject candidates under the freedom of association — and has recently done so for the presidential ballot last year as well as for former K.K.K. clansman David Dukes when he attempted to run for president as a Republican in 1992. The proposed Accountability Rule from last year would have only provided a process for the delegates at a state convention to vote on potentially blocking a state candidate from running for future office as a Republican instead of that authority being seen as exclusively the domain of the GA GOP 28-person Executive Committee or the 180-person State Committee. According to the Call of the GA GOP, the state convention has a capacity this year of 2,641 delegates.

In Star Wars, Chancellor Palpatine violates the freedom of association of the Jedi Council by forcing them to allow Anakin Skywalker to have a seat on the council. Later Palpatine would dissolve the Republic, declaring himself Emperor.

Federal Judge Ray allowed Johnson to chronicle how Judge Don W. Thompson had called an ex parte hearing with little notice to the attorneys on the Tuesday morning the week of candidate qualifying, and did not allow attorneys to present oral arguments on the First Amendment issue of right of association. Johnson delved deeply into the extensive case law from the United States Supreme Court which repeatedly applies that legal right specifically to political parties.

Judge Ray asked Johnson about the interplay between state law specifying the procedure for how candidates are qualified and the U.S. Constitution in the 1st Amendment. Attorneys for the four RINO candidates have argued that the state law does not specify that political parties have any discretion over qualifying candidates who appear and follow the process. Johnson argued that the state law must be seen to be in conformity with the First Amendment and not in conflict with it. If somehow the state law did prohibit freedom of association, Johnson pressed, the 1st Amendment from the U.S. Constitution must have supremacy over state law. “That’s what the Civil Rights movement was all about,” Johnson said.

The Catoosa GOP’s county committee voted unanimously to adopt the procedures in their organization’s rules for vetting and qualifying candidates. The members of that committee are elected every two years by the local activists in Catoosa County, and serve as the representatives of the Republican voters in that county. They are responsible for guarding the interests of the local Republican Party, says the Catoosa GOP, including upholding minimum standards of quality that Republican voters can rely on when they go to vote in the primaries. Approving a candidate for qualifying as a Republican operates as a stamp of approval that voters, who cannot often pay close attention to local government operations, can rely.

Catoosa GOP’s Muzzled Ballot Questions

The hearing on Wednesday also addressed ballot questions the Catoosa GOP had submitted to the Catoosa Board of Elections to be included on the Catoosa Republican Primary ballot. Some of those questions inquired about voters’ awareness of the candidate qualifying controversy, and awareness of public votes of the County Commission and were not an example of defamation. County attorney Harris said that the Secretary of State’s office had told the local BOE to refuse to use the questions because, they argued, they were illegally “electioneering.” However, Harris admitted “in candor to the court” that the Secretary of State’s office called him and said they are no longer claiming the ballot questions are “electioneering” and that the decision rested solely with the Catoosa Elections Board. Judge Ray pointed out through his questions that the statute prohibiting “electioneering” says no “person” shall engage in that activity, and neither a printed ballot nor a voting machine are a legal person under that statute. He also said that the statute relating to qualifying questions from political parties says they “shall” be posted and do not give the Board of Elections much discretion on whether to post questions submitted or not.

“This is yet another atrocious example of bias and discrimination against the Catoosa GOP,” said Abigail Darnell. “If this illegal action is allowed to stand, it will demoralize GOP activists and discourage party participation across the state. I mean, why would I want to give unpaid volunteer hours to an organization just to be strong-armed by the government? Party activists shouldn’t be forced to conform to a government-approved message or government-forced association.”

Time is Ticking

The ballots will soon be finalized for the upcoming primary election in May.

Federal Judge Billy Ray pointed out that he has particular experience in the subject matter of the case since he was formerly a Republican State Senator from northeast Georgia from 1996 to 2002, so he was familiar with candidate qualifying procedures, and he had also formerly been a Gwinnett County GOP officer responsible for qualifying candidates. In 2002, Ray was appointed to the state superior court by out-going Democrat Governor Roy Barnes. Ten years later he was appointed by Republican Governor Nathan Deal to the Georgia Court of Appeals. In 2018, he was appointed by former President Donald Trump to the federal District Court for Northern Georgia.

Judge Ray cautioned at the conclusion of the proceeding that he would not be making any promises on how quickly he would decide on this case. He made it clear he did not want to be rushed, even though he was mindful that the ballots would soon be printed for the Catoosa Republican primary election in May. He also pointed out that even if the four candidates do end up on the ballot, the Catoosa GOP could still pursue monetary damages.

Four Judges Recuse from Catoosa GOP Qualifying Case as It Heads for Appeal

Four Judges Recuse from Catoosa GOP Qualifying Case as It Heads for Appeal

Recusal filed

Ringgold, GA — Tuesday the four local judges in the Lookout Mountain Judicial Circuit filed to recuse themselves from the case in Catoosa in which four candidates are trying to use the civil government to force themselves on the Republican Primary ballot. We are pleased to report that the appeal is moving forward, and the Catoosa GOP is committed to continue fighting for the constitutional right to freedom of association. The government does not have the constitutional authority to force a private entity such as a political party to publicly associate with someone who does not represent their values. 

We applaud that Judge Thompson and the other three judges on the Lookout Mountain Judicial Circuit who have recused themselves to ensure this case can be given fair and unbiased consideration. 

14th District GA GOP Chairwoman Denise Burns lives in Catoosa County, and interviewed with local television news about the story, which you can see here:

Click to watch the video news report.

Last Saturday the Catoosa County GOP hosted one of the largest attended county conventions in recent history and if any Republican voters had concerns about the Catoosa GOP leadership, they did not show up at the convention to express it. The unity and enthusiasm in the room was unmistakable. None of the people trying to force their way on to the Republican Party ballot or their alleged supporters were in attendance. We are glad to see the unified support from Republicans in the Catoosa community to only have Republicans on the Republican primary ballot.

The Catoosa GOP Convention unanimously passed the a resolution in full support of the Catoosa GOP leaders in their fight for freedom of association.

Next Tuesday, the Catoosa Board of Elections will be holding a hearing at the Catoosa County Courthouse to hear from local citizens who have filed challenges to the four candidates being forced onto the Republican primary ballot. That hearing is expected to start at 9:00am.

Senator Colton Moore Banned by Speaker Burns After Speaking the Truth about Ralston

Senator Colton Moore Banned by Speaker Burns After Speaking the Truth about Ralston

You may recall that our GRA-endorsed State Senator Colton Moore (R-53) was the only Senator calling for a special session to get rid of Fulton Democrat DA Fani Willis. He proposed a bill to change the RICO law to end the Fulton prosecutions. And as a reward for it, he was kicked out of the Republican caucus by our “Republican” politicians. 

And just this week, on Legislative Day 35, during a debate to name a government building after the late Former House Speaker, David Ralston, Sen. Moore had this to say

Click here to watch Senator Colton Moore’s speech.

Note that Sen. Moore was pointing out information, and didn’t even delve into the anti-Republican tactics used throughout the years that were discussed in past Advance the GOP messages.

The response from the Establishment was, again, excessive.

Immediately leaked to the liberal media and banning him from the House floor with articles lacking details. And then the Establishment politicians, many of whom had previously feared Ralston, continue to hypocritically sing his praises.

And then the Establishment, throughout social media, push the shaming narrative that it wasn’t “the time and place” for a Senator to bring up the reasons to NOT name a government building after a politician, during the debate on naming the building after the politician.

See video of Georgia Speaker Jon Burns banning Sen. Moore from the House chamber.

The hypocrisy and lies are mind-blowing.

Yet they keep happening. Over and over again.



I know you don’t want to be the problem. I didn’t want to be either. But the reason why the Establishment keeps doing this, and getting away with it, is because we don’t stand up. We don’t share this information.

We don’t have the time. Or we’re afraid it’ll offend our neighbors and friends. Or we’re afraid that all the politicians will come after us.

The Establishment tries to keep us afraid.

Like they did with the Catoosa GOP.

Like they are doing with Sen. Colton Moore.

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Catoosa Judge Backs Off of Forcing the County GOP to Qualify RINO Candidates

Catoosa Judge Backs Off of Forcing the County GOP to Qualify RINO Candidates

Ringgold, GA — In spite of severe threats to intimidate and coerce, none of the brave Catoosa GOP leaders were forced to spend time in jail as a result of their refusal to obey an unlawful order from a local judge attempting to force them to qualify RINO candidates. For the third time this week, Judge Don W. Thompson‘s bias was on full display this morning as he refused to let the Catoosa County GOP present any oral arguments in legal defense of their decision not to qualify these candidates as Republicans in the Republican Primary for county commissioner. The first courtroom hearing was held at 9:00 am Tuesday morning, but the Catoosa GOP’s attorneys were not made aware of the first hearing until it had already happened. The judge at that time ordered the Catoosa GOP to allow the candidates to qualify as Republicans in the primary.

Watch this video summary of what is really happening with the Catoosa County qualifying controversy.
Joanna Hildreth happily wrapping up candidate qualifying for the Catoosa GOP

No one was preventing them from running as a Democrat, third-party, or Independent. They were simply denied the Republican label. The Democratic Party of Chattooga County rejected a candidate seeking to run as a Democrat commissioner back in 2014, thereby setting a precedent for this decision.

The Catoosa GOP had previously adopted a rule that invites candidates to be interviewed, and their voting records in office examined, along with their public statements, prior to the members of the Executive Committee holding a vote to qualify. The votes were cast by secret ballot. Those who were allowed to qualify were issued affidavits, in accordance with the rules of the local party. In the view of the majority of the members of the Catoosa GOP Executive Committee, four candidates, with a voting history from previously serving on the county commission, advanced several policies contrary to the principles and policies specified in the Republican Party platform. The four candidates are Vanita Hullander, Jeff LongSteven Henry and Larry Black.

GRA President Nathaniel Darnell

“When you do things such as pass two tax increases, pass restrictions on citizens’ raising chickens on their private property, publicly endorse a Democrat, and tell folks that they can only get their freedom back if they get a COVID vaccine,” said GRA President Nathaniel Darnell, “you shouldn’t be surprised when the local GOP leadership considers you a RINO and doesn’t want to re-qualify you to run as Republican with their stamp of approval.”

While these candidates complained that the Catoosa County GOP leadership was trying to help their favored candidates, that accusation was disproven when the Catoosa GOP qualified two or more candidates for the same race for various seats. The Catoosa GOP clearly stated, “The Catoosa County Republican Party proudly welcomes all county citizens who share our common conservative values and support our Republican principles.”

Judge Thompson held a second hearing at 1:00 pm Thursday, but again the judge refused to allow the Catoosa GOP’s attorneys to present oral arguments. Instead, the judge only allowed the attorneys for the complaining candidates to cross examine Catoosa GOP Chairman Joanna Hildreth on the witness stand. Three of their five attorneys took turns hammering her, demanding that she identify the names of the other members of her Executive Committee, and asking how she personally voted in the secret ballot. One attorney accused her of “celebrating” the denial of the candidates at her monthly county GOP meeting Monday evening, even though the matter never was mentioned at all there.

At the conclusion of that second hearing, Judge Thompson offered to let the attorneys for the Catoosa GOP call for other witnesses. When attorney Catherine Bernard said they had no other witnesses, the judge proceeded to give his ruling. Bernard attempted to interject, asking why they had not been given an opportunity to present closing oral arguments on the legal merits of their client’s position. The Judge said he was in the middle of his ruling, and would not be interrupted.

Police deputies leave the Catoosa GOP qualifying office after an attempt was made to intimidate them into qualifying the RINOs as Republicans.

He doubled-down on his order to the Catoosa County GOP, specifying that each of the six members of the Catoosa GOP Executive Committee would be fined $1,000 per hour for each of the four rejected candidates, and face up to 20 days of jail time, until the candidates were allowed to quality as Republicans in the primary. Yes, these courageous GOP volunteers were staring jail time in the face, all for standing on the constitutional right of freedom of association, that says government may not force a private entity to associate with someone against their will. He also specified that two police deputies wearing body cams would accompany the candidates as they attempted again to qualify.

Attorneys helping the Catoosa GOP: Alex Johnson, David Oles, and Catherine Bernard

As he was concluding Thursday, the Judge remarked to the attorneys for the RINO candidates that he didn’t think the Catoosa GOP would comply, and so he asked if they had any other remedies that could be pursued. Attorney Bryan Tyson replied that there was no other way they could qualify apart from the Catoosa GOP complying because state code O.C.G.A. § 21-2-153(c)(2) specifies the local board of elections office can only qualify if a three-day notice requirement is met, but there was only one more day left to qualify.

After the second hearing adjourned, the four candidates did attempt once again to show up at the Catoosa GOP qualifying office and demand to be approved. They were accompanied by the police deputies. The volunteer notary on duty said she could not allow them to qualify without the affidavit required by the rules.

Since their effort to intimidate the GOP leaders failed, Tyson and the other opposing attorneys showed up Friday morning in court in Catoosa and contradicted their admission from the previous day that they had no recourse to go around the county party. The Judge ruled in favor of that approach, and told the opposing counsel to draft the order, and let him approve it for issue. The written order admits that they are violating the notice requirements in the state code, but alleges that they have no choice but to break the law.

Many wondered if any of the Catoosa GOP leadership would be arrested at the third hearing. No arrests were ordered, but a new hearing has been scheduled for March 27th.

Before the written order had been drafted, approved by the judge, and issued for the Catoosa GOP to be able to respond with any contrary motions, the local elections superintendent had already acted to qualify the the complaining candidates. It is yet to be seen whether a majority of the Catoosa Board of Elections will vote to approve the qualifying as Republicans in the primary or deem it to be against the law. If they do approve, then there will be other legal remedies available. The Catoosa GOP pledged to continue to work with their legal counsel to appeal Judge’s Thompson’s order and take the case before a different court.

Support the Catoosa County Republican Party in this law-fare case by donating to their GiveSendGo here:

Who’s Really an “80% Friend” Around Here?

Who’s Really an “80% Friend” Around Here?

Ronald Reagan is often quoted as saying, “The person who agrees with you 80 percent of the time is an 80 percent friend and not a 20 percent enemy.” It’s not a bad guide. The problem is that so many alleged “Republicans” in the legislature do not adhere to Republican principles from our platform even 80% of the time!

You can test that by looking at their voting score in each legislative session. Last year, only three Republicans in the state legislature scored above 80 percent. Most scored less than 50 percent! That’s just dismal.

With Crossover Day looming Thursday, so-called “Republicans” in the legislature once again have the opportunity to “earn their stripes” or “pay their dues” (and all those other kinds of phrases they like to throw at the grassroots volunteers who campaign for them) by proving they really are Republicans. They need to do it by voting for Republican policies and against Democrat policies.

But so far overall during this year’s legislative session, the Republican majority in the state legislature is not giving us much reason to be impressed.

One of the absurd bills presented by a group of four “Republican” legislators and a Democrat was H.B. 1117, which would have empowered non-citizens to become law-enforcement officers! Thankfully, due to outcry from the grassroots, the sponsors of this bill withdrew it from consideration.

Sen. Colton Moore the Only Senator to Vote “No” to $5 Billion Spending Increase

As another example, however, last week the State Senate passed a $5 Billion SPENDING INCREASE, which will eventually fall back on Georgia taxpayers to foot the bill, even while we have a surplus of funds taken from taxpayers to increase the state’s reach in expanding government programs.

At least ONE State Senator said “NO!” Thank you to GRA-endorsed State Senator Colton Moore (R-Dade) for being a true principled Republican! Bold and brave is how we should be, so we can fight the overspending of our civil government!

Some legislators claimed they had no choice but to vote for the budget since it is an omnibus, blaming the Governor. But Republicans in the Senate could have compelled the Governor to the bargaining table by voting the proposed budget down.

Many will recall that Senator Moore was kicked out of the Senate Republican Caucus by caucus leaders who love to quote Reagan’s 80% rule when it benefits them, but refuse to apply it to themselves when dealing with a more conservative Republican. They have still not made any apologies to Senator Moore or readmitted him back into the caucus even though his serious concerns about corrupt Democrat D.A. Fani Willis continue to be validated.

Click to watch Senator Moore’s speech on the spending increase.

H.B. 986 with Its Anti-Free Speech Provisions Passes Thanks to Help from the Uniparty

Yet another nasty piece of legislation that passed the State House a few days ago over protests from the GA Freedom Caucus was H.B. 986. As Mallory Staples reported, this bill includes provisions to cancel citizens who exercise their free speech rights to critique candidates during an election.

We already have safeguards in the law against defamation, slander, and libel. But his statute could empower the state to silence critics of incumbents in a timely fashion as an election approaches. It sounds like it was written by the same statist liberals who have been leading the cancel culture for Facebook and Twitter the last few elections. Forget about Facebook jail. These folks want to send you to actual jail!

Thanks to State Reps. Charlice Byrd (R-Cherokee), Carter Barrett (R-Forsyth), Johnny Chastain (R-Blue Ridge), Brent Cox (R-Dawsonville), Emory Dunahoo (R-Gillsville), Chris Erwin (R-Homer), Matthew Gambill (R-Cartersville), Mitchell Horner (R-Ringgold), Rey Martinez (R-Loganville), Danny Mathis (R-Cochran), Martin Momtahan (R-Dallas), and Rick Townsend (R-Brunswick) for voting against this bad bill. That’s only 13 Republicans to vote “no” out of the 100 in the caucus. The bill passed due to support from Democrats and the other so-called “Republicans.”

Call your state senators and urge them to kill this bill when it reaches their chamber.


While the RINO majority in control of the state legislature is using their power to railroad bad statist bills like these above through, many other good bills in sync with Republican principles are being stalled — not even being allowed a hearing or vote in committee in most cases! 

Thursday is Crossover Day, and that is important because it is the last day a bill can clear its originating chamber and move to the other chamber for consideration. Meaning, if a bill fails to pass one chamber before the end of Crossover Day, it will not be passed this legislative session. Here are some key bills:

• S.B. 416 — Sponsored by Sen. Colton Moore, this bill would reform the RICO law in GA to make it hard for corrupt district attorneys like Fani Willis to use the law to harass people on frivolous charges. 

• S.B. 88 — This legislation would prevent school personnel from promoting ideas on gender identity and transition without parents’ informed consent. Learn more here.

• H.B. 897 — Known as the “Medical Freedom Act,” this bill would restore the freedom of Georgians to make their own health decisions. Unfortunately, this bill is stuck in Rep. Sharon Cooper‘s (R-Cobb) Public Health Committee, and if it does not get a hearing it will die.

• H.B. 496 & H.R. 413 — Sponsored by State Reps. Charlice Byrd and Emory Dunahoo, these pieces of legislation would protect all the preborn from murder from the moment of fertilization. But both the Prenatal Equal Protection Act and the state constitutional amendment equivalent have been ignored by Cobb County’s Sharon Cooper, who chairs the Public Health Committee. She will not even allow them a hearing.

• S.B. 67 — Known as the Second Amendment Preservation Act, this legislation would ban any public officer or employee of the state and its political subdivisions from enforcing any past, present, or future federal “acts, laws, executive orders, administrative orders, rules and regulations” that infringe on the right to keep and bear arms. It was reassigned to a new committee so it would have a hearing, but it continues to be ignored.

• H.B. 17 & H.B. 426 — Although there are a plethora of election reform bills that have been submitted (some of them good, and some of them dangerous), these are two bills that our friends at VoterGA have highlighted for support to better secure chain of custody for ballots and ensure ballots are not destroyed or tampered with when verification has not been completed. 

• H.B. 1105 — This legislation would institute criminal penalties for sanctuary cities of illegal aliens in Georgia. It has been reported that 182 illegals are currently in Georgia jails for murder — just like what happened to Laken Hope Riley.

Contact your elected officials in both the State House and the State Senate and urge them to pass these valuable pieces of legislation through their chamber before the conclusion of Crossover Day. If they do not support them, they deserve to be primaried.

Although some folks like to say that the main objective of the Republican Party is to ensure people with a “Republican” label on the ballot win elections, that is not true. Elections are only a means to an end. The actual main objective of the Republican Party is to enact Republican principles and policies into law. If we’re not accomplishing that — no matter how many elections we’ve won — then we are actually losing. In fact, we are doubly losing because we are voluntarily giving up our time, energy, money, and talent to help the enemy achieve their objectives! Let that sink in. 

Republicans have had majority control of the Georgia state legislature for roughly 20 years. We should have been advancing Republican principles by leaps and bounds during that time. But why does it seem its Democrats who are so often getting their way?

Therefore, as we approach candidate qualifying the first full week of March, and the kickoff to primary season, we encourage new candidates to challenge many of the RINO incumbents in our legislature. We also encourage our local Republican Assembly chapters to hold endorsement conventions and support candidates who can beat bad incumbents. Finally, we encourage local GOP organizations to refuse to allow incumbents with voting records blatantly contrary to Republican policies and principles to qualify to run again as Republicans. Just stop feeding the RINOs.

GRA Resolution Honors Sen. Colton Moore for Leadership on Accountability of D.A. Fani Willis

GRA Resolution Honors Sen. Colton Moore for Leadership on Accountability of D.A. Fani Willis

The GRA Executive Committee voted unanimously to pass a resolution commending and honoring State Senator Colton Moore (R-Dade) for his leading the charge to hold Democrat D.A. Fani Willis accountable in her harassment of political opponents such as the 2020 presidential alternate electors. The resolution also calls for the State Senate Republican Caucus to re-admit Moore to the caucus, and to support legislative reforms that prevents this kind of law-fare.

Read the entire resolution by clicking on this image link:

Election Integrity Activists Maintain Pressure at the State Capitol

Election Integrity Activists Maintain Pressure at the State Capitol

Atlanta, Georgia—On Wednesday the halls of the Georgia Capitol were filled with nearly fifty patriots rallying for election integrity and government accountability as the legislature convened its first day of the special legislative session. The legislature was convened to take up reapportionment and redistricting of maps for the state, but

Journalists capture the press conference

GRA members and allied patriots took the opportunity to hold a press conference for election integrity at the north wing of the Capitol.  GRA member Kandiss Taylor opened in prayer and was the first to speak.  “We are here today because we finally—after three years of affidavits, and notices, and conversations, and demands, and speeches, and putting pressure on our legislators—we finally get a special session! In fact we were told we could not have a special session for three years but, amazingly, it is constitutional, and it is legal,” Taylor exclaimed, “What a miracle!”  Taylor urged legislators to “hold the line” and not forfeit Republican seats to Democrats.  “We are not asking for backroom deals,” Taylor said.  “We are asking for fair legal redistricting, and fair legal voting.”

Over the last few years, the Georgia Governor was urged to convene a special legislative session to address election woes and to deal with Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis, but this special session was called exclusively to address reapportionment and redistricting.  

The State of Georgia was ordered to redraw the congressional and legislative maps by U.S. District Court Judge Steve C. Jones who wrote “…the Court determines that in certain areas of the State, the political process is not equally open to Black voters.”  The “minority” population of Georgia has increased, while the number of white or Caucasian citizens have decreased, according to Census records cited by the court.  Judge Jones was appointed by Barrack Obama and has notably opposed protections for pre-born children from abortion in Georgia. The state has filed an appeal of that order.  

Other speakers at the press conference included David Cross, Kim Brooks, Dr. Doug Frank, Beth Mercure, Stacey Doran, Field Searcy, Sam Carnline, and Kevin Parker.

GRA members Holly Kesler, Brittany Brown, Kandiss Taylor, Wayne Canady, & Gary Chaffee

We need Governor Kemp and the legislators to come together, and extend the call of the special session” to address election integrity concerns, said Field Searcy, GRA IT Chairman and a leader with Georgians for Truth.

GAGOP 2nd Vice Chairman David Cross referenced the Haldeman report, and gave examples of errors in the counting of ballots, and why we cannot have confidence in the Dominion voting system.    

Referencing voter data from 2020 and 2022, Kim Brooks said, “We have found manipulation of inactive voters and infrequent active voters unlawfully receiving credit for voting.”  Brooks said she has proof that votes were cast in those elections for dead voters as well.

Every single fraudulent ballot is depriving one other citizen’s vote—their constitutional right”, Dr. Doug Frank said.  “When your state and your legislature and your Secretary of State tell you, ‘you have to use these systems,’” Frank suggested to the audience, “You can tell them ‘pound sand, because you are depriving us of our constitutional right of our ballot.’”

Beth Mercure, a Cherokee County activist pointed out that well-documented concerns about election integrity have been largely ignored by politicians across the state.  Mercure urged legislators, “We beg you to fix it now!”  

Delivering a petition to the Governor’s office

Whitfield County election integrity activist Stacey Doran stated, “Brian Kemp and Brad Rafensburger refuse to do their job.” Georgia officials claimed the 2020 election was secure, yet removed signature verification and allowed remote drop boxes.  “It can’t make sense; you can’t make an argument for it,” Doran said of the lack of election security.    

Sam Carnline of Georgians for Truth shared that Georgia is in the world spotlight because of state officials’ refusal to fix the election system. He urged the legislature to do “whatever it takes” to return us to hand-marked paper ballots.  

Tyranny can be overturned by the Sovereignty of God, Kevin Parker reminded attendees.  He referred to the passage in Psalm 7: “his mischief shall return upon his own head.”  Parker drew from historical instances of this and warned evildoers that their evil might return to them like a boomerang.  “We call upon the supreme court of Heaven to deliver us from evil.”  “We ask this legislature and this governor to rid us of unlawful voting systems,” Kevin Parker urged, “and replace it with hand-marked paper ballots, and give us our voting rights back.”  

Dr. Douglas Frank with Holly Kesler

Dr. Doug Frank concluded the press conference by leading attendees in singing a verse of the song My Country Tis of Thee.

After the press conference, many of the patriots spoke directly with legislators about their concerns, others attended the legislative floor sessions.

Senator Colton Moore gave a rousing speech from the floor of the Senate that echoed the concerns of the Patriots at the rally.

Field Searcy & Sen. Colton Moore

I’ll tell you what: for the last three months I’ve been calling for a special session.  The people in northwest Georgia–they’re going to be mighty excited today because we are in a special session!  Mr. President, I called for a special session with such intensity that I was booted out of the majority caucus.  I am now a free and independent agent sitting in the back. Mr. President, it’s very disgruntling to me that I called for a special session for three months, and then we come to this special session and the proclamation that the governor has given us does nothing to address the concerns that millions of Georgians have in our current state of affairs.”  Moore continued, “People in northwest Georgia, they don’t like thieves, and in 2020 people in my district believed the election was stolen, they’re upset that the governor took nineteen days to certify the election results, and if it takes that long, then how can you protest when other people agree that maybe the election was stolen? Mr. President, it’s one thing to have a difference of opinion of whether an election was stolen or not, but we’re in a much darker side of politics now in our state.  Because now if you disagree with the political ruling class you can be held political prisoner, and right now we have a former president and eighteen others–even a member of this body–who are facing the rest of their life in prison for questioning an election.”

Click the video to watch Sen. Moore’s speech on the Senate floor in full.

Moore concluded, “Mr. President, if our maps are racist then let’s bring justice to our maps, but let’s also bring justice to a stolen election. Let’s also bring justice to the nineteen individuals who are facing the rest of their life in prison.”

Shocking Truth About Politicians’ Lies – Stand Now!

Shocking Truth About Politicians’ Lies – Stand Now!

It’s become exceedingly common for politicians to lie to voters in order to stay in office and avoid primary challengers and public criticism.

However, it is rare for politicians, when they know they are caught trying to lie to voters, to double down and simply hope that through their sheer arrogance that somehow they’ll get away with it.

For some reason, this is exactly what they have done, yet now they are indisputably caught doing it.


In our last message, we pointed out that the Prosecuting Attorneys Qualification Commission made clear through their public statements that they weren’t going to do anything to stop the political prosecutions of previous GAGOP Chairman Shafer, President Donald Trump, or the numerous lawyers and others that are being prosecuted by Fulton DA Fani Willis. In our message before that, we pointed out how the commission could face constitutional problems, and instead of being cowards, those in elected office should have been standing with GRA Endorsed Sen. Colton Moore and Rep. Charlice Byrd to get a special session to defund the prosecutor’s office or impeach her.

Obviously, they failed to do any of that, instead opting to target and attack the people wanting to do something.

As of Wednesday, November 22nd, 2023, the Georgia Supreme Court made clear that the Prosecuting Attorneys Qualification Commission was dead in the water

Be vigilant: politicians and their staffs have been and are either aware or willing ignorant: they and their staffs either knew this was going to happen, or were intentionally ignoring reality in their quest to be the perfect sycophants to the AJC. How do I know this? Because you just have to look back to see where they were being publicly warned by Sen. Moore and instead of working with an actual leader, they decided to kick him out of the Republican caucus.

And in either event, the people who decided to be dumb or to intentionally lie should all be removed from elected office and replaced with actual Republicans.


So, here’s the thing: the fake Republicans can always turn over a new leaf and start acting right. And there’s one very easy litmus test/piece of legislation that is coming up that you can rely on to determine if a “Republican” has any chance of redeeming themselves from cowardice, or if they definitely need to have a primary challenger:

A proposal to pass a law changing the State RICO law to end politically motivated prosecutions with RICO once and for all.

I know this may sound radical to some people, but imagine that the legislature (i.e. the lawmaking branch of government, which is tasked with creating law), which is allegedly controlled by Republicans, actually passing a law that does something good for the state of Georgia. In this case, something that ends politically motivated prosecutions in Fulton County, and the rest of the state.

This is what Sen. Moore is now proposing (link). A change in the law that would immediately end the RICO prosecutions of past GAGOP Chairman David Shafer, President Trump, and all the other people being charged with RICO in Fulton County by radical Democrat DA Willis.

Any politician that is not publicly, enthusiastically, and unashamedly advocating for this (or any similar bill that will almost certainly be proposed to try to avoid it looking like GRA-endorsed Sen. Moore had a good idea and they were cowards for trying to silence him), needs a primary challenger next year.

If we hope to unify and defeat the Democrats in 2024, these people who betray our party and basic common sense principles need to be stopped. Only you can stop them.

As stated before, the so-called “Leadership” who allegedly made this cowardly decision to avoid the ire of their donors and/or Democrat friends need to hear from you. Call them and let them know that not only are you a Republican disappointed in their behavior, but you’re going to find challengers for them and support anyone who runs against them in the Republican primary if they don’t change the RICO law. Please call them all, in addition to your own representatives.

*Sen. John F. Kennedy
President Pro Tempore
*Sen. Steve Gooch
Majority Leader
*Sen. Randy Robertson
Majority Whip
*Sen. Jason Anavitarte
Majority Caucus Chair
*Sen. Larry Walker III
Majority Caucus Secretary


Finally, apply to join the Georgia Republican Assembly (GRA) and organize with others around the state to have only principled Republicans elected to office, both through your endorsements, as well as by ensuring that the GAGOP is run by principled people that will not allow fake Republicans to run for office as Republicans and is actively working to replace them.

Time is of the essence; act now to safeguard our Republican values. We must stop allowing cowardice and selling out in politics if we want to maintain our brand. By unifying around Republican principles, we can work together to defeat the Democrats.

Marxist Tax-funded Abortion Measure Defeated in Fulton County 

Marxist Tax-funded Abortion Measure Defeated in Fulton County 

On Wednesday, Fulton County Commissioners Bob Ellis (Dist. 2) and Bridget Thorne (Dist. 1) led a valiant effort against a measure that would have given $300,000 to fund abortion murder in Fulton County. The Resolution, sponsored by Commissioner Dana Barrett (Dist. 3) would have forced pro-life residents of Fulton County to pay for “financial assistance and logistical support for abortion” through a socialistic donation of tax dollars to an organization called Access Reproductive Care (“ARC”) Southeast. This pro-abortion organization funds abortions, transportation to abortion mills, and child care for the living children of expectant mothers during the murder of their pre-born brother or sister. 

More than fifty attended the meeting in person to give public comment, including some GRA members and former State Rep. Alveda King, niece of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. 

“I would not have been okay with my taxes funding the gas chambers or ovens in Nazi Germany, or even the train transportation to the death camps,” said Fulton GRA Member Sarah Pedro during public comments. “Just as I am not okay with any funding that would promote the current holocaust of our youngest and most vulnerable Georgians. It is shameful to even be discussing the killing of the pre-born as health care. Health care for whom? Certainly not the baby!”

Speakers highlighted the disproportionate abortion rates in the black community. According to the Georgia Department of Public Health, 65% of babies killed in the womb by elective abortion in 2020 in Georgia were black babies. 

Former abortion supporter turned pro-life advocate Angela Stanton King, founder of Auntie Angie’s House and president of the American King Foundation, who gave birth in prison while shackled and was pardoned by President Trump for her 2004 conviction in a vehicle-theft ring, also gave public comment.

Packed abortion clinic parking lot this week in Augusta, Georgia

A number of commenters identified themselves as Democratic Socialists and were vocal from the crowd supporting the pro-abortion, wealth redistribution measure. The argument from supporters of the measure was that there is “deepening health inequity” in the community that is impacting black women. They cited the overturn of Roe v. Wade and implementation of Georgia’s Heartbeat law as a reason why the funding is needed, however unlike some states, Georgia has not seen it’s abortion facilities shut down nor a massive decline in abortion numbers. Thirteen abortion facilities remain open continuing their bloody work, and pro-life sidewalk advocates report that abortion clinics are as busy as ever. Advocates for the measure urged Fulton County to match a donation made by the Atlanta City Council to the pro-abortion non-profit to help with this socialistic “equalizing” effort. 

Surprise opposition to the measure came from pro-choice Commissioner Khadijah Abdur-Rahman (Dist. 6). Abdur-Rahman had made a motion a few weeks prior to appropriate funds to help meet homeless needs that was rejected with Commissioner Dana Barrett opposing the motion. Abdur-Rahman took a position against other Democrats who supported Barrett’s motion funding ARC Southeast, asking “How can you support funding an abortion non-profit with budget money you don’t have for the homeless?

Commissioner Thorne strongly opposed the measure highlighted the fact that $300,000 is four times the amount the County gives to The Boys and Girls Club. 

Pro-abortion advocates who are constantly requesting tax dollars to fund their abortion agenda do this in the name of “choice”…however, they unequivocally reject the notion of a woman’s “choice” to have the baby.  True choice provides women the help and resources they need to have their babies,” said Fulton Resident Sarah Pedro.

Democrat Commission Chair Rob Pitts did not vote. After making a statement opposing the measure, Commissioner Bridget Thorne had to leave and was not able to vote. Lacking the four votes required to pass, the motion failed on a 3-2 vote.

The pro-abortion motion might be added to a future agenda, and if that happens pro-life and limited government activists are committed to providing even stronger opposition. As Abolitionist Wendell Phillips quipped, “The price of liberty is eternal vigilance.” 

If you would like to see all pre-born children given legal protection in Georgia, so that it is illegal for organizations like ARC to promote prenatal homicide, sign this petition.

If you live in or near Fulton County, we encourage you to attend their meetings and voice your concerns. Commissioners’ meetings are held on the first and third Wednesdays of each month at 10 a.m. in the Fulton County Government Center Assembly Hall, 141 Pryor Street SW, Atlanta, Georgia. The next meeting will be held October 18.

Residents have three options to participate in 2-minute public comment: in person, in writing, or virtually via Zoom. All virtual public comments and requests to speak in person must be submitted before the clerk sounds the start of the meeting.

To submit a public comment in writing, residents can contact or by filling out the form located here.

Register in advance for the webinar by accessing the link via the calendar website.