Senator Colton Moore Banned by Speaker Burns After Speaking the Truth about Ralston

Senator Colton Moore Banned by Speaker Burns After Speaking the Truth about Ralston

You may recall that our GRA-endorsed State Senator Colton Moore (R-53) was the only Senator calling for a special session to get rid of Fulton Democrat DA Fani Willis. He proposed a bill to change the RICO law to end the Fulton prosecutions. And as a reward for it, he was kicked out of the Republican caucus by our “Republican” politicians. 

And just this week, on Legislative Day 35, during a debate to name a government building after the late Former House Speaker, David Ralston, Sen. Moore had this to say

Click here to watch Senator Colton Moore’s speech.

Note that Sen. Moore was pointing out information, and didn’t even delve into the anti-Republican tactics used throughout the years that were discussed in past Advance the GOP messages.

The response from the Establishment was, again, excessive.

Immediately leaked to the liberal media and banning him from the House floor with articles lacking details. And then the Establishment politicians, many of whom had previously feared Ralston, continue to hypocritically sing his praises.

And then the Establishment, throughout social media, push the shaming narrative that it wasn’t “the time and place” for a Senator to bring up the reasons to NOT name a government building after a politician, during the debate on naming the building after the politician.

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See video of Georgia Speaker Jon Burns banning Sen. Moore from the House chamber.

The hypocrisy and lies are mind-blowing.

Yet they keep happening. Over and over again.



I know you don’t want to be the problem. I didn’t want to be either. But the reason why the Establishment keeps doing this, and getting away with it, is because we don’t stand up. We don’t share this information.

We don’t have the time. Or we’re afraid it’ll offend our neighbors and friends. Or we’re afraid that all the politicians will come after us.

The Establishment tries to keep us afraid.

Like they did with the Catoosa GOP.

Like they are doing with Sen. Colton Moore.

But that’s their plan. They know that if more people stand up, they lose. They lose office, they get publicly embarrassed, they get primary challengers, and the public turns on them.

But the only way we stand up is if YOU act.

You have to make it a priority and make it popular be speaking out.

You need to share this message. Post it on social media. Print it out and give it to your friends. Talk about it with your families and friends. 

Message your elected “leaders” and tell them how ashamed you are of them.

Make sure that those in GOP party leadership know, that unlike the Establishment attempt at a state committee meeting to define calling for primarying bad Republicans as “detrimental to the party”, that you find their silence about the above to be detrimental to the party. 

If six volunteer ladies with the local GOP, making no money off of politics, can risk fines and jail and put up with all that pressure just to help their community and stand for their party, can’t you risk an uncomfortable conversation? Sharing the truth?

As GRA Chairman, I’d also like you to join the GRA to be more closely in the fight, but I don’t want you to confuse this for a recruitment message. Even if you don’t want to be part of the GRA, but you hate this Establishment corruption: share this message. Talk to people. Figure out how to post this message to social media and chat groups.

Don’t be a part of the problem. Don’t let them win.

The corruption has to stop.  The bullying has to stop. But it only stops if YOU make it stop. If you don’t cave when politicians and politically connected lawyers bully you into it.

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