Month: August 2023
At the 8th District GOP Fish Fry, Treatment of Ticketholders Gets Fishy

At the 8th District GOP Fish Fry, Treatment of Ticketholders Gets Fishy

In case you missed it, things got a bit tense at the 8th Congressional District GOP’s Fish Fry and State Committee meeting in Perry on August 26th. At the last minute, the host, 8th District GOP Chairman Chan Jones, decided to impose a dress code forbidding clothing displaying anything about election integrity. Jones has been an out-spoken opponent of election integrity efforts on the GA GOP State Committee. A few guests were told about the change on Friday, but most who drove several hours to the event from different corners of the state were unaware of the dress code until confronted inside the venue. Many who were wearing t-shirts from VoterGA or GeorgiansForTruth were told to remove their shirts or leave.

This effort to censure was done in violation of contract with these ticketholders. Nothing in the negotiations for the Fish Fry specified that ticketholders could not wear election-integrity themed shirts before they paid. Once the host took their money and issued them tickets without that restriction, he ceased to have the legal authority to exclude them under those conditions. They did not do anything disruptive. It is a shame that these Republican hosts would want to censure a message so near and dear to the Republican principles of the grassroots. Why would anyone be against election integrity?

There were several cellphone videos taken by attendees at the event, and a few captured highlights which have been shared widely online. One video is of a law enforcement officer—at the direction of the 8th District Chair—telling a group of attendees (including Grady County GOP Chairman Jeff Jolly and several GRA members), “All of you are criminally trespassing. If you don’t leave you’re going to be arrested,” because they were wearing voter integrity shirts. 

Another video shows Sam Carnline with Georgians For Truth politely asking Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger about election integrity, and the S.o.S. nervously walked away mid-sentence without answering. 

Still another video shows Sam speaking with Governor Kemp, in which Kemp says, “If you give anybody a machine they can hack it.” 

After Governor Kemp left, several of our members reported that the the dress code was no longer enforced and a number of folks put back on their voter integrity shirts and wore them openly without any opposition for the remainder of time at the venue. 

Thankfully, no one was arrested or injured to our knowledge. But it was shameful that anyone was put in fear that they could be arrested. Despite that this has historically been a well-known Establishment event, true patriot conservatives were numerous in attendance and really had a warm reception by most of the others there. The GRA had a table at the event space, and many folks conversed with our members in an amiable manner, took brochures, and signed the petition to investigate Fani Willis. 

Volunteers at the GRA table at the Fish Fry in Perry, Georgia

In spite of the ridiculous tactics to exclude folks from our side at the venue, it was a good day overall. It was encouraging to hear that people are waking up and our members are making a positive influence on the party. 🙂

GRA-Endorsed State Sen. Colton Moore’s Call for a Special Session Gains National Attention

GRA-Endorsed State Sen. Colton Moore’s Call for a Special Session Gains National Attention

The GRA is appalled by the political prosecutions occurring in Fulton County, and their effect on undermining the fabric of our nation. The GRA strongly supports GRA-endorsed State Senator Colton Moore‘s effort to call a special emergency session to respond to these actions.

We urge you to contact your state legislators and have them sign onto Senator Colton Moore’s letter.

Since Colton released the news of his letter to the Governor, he has been interviewed by conservative media outlets from across the country, including by Charlie Kirk of TurningPoint USA and Steve Bannon. The story has gained national media attention and even been commented on by former President Donald Trump on his TruthSocial:

Election Integrity Activists Deliver Paper Ballot Petitions and Flood State Election Board Meeting

Election Integrity Activists Deliver Paper Ballot Petitions and Flood State Election Board Meeting

Atlanta, Georgia – An overflow crowd of patriots (including dozens of GRA members) from across the state attended the Georgia State Election Board meeting at the Capitol yesterday to share concerns about Georgia’s election process and to press for reforms restoring election integrity and accountability for Georgia’s persistently unreliable elections.

Activists wearing “Paper Please” T-shirts streamed in from as far as the coast and the Florida border. The room was packed to capacity with upwards of 130 people, and those who could not find a seat had to stand in the hallway, or watch proceedings from the overflow room due to the fire code restrictions.  Officials expressed surprise by the unexpected size of the crowd.  By the time the meeting commenced fifty people had signed up to speak and the Board knew they were in for a long morning.

Paul White, GRA member from middle Georgia, speaking at the State Board of Elections Meeting

We deserve legal, secure and accurate elections,” said GRA Member Paul White, from middle Georgia. He referenced the five red states that turned blue in 2020: Arizona, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Georgia. All five of them had changed their election laws just weeks before the 2020 election, and all five depended exclusively on Dominion voting systems.

Sam Caroline with Field Searcy outside the state capitol

Field Searcy, a GRA Member from South GA, referencing the opinion and order of Federal Judge Amy Totenberg, who found serious cause for concern in Georgia’s election system said, “If Judge Totenberg is correct and the QR code tabulated by a black box is unlawful, that means our votes are void…we have no duly elected representatives…  Who has authority?  Who is accountable?” 

Following the meeting, Searcy led a contingent to deliver the petition submitted to the Grady County Board of Commissioners calling for paper ballots and some other documents including a letter from attorney and GRA President Alex Johnson to the Governor, Lt. Governor and Secretary of State’s offices. “Seems Chris Carr had a scowl on his face and so did the lady in the SOS office,” said Searcy. 

The remedy for the various election problems was made very clear. It was repeated so many times by different speakers that the State Election Board could have had no question about the activists’ request: “Security grade, hand marked, paper ballots, counted at the precinct on election day.” The board must have heard this phrase nearly 50 times by the end of the public comments.

Amanda Prettyman speaking with the state BOE Chairman

GRA member Amanda Prettyman from Bibb County brought a large stack of paper petitions to the mic with her to display representing the many Georgians in favor of paper ballots who could not be present at the meeting. She also used the opportunity during a break to hold an impromptu meeting with the Chairman to share her concerns directly. It is reported that she gave each member of the board a copy of the book The Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrates, which declares that when the superior or higher civil authority makes an unjust or immoral law or decree, the lesser or lower ranking civil authority has both the right and duty to refuse obedience to that superior authority. This concept is sometimes called interposition, and a much needed solution for many of our nations issues.

“I have a simple request for the board: Make elections boring again!” said Brad Barnes, Etowah Republican Assembly chapter leader. “If everything was going well, we would be home. We wouldn’t be here,” said Tess Sharp, one of the activists. The fact that thousands of Georgians are showing up at their county Board of Elections meetings around the state to share concerns and their lack of trust in the accuracy or the elections system, is sending a strong message to Georgia’s election officials.

Linda Menk, GRA member from Coweta County didn’t mince words, “You said you are all volunteers, that means you’re order-takers. You take orders from Governor Kemp, ‘Ratsberger’, and Chris Carr and they are as crooked as a dog’s hind leg, and everybody in this room knows it.”  The audience erupted in applause at this, despite the Chairman’s previous request to refrain from applauding.

Many concerns centered around the Dominion Ballot Marking Device which uses a QR code that is unverifiable by the voter, or anyone attempting to audit the election results, and the Halderman report which clearly lays out numerous technical vulnerabilities inherent in the Dominion system.

In DeKalb, the only audited race, we found that the machine had picked the wrong winner,” said Kevin Parker with Citizens Defending Freedom, who is also a GRA Member, referencing a local election where a candidate, Michelle Long Spears did not receive a single vote in her own precinct, despite knowing she and her husband had voted for her in that precinct. A hand recount discovered 6,000 votes in her favor, winning her the nomination. Parker reiterated that the board must restore voting confidence in our elections, and “dump Dominion.”

GRA member Sondra Martin from Cherokee County asked, “What do you have to lose by listening to the people that you serve?  Is there a reason why paper ballots is not a good idea?” 

Many of the attendees were appalled by the polytheistic prayer with which Chairman William Duffey opened the meeting. “To the god which we believe, whether it’s a Christian god, or a Muslim god, or a Jewish god, or any other god, or any other faith—we ask that you be present with all of us, including those who have no faith at all.  We would like for everybody to be comforted by that which they call [inaudible] for comfort….

Several of the activists found the prayer so offensive, they added a comment about it during their allotted two minutes of speaking time. Sondra Martin called it “a non-prayer to non-gods.” Perhaps there is a connection between the lawlessness displayed by government officials and their lack of belief in the God of the Bible who judges kings and rulers by His unchanging standard of justice and who ultimately provides accountability for our actions. Thankfully, we can rest confident that God’s authority over and accountability for government leaders is not dependent on man’s recognition of that authority. 

For more information on how to submit a petition to your Board of Commissioners or Board of Elections download templates here.