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Election Integrity Activists Maintain Pressure at the State Capitol

Election Integrity Activists Maintain Pressure at the State Capitol

Atlanta, Georgia—On Wednesday the halls of the Georgia Capitol were filled with nearly fifty patriots rallying for election integrity and government accountability as the legislature convened its first day of the special legislative session. The legislature was convened to take up reapportionment and redistricting of maps for the state, but

Journalists capture the press conference

GRA members and allied patriots took the opportunity to hold a press conference for election integrity at the north wing of the Capitol.  GRA member Kandiss Taylor opened in prayer and was the first to speak.  “We are here today because we finally—after three years of affidavits, and notices, and conversations, and demands, and speeches, and putting pressure on our legislators—we finally get a special session! In fact we were told we could not have a special session for three years but, amazingly, it is constitutional, and it is legal,” Taylor exclaimed, “What a miracle!”  Taylor urged legislators to “hold the line” and not forfeit Republican seats to Democrats.  “We are not asking for backroom deals,” Taylor said.  “We are asking for fair legal redistricting, and fair legal voting.”

Over the last few years, the Georgia Governor was urged to convene a special legislative session to address election woes and to deal with Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis, but this special session was called exclusively to address reapportionment and redistricting.  

The State of Georgia was ordered to redraw the congressional and legislative maps by U.S. District Court Judge Steve C. Jones who wrote “…the Court determines that in certain areas of the State, the political process is not equally open to Black voters.”  The “minority” population of Georgia has increased, while the number of white or Caucasian citizens have decreased, according to Census records cited by the court.  Judge Jones was appointed by Barrack Obama and has notably opposed protections for pre-born children from abortion in Georgia. The state has filed an appeal of that order.  

Other speakers at the press conference included David Cross, Kim Brooks, Dr. Doug Frank, Beth Mercure, Stacey Doran, Field Searcy, Sam Carnline, and Kevin Parker.

GRA members Holly Kesler, Brittany Brown, Kandiss Taylor, Wayne Canady, & Gary Chaffee

We need Governor Kemp and the legislators to come together, and extend the call of the special session” to address election integrity concerns, said Field Searcy, GRA IT Chairman and a leader with Georgians for Truth.

GAGOP 2nd Vice Chairman David Cross referenced the Haldeman report, and gave examples of errors in the counting of ballots, and why we cannot have confidence in the Dominion voting system.    

Referencing voter data from 2020 and 2022, Kim Brooks said, “We have found manipulation of inactive voters and infrequent active voters unlawfully receiving credit for voting.”  Brooks said she has proof that votes were cast in those elections for dead voters as well.

Every single fraudulent ballot is depriving one other citizen’s vote—their constitutional right”, Dr. Doug Frank said.  “When your state and your legislature and your Secretary of State tell you, ‘you have to use these systems,’” Frank suggested to the audience, “You can tell them ‘pound sand, because you are depriving us of our constitutional right of our ballot.’”

Beth Mercure, a Cherokee County activist pointed out that well-documented concerns about election integrity have been largely ignored by politicians across the state.  Mercure urged legislators, “We beg you to fix it now!”  

Delivering a petition to the Governor’s office

Whitfield County election integrity activist Stacey Doran stated, “Brian Kemp and Brad Rafensburger refuse to do their job.” Georgia officials claimed the 2020 election was secure, yet removed signature verification and allowed remote drop boxes.  “It can’t make sense; you can’t make an argument for it,” Doran said of the lack of election security.    

Sam Carnline of Georgians for Truth shared that Georgia is in the world spotlight because of state officials’ refusal to fix the election system. He urged the legislature to do “whatever it takes” to return us to hand-marked paper ballots.  

Tyranny can be overturned by the Sovereignty of God, Kevin Parker reminded attendees.  He referred to the passage in Psalm 7: “his mischief shall return upon his own head.”  Parker drew from historical instances of this and warned evildoers that their evil might return to them like a boomerang.  “We call upon the supreme court of Heaven to deliver us from evil.”  “We ask this legislature and this governor to rid us of unlawful voting systems,” Kevin Parker urged, “and replace it with hand-marked paper ballots, and give us our voting rights back.”  

Dr. Douglas Frank with Holly Kesler

Dr. Doug Frank concluded the press conference by leading attendees in singing a verse of the song My Country Tis of Thee.

After the press conference, many of the patriots spoke directly with legislators about their concerns, others attended the legislative floor sessions.

Senator Colton Moore gave a rousing speech from the floor of the Senate that echoed the concerns of the Patriots at the rally.

Field Searcy & Sen. Colton Moore

I’ll tell you what: for the last three months I’ve been calling for a special session.  The people in northwest Georgia–they’re going to be mighty excited today because we are in a special session!  Mr. President, I called for a special session with such intensity that I was booted out of the majority caucus.  I am now a free and independent agent sitting in the back. Mr. President, it’s very disgruntling to me that I called for a special session for three months, and then we come to this special session and the proclamation that the governor has given us does nothing to address the concerns that millions of Georgians have in our current state of affairs.”  Moore continued, “People in northwest Georgia, they don’t like thieves, and in 2020 people in my district believed the election was stolen, they’re upset that the governor took nineteen days to certify the election results, and if it takes that long, then how can you protest when other people agree that maybe the election was stolen? Mr. President, it’s one thing to have a difference of opinion of whether an election was stolen or not, but we’re in a much darker side of politics now in our state.  Because now if you disagree with the political ruling class you can be held political prisoner, and right now we have a former president and eighteen others–even a member of this body–who are facing the rest of their life in prison for questioning an election.”

Click the video to watch Sen. Moore’s speech on the Senate floor in full.

Moore concluded, “Mr. President, if our maps are racist then let’s bring justice to our maps, but let’s also bring justice to a stolen election. Let’s also bring justice to the nineteen individuals who are facing the rest of their life in prison.”

GRA Members Participate in Another Successful Pro-life Outreach in Dalton

GRA Members Participate in Another Successful Pro-life Outreach in Dalton

NWGRA chapter President & Whitfield County GOP Chairman Eddie Caldwell holding a sign at the pro-life outreach.

GRA members in northwest Georgia were pleased on November 19th to join with our friends at Georgia Right to Life for NW GA RIGHT TO LIFE’s Stand for Life event. over the last two months, pro-life activists have lined up along busy interstates and highways to display pro-life messages near high-traffic areas and still active abortion murder clinics in our state.

In spite of the Georgia Heartbeat Bill, studies are showing that the number of allowed abortion murders in our state have actually increased as people from neighboring states with more protections for pre-born children have come here to commit their abortions. The Georgia Department of Public Health statistics for 2019 through 2022 report a total of 35,401 abortions were committed in 2022, up from 34,989 abortions in 2021.

The current law does not provide equal protection nor equal justice for all innocent human lives in the womb. Critical to the statistics is that the number of chemical abortions remains an anomaly. Reports indicate that 54% of abortions around the country are now performed by drugs that kill the growing child and then cause a premature delivery. Just how many chemical abortions take place in Georgia is unknown since this deadly drug regime is available online and the so-called “LIFE Act” doesn’t address chemical abortions.

Below are some photos from the gathering in Dalton:

Canton Fundraiser for Alternate Electors a Success

Canton Fundraiser for Alternate Electors a Success

GRA-endorsed 11th Congressional District Chairman David Oles, chapter President Richard Jordan, and the other leaders of the North-Metro RA chapter put on another successful fundraiser event in Canton on November 18th to help with the legal defense for the alternate electors. This event came on the heels of the Banks County GOP fundraiser with Senator Colton Moore leading the auction and where reportedly $30,000 – $40,000 were raised to assist with the legal defense.

Click to watch GRA President Alex Johnson & others speak at the recent fundraiser event.

At this second regional fundraiser, the GRA & NFRA President Alex Johnson spoke, joined by GA GOP Chairman Josh McKoon, VoterGA’s Garland Favorito, Georgia Freedom Caucus Executive Director Mallory Staples—and many others. You can watch the video of the speeches here. They met at the Mill at Etowah.

Donate to the Georgia Patriot Legal Defense Fund here.

Fulton County Republican Assembly Hosting Meet & Greet on November 27th

Fulton County Republican Assembly Hosting Meet & Greet on November 27th

We have been excited to see the Fulton RA Chapter reconstituted under the direction of Dr. Nick Cooper and know that there are some exciting things coming for 2024. If you live in or near Fulton County, please join in the fun at this up-coming county chapter meeting. 

We are grateful for the many Fulton County RA Members who have been dedicated to election integrity and other Republican principles. 

Next GRA State Convention: December 9th

Next GRA State Convention: December 9th

The GRA is pleased to host its next state convention on December 9th at Coweta Community Church – 310 Millard Farmer Industrial Blvd, Newnan, GA 30263. All principled Republicans and conservatives are invited to register and attend. The only persons allowed to vote or participate at the convention are dues-paid members who have been accepted and approved pursuant to GRA procedures before 10:00 AM on Saturday, November 9th, 2023, and register for the convention.

The Educational and Training Portion of the Program shall start at 10 AM. Business and voting may begin after 12 PM on Saturday, December 9th, 2023.

Chick-fil-a packed lunch is expected to be included in the cost of registration. Convention registration is available here. All proceeds go to our GRA-PAC efforts to win next year’s election. Early Bird Registration Expires on Dec 2nd. Our PAC, GRA-PAC, is co-sponsoring the convention and handling registration. 

Here are the important details on this state-wide GRA event:

Georgia Republican Assembly Convention:
Location: Coweta Community Church
Address: 310 Millard Farmer Industrial Blvd, Newnan, GA 30263
Cost: $15 early-bird \ $20 late registration
Time: 10am, December 9th
Lunch included


2nd District GOP “Low Country Boil” Out-Shines Infamous 8th District’s Fish Fry

2nd District GOP “Low Country Boil” Out-Shines Infamous 8th District’s Fish Fry

Pelham, Georgia — The Georgia Republican Assembly sponsored the Second District Republican Rally and Low Country Boil in southern Georgia on Saturday, October 21. The rally was held under a large shed at Montaña Produce on US Highway 19, across the street from the Flint John Deere dealership. Pelham is an agricultural community in Mitchell County.

Attendees praised the event as being much better than the 8th Congressional District GOP’s Fish Fry in August, in which the hosts came out with hostility against grassroots activists who were promoting election integrity.

After the invocation and pledge of allegiance, Georgia GOP First Vice Chair Brian K. Pritchard laid out a plan to take back the country. “The first phase to taking the country back has to be local,” Pritchard said, “We have to put candidates up for school board, good candidates up for county commission, good candidates up for city council and mayor.”

One candidate for Congress from the Second District who spoke was GRA member Chuck Hand. Chuck Hand and wife Mandy—who both spent time in jail on federal charges for attending an election integrity rally in Washington, D.C.—have been very active in the Second District GOP and in the Taylor County GOP as well. Congressional candidate Hand said, “What we’ve allowed our country to become is not a good look. I’m not here to cozy up to the status quo, ya’ll, I’m here to put them on notice.” Hand continued, ”We are not alone. There are more of us than them. We are the majority now. David took down Goliath with a slingshot and a rock. Allow me to be your rock and slingshot me into United States Congress where I will do all that I can to restore America back to America.”

GRA table at the Low Country Boil

The Second Congressional District is the largest geographical district in Georgia, encompassing the southwest corner of the state from Columbus to Macon and points south, all the way to the Florida state line. The Second District GOP Chairman is GRA Member Tyler Johnson, who was unable to attend the rally due to military deployment. Other volunteers pitched in to help, though, making the event a success even with the Chairman’s absence.

Crawford County GOP Chairman and GRA member Troy Cook was very involved with planning the event, and was responsible for the successful silent auction which took place during the rally. Troy said, “Even though Tyler Johnson, the Chairman of the Second District, was unable to attend due to his military obligations, he deserves the credit for the success of the event. It was because of his hard work behind-the-scenes planning, organizing, making calls to vendors, and working out the logistics of deliveries that a small group of great people were able to pull together one of the best events I’ve attended in a long time. Unlike the 8th District Fish Fry, everyone was welcome, regardless of their political stance. It was a great event with great people from all across the state.”

GRA 1st Vice President Brant Frost V

The large shed where the event was held was spacious and accommodating. Weather was pleasant for the gathering, with a mid-afternoon high temperature of 78 and a constant breeze from the northwest most of the day. Attendees had plenty of opportunity to fellowship, visit with vendors, and enjoy the music and food in between speeches. GRA First Vice President Brant Frost V, who also spoke at the event, later said, “It was great to see so many GRA Members in Pelham. Over the last few months the Georgia Republican Assembly has grown like a weed in southwest Georgia. And based on the reception we received the overwhelming majority of people there are with us in spirit.”

GRA member Field Searcy spoke about election integrity and the need for paper ballots. “The QR Code is illegal, and it’s a spoilation of our ballot, and we can’t read it,” Field said. “When people get informed and get engaged they can make a difference. Over the last three years people have been getting the facts, and learning the law. They’ve been standing up, they’ve been going to county commission meetings or election meetings,” Field continued, “and you guys need to do the same, and we’ll give you all the tools you need on our website”

Other speakers included Georgia Labor Commissioner Bruce Thompson, Freedom Caucus Representative Mallory Staples, and State Senator Colton Moore. Senator Moore spoke about the nineteen individuals who were indicted by Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis. Senator Moore—standing in front of a John Deere cotton harvester—asked the crowd, “If I had a spare million dollars, I’d rather buy that cotton picker behind me than defend my innocence in Atlanta. Wouldn’t you?” Legal costs for defense of the indicted individuals have mushroomed. The GRA is sponsoring the Fulton Defense Fund fundraising event in Banks County, Georgia on November 2 (

GRA members gathered at the Low Country Boil

Many GRA members were in attendance at the rally. GRA member Amanda Prettyman drove down from Bibb County. Prettyman said of the event, “I really enjoyed the atmosphere and commend the Second District Republicans and Tyler, for upholding Republican, Constitutional values of free speech. We don’t have to agree on everything, but election integrity is certainly a part of the Republican platform—even the RNC issued a resolution about election integrity and hand-counting where able—and healthy debate and discourse within the party over how we achieve election integrity is so important. The Second District upheld that and demonstrated the best of the Republican Party. It was a fun, warm, family atmosphere!”

Activists Hold a Peaceful Protest of Drew Ferguson’s Flip Against Jim Jordan for U.S. Speaker

Activists Hold a Peaceful Protest of Drew Ferguson’s Flip Against Jim Jordan for U.S. Speaker

Newnan, Georgia — A number of patriots came to peacefully rally on Friday along Georgia Highway 34 near the Newnan office of Congressman Drew Ferguson to encourage the Congressman to represent Republicans of the Third District by voting for NFRA-endorsed Congressman Jim Jordan for speaker of the US Congress, and to support our Republican values.

Earlier on Friday, Congressman Ferguson voted against Congressman Jim Jordan for Speaker of the US House. Ferguson has often been at odds with conservatives in his district, and was officially censured at the Third District GOP Convention earlier this year for—as the resolution states: “failure to keep his promise to speak and act” on behalf of his constituents. Conservative scorecards have given Congressman Ferguson low scores based on his pitiful voting record (

Local resident and Republican activist Maxwell Britton summed up the sentiment of the crowd, “We want Congressman Ferguson to know we the people are tired of being ignored and unrepresented.” Maxwell waved an American flag and held a sign which said, “Drew votes for himself.” GRA member Laura Bosmenier drove to the rally from Fulton County, and held a sign which said, “Ferguson, Please Represent US! Vote for Jordan for Speaker.”

On Thursday, Congressman Drew Ferguson released a statement saying he would not vote for Congressman Jim Jordan because “the House Republican Conference does not need a bully as the Speaker.”

But no one at the rally is bullying the Congressman, Coweta County GOP Chairman and GRA member Brant Frost V emphasized, as he held a sign which said, “Wake Up Drew.” Frost pointed out the positive nature of the rally, “The ultimate goal is to get good pictures and video, hopefully they’ll get a mention on TV, and we’ll get tens of thousands of people to see this.”

The Press was indeed present, and interviewed several folks at the rally. GRA member and Third District Congressional candidate Jim Bennett was one of those persons interviewed. Bennett—who waved a “Don’t Tread on Me” flag at the rally—said that Ferguson’s vote against Jordan for Speaker “does not represent our District. He (Congressman Ferguson) represents himself, his friends, and his donors.” Coweta County attorney Jared Craig was also at the rally. Craig, who serves as President of the Legacy Political Action Committee, said in his interview “When he (Congressman Ferguson) first started running for office, he was who these people wanted to vote for, but he has changed.”

One lady said she was in her late sixties and this was the first time in her life that she had ever come out to a public rally of any kind. Lots of passersby waved and honked horns in support of the peaceful rally.

Results from the NFRA Convention in Orlando, Florida

Results from the NFRA Convention in Orlando, Florida

Orlando, FL — Over last weekend, GRA members gathered with other Republican Assembly members from as far away as Hawaii for the NFRA Endorsing Convention held at the Rosen Shingle Creek in Florida from October 13 to October 15, 2023. This national grassroots organization consists almost exclusively of unpaid volunteers from all parts of the country, including Puerto Rico, and they took decisive steps to shape the future of conservative leadership in America with their latest endorsements. In addition, they gathered to adopt resolutions and additions to the NFRA platform, and to elect officers.

Members from Georgia made up the largest delegation at the convention with 32 delegates participating—even surpassing the delegations from Florida and California! As with the GRA, it takes a minimum two-thirds majority vote of the participating membership to win the NFRA’s endorsement.

Congressman Jim Jordan Wins the NFRA Endorsement for Speaker of the U.S. House

Jim Jordan

At this significant convention, U.S.Representative Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) received a unanimous endorsement for the role of Speaker of the House of Representatives. His unwavering dedication to upholding constitutional values and proven leadership skills made him the standout choice for the U.S. House’s vital position.

This endorsement comes just before the U.S. House is expected to vote today on whether to elect Jordan as Speaker. Over the weekend, holdouts against Jordan have announced a change of mind, including Republican Congressmen from Georgia such as Austin Scott (R-GA’s 8th District) who attempted to run against Jordan in the Republican Caucus for the Speakership nomination.

Matt Gaetz

Congressman Matt Gaetz from Florida had been scheduled to be a keynote speaker at the NFRA Convention, but he was not able to leave Washington, D.C. due to the flurry to negotiate support for Jordan over the weekend. Gaetz instead called into the NFRA Convention and expressed support for their work and for Jordan. “I wish I was there with you rather than here in Washington, D.C.,” Gaetz told the crowd, “but we’re doing very important work, making sure that we get a Speaker who can advance Republican priorities. … Balanced budgets and programatic review of how we spend the taxpayer dollars.”

He added to standing applause: “We are still at the Capitol having small group meetings to bring every element of our conference together to elect Jim Jordan the next Speaker of the House!”

Americans await in suspense to see whether Jim Jordan will get the 217 votes needed to win election as the U.S. House Speaker.

NFRA Delegates Enthusiastically Endorse Donald Trump

Donald Trump speaking at NFRA Convention

In addition to Jordan, NFRA delegates overwhelmingly voted to endorse Donald Trump for President of the United States. These Republican Assembly members believe that these two men have the courage and fortitude to put America first ahead of lobbyists, corporations and foreign nations. We believe these men have what it takes to stand up to the uni-party. 

Some RA members, such as Mark Minich of Connecticut, were less enthusiastic about the Trump endorsement decision particularly because of mistakes they believe he made in 2020, expanding the national debt particularly with the CARES Act, mailing wealth redistribution checks, promoting Dr. Fauci, and his apparent back-pedaling on the sanctity of life following the media backlash received after the overturn of Roe v Wade. Not to mention his bump-stock ban relating to gun rights. Opponents of the endorsement feared Trump does not consistently hold to the principles and political philosophy of the Republican Assembly.

However, these concerns were overcome in the minds of most of the participating delegates due to former President Trump’s reputation for aggressively fighting the deep state, and by the sheer paranoia the Left displays at his leadership. Supporters voiced particular appreciation for his U.S. Supreme Court appointments, his success at keeping America out of war, and his tax cuts. The baseless indictments and petty attempts at impeachment of him only continue to endear Trump to Republican voters. 

Election Integrity Workshops a Huge Success at the NFRA Convention

Sam Carnline with GeorgiansforTruth leading a workshop illustrating one of the ways paper ballots can be counted in an election.

The Georgia Republican Assembly delegation in attendance included many of the leaders from the chapters in south Georgia, including Jeff Jones, the Coastal RA President, Ginny Hall and Joy Turner, members of the Coastal chapter’s executive team. Georgia election integrity leaders Holly Kesler and Field Searcy led a workshop on election integrity featuring a simulation of a paper ballot hand count at the precinct level, using two different methods.

Holly Kesler stressed the need for decentralization of elections and greater involvement and volunteer participation at the precinct level. This workshop was very well received and appreciated by patriots from around the country. 

Mike Lindell speaks Saturday evening

Speakers at the convention included Mike LindellAlex NewmanDr. Douglas FrankCaptain Seth KeshelMat Staver, Tom Homan, Brigitte Gabriel, and a panel of whistleblowers addressing corruption within the DOJ.

GRA 1st Vice President Brant Frost V chaired the Resolutions Committee, which, in addition to resolutions, presented an exhaustive platform document. The committee welcomed input from all NFRA members, many of whom have done extensive research on public policy and become near experts on the issues important to them. They also presented a resolution regarding the “natural born citizen” requirement for presidential candidates, urging activists:

RESOLVED, it is the will of this convention that only candidates who meet the natural born-citizenship standard, interpreted through an originalist and strict constructionist standard, be placed on the 2024 Republican presidential primary ballots.”

NFRA Welcomes New Chapter: South Carolina Republican Assembly

Jeff Davis introduces himself as the new chartering President of the South Carolina Republican Assembly

During the NFRA Convention Board meeting, leaders from across the country were excited to approve the charter for a new South Carolina chapter. Additionally, patriots from Louisiana attended the event and expressed eagerness to also charter a chapter in their state. This represents notable progress toward the goal of establishing strong Republican Assembly chapters in each state of the union that will provide accountability to their state government and bring reform to their state GOP. Please urge your patriot friends and family in other states to consider connecting with the Republican Assembly chapter in their state.

Additionally, the NFRA Board elected executive officers to serve the NFRA for the next two years. GRA President Alex Johnson was elected unanimously to serve another term as NFRA President. GRA Members James Jordan and Nathaniel Darnell were also elected to leadership positions within the NFRA.

GRA Members Charter New Chapter in Middle Georgia

GRA Members Charter New Chapter in Middle Georgia

Roberta, Georgia — Activists and GRA members gathered today at the Frozen Joe’s restaurant to charter a new local GRA regional chapter and elect officers. This new Middle GA RA (MGRA) chapter incorporates Bibb, Houston, Peach, Crawford, and Monroe counties, which are at the northern tip of the 2nd and 8th Congressional Districts in Georgia—two areas where the GRA has not until now had any local chapters organized.

Local GRA member and activist Paul White was elected as the chapter’s new local President. Troy Cook, the Crawford County GOP Chairman, was elected as his 1st Vice President. The rest of the local chapter Executive Committee team elected also includes Lisa Neisler, Edith Noriella, and Kathy Moody.

One of the major concerns expressed by those gathered was the recent treatment of patriots at the 8th District GA GOP Fish Fry a month earlier where the Atlanta Establishment-oriented Chairman Chan Jones at the last minute refused to allow ticket-holders to enter while wearing t-shirts with election integrity reform messages on them. At this charter meeting, they critiqued a maxim often promoted by the Establishment GOP: “Keep it small, rule it all!”

One of the reasons Republicans often lose to Democrats, the officers said, was because the local Establishment leadership is more obsessed with maintaining control over their “fiefdoms,” and so they deliberately keep their organization small so they can exercise more control. This is not how the GRA operates. We welcome all grassroots activists into the party who share a commitment to the Republican Party principles and are not merely interested in the popularity, prestige, and power that so enamors the Establishment with dollar signs in their eyes.

Several GRA officers and action group leaders were on hand to help with the charter, including the GRA’s 1st Vice President Brant Frost V, NFRA Director Nathaniel Darnell, 3rd Vice President Abigail Darnell, Chapter Relations Chairman David Carlson, and New Membership Committee Chairman Stephen Alligood.

The MGRA chapter scheduled their monthly chapter meetings, which they intend to give each county in the region a chance to host so they can make it easy for local members to participate. Let us know if you would like to join this local chapter’s meetings or activities.

Press Conference on Investigating D.A. Fani Willis Packed-Out  

Press Conference on Investigating D.A. Fani Willis Packed-Out  

Atlanta—Yesterday’s press conference at the state capitol calling for the legislature to investigate Fulton D.A. Fani Willis was standing room only as GRA-endorsed legislators State Senator Colton Moore (R-Dade) and State Rep. Charlice Byrd (R-Cherokee) affirmed the urgent need for a special legislative session before an ecstatic crowd that frequently broke into applause.

According to a recent poll, about “83% of Georgians across this state recognize that what is happening right now with District Attorney Fani Willis is politicization,” said 29-year-old State Senator Moore at the conference. “I represent 200,000 hard-working Georgians in northwest Georgia. The people who I represent … they sweat hard for their tax dollars, and they don’t want their tax dollars funding this type of corrupt government power!”

“We as a legislature have no power to do anything until we are in session,” he continued, “and that’s why we must have session now, because we must investigate Fani Willis.”  Concerning the indictments, Moore said that it was a political attack, and that this fight “is about basic fundamental First Amendment rights to question the results of an election.”  

Senator Moore and Rep. Byrd were joined at the press conference by a wide variety of activist leaders, including Dr. Alveda KingJenny Beth Martin of Tea Party Patriots ActionBruce LeVell, and Mallory Staples of the Georgia Freedom Caucus. An even broader array of leaders spoke at the rally at the Liberty Plaza thereafter, including Georgia Republican Party 1st Vice Chairman Brian Pritchard, 2nd Vice Chairman David Cross, VoterGA’s Garland Favorito, attorney Jared Craig with Veterans for America First, Sam Carnline with Georgians for Truth, and representatives of Blacks for Trump. State Senator Brandon Beach (R-Fulton) has also signed onto the petition for a legislative session.

Jenny Beth Martin said, “They are doing this because they want to scare you. They want to scare you so much that you’ll stop speaking out.  They want to scare you so much that you stop gathering together with your like-minded countrymen. They want to scare you so much that you will no longer express your concerns about an overbearing government, and they want to scare you so much that you will not want to get involved in our election processes to ensure they are free and fair and transparent.  What they are doing is frightening, but now is the time for courage.  Now is the time to speak louder.  Now is the time to gather in greater numbers, and now is the time to raise your concerns. Now is the time to get involved in the election process so we can secure the vote and we can win elections in 2024, and hold these freedom thieves accountable!”

GRA members from every corner of the state travelled far and wide to be there and show support. Many people present wore t-shirts or carried signs about election integrity and the District Attorney’s indictment against nineteen people in Georgia in relation to the 2020 presidential election.   

In spite of the numerous calls from constituents, many Republican politicians under the Gold Dome have been reluctant to show support for a special session to investigate Willis, citing such excuses as “not having the numbers.” The various excuses from these politicians could be summarized as “It’s really hard to do that, so we shouldn’t try.” It’s the same thing we’ve heard every time there has been a push for an urgent special session. You might call it the “Pontius Pilate” excuse: “A grave injustice is about to occur, but it would be hard to stop it. I’m just one person. It’s not politically expedient for me to intervene, so I should just let the injustice continue.”

In contrast, a principled Republican says, “I have a responsibility to ensure justice is done. It doesn’t matter how slim the chance of success, I have a duty before God to intervene.”

One speaker named Angela asked about Fani Willis, “What has she done for this community in Fulton County, Georgia since she’s been in office?  She showed up to speak for abortion when Roe v. Wade was being overturned.  But I opened a pregnancy home for women right here in her district and she hasn’t showed up for that!  They show up when it’s time for us to abort our babies, but they don’t show up when it’s time for us to give life.”

Garland Favorito of said that for the past 17 years his organization has published reports of election problems in Georgia.  Garland said, “In 2020 Georgia suffered the most corrupt election in our history.  We were victims of a multi-faceted attack on our election that included robbery, interference, ballot trafficking, electronic vote tampering, audit fraud, and voter role manipulation.  So what did Fani Willis do about that?  She covered it up; she kept two grand juries from knowing anything about that.”

Reports released today show that the Fulton Grand Jury originally attempted to indict even more Republicans than the 19 charged in mid-August. Typically, it is the district attorney who suggests a person to a grand jury. Only 19 of the 39 recommended were approved for indictment, but that original list included former Georgia U.S. Senators David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler. It illustrates what a broad brush Fulton Democrats were painting with, and underscores how the entire investigation has been a blatant attempt at political harassment from the beginning.

With the release of this news today that Fulton prosecution targets included Kelly Loeffler, one wonders if Governor Kemp would be more open to intervene and investigate Willis. A special legislative session can be called either by the governor or by a consensus of the legislators themselves.

Please continue to contact your legislators and urge them to support the call for a special legislative session. Newnan attorney Jared B. Craig encouraged the audience to get out the vote come election time, “but in the meantime, we need to support those people that are willing to stand up and do the noble work with courage and integrity as Senator Moore and the Freedom Caucus.”  Craig urged listeners, “We need to fund their campaigns and their efforts.” 

Sam Carnline from GeorgiansForTruth spoke about the need to return to hand-marked paper ballots.  Carnline then challenged the group to get out of their comfort zone.  Carnline said, “I want to challenge all of ya’ll, to challenge all of your friends,  that they need to get out there and make these representatives that we have uncomfortable.  Saturday was a couple of weeks ago, I made Secretary of State Raffensburger uncomfortable, and he ran from me!  Then I had the opportunity to speak to Governor Kemp and I made him so uncomfortable that he spoke the truth!”

Click here to watch the full video of the press conference.