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The Fight Against Tyranny Today

The Fight Against Tyranny Today

Happy Independence Day from the Georgia Republican Assembly!

It’s time to break out the fireworks and enjoy some tasty barbecue! Yes, it is good for our country to come together and celebrate days of remembrance.

But through all the fun, I hope that we make sure our children and grandchildren really know and understand why we are having all of these festivities. Because the battle-cry against tyranny that our founding fathers sounded in their generation is still the cry that we must sound today.

Our founders faced tyranny from the British King and Parliament. Today we face tyranny from global agencies, the White House, Congress, numerous federal agencies, sometimes the Gold Dome, and even our local county commission and board of election buildings!

Our founders gave their “lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor,” and we are standing on their shoulders. We may not yet be called upon to risk our lives or our fortunes, but surely we can give something to the cause of freedom. It may be an evening at a county commission or board of elections meeting, or a Saturday door-knocking for a strong candidate.

Even more significantly, it may mean taking the time to personally raise our children (and not just let the government schools or the T.V. do it for us!). It may mean regularly going to church, and giving charitably to replace government welfare. It may mean working a job faithfully and living within our means so that we and our families don’t become dependent slaves of the state.

Some of these things may not sound all that political, but they are all a part of building a culture that makes America great again! That culture is what the French author Alex de Tocqueville observed about Americans in 1835 when he wrote: “America is great because she is good.”

An America that has that kind of culture can withstand any attempted tyrannies from the state. A hero in office like Donald Trump needs a people with that kind of culture to back him up and spur him on to success.

So let’s work to rebuild the best aspects of the American culture that first made it “great.” Let’s return to those founding presuppositions of the founding generation — not all of which they personally lived up to, but which they fearlessly proclaimed as the nation’s aspiration!

Let’s get back to acknowledging, first, as our founders did in the Declaration of Independence, that we are “created” by God with a special human purpose. We did not randomly happen to rise out of the ooze without meaning. We are not the product of chance. Moreover, there is a Divine Authority over all human authorities that holds them in check.

That Creator “endowed us with certain unalienable rights.” These rights mean that God has placed jurisdictional limitations upon civil government. He did not give them a blank check. The state may not morally murder (or help murderers get away with it), and it may not steal — just to touch on a few of the tyrannies our modern civil government regularly practices today.

We must expect better from our elected officials.

We must be willing to work as hard as our founders.

We must, as our founders, trust in Divine Providence.

In 1775 when General George Washington was struggling to keep his army together in the war against Britain, the greatest empire on earth, he wrote:

“If I shall be able to rise superior to these and many other difficulties which might be enumerated, I shall most religiously believe that the finger of Providence is in it …”.

George Washington

We need to get down our knees and pray to God for help in our own battle against tyranny today. We need to acknowledge our sins, both personal and national, and turn from them. We need to ask God to forgive us and help us to overcome even as He helped the founding generation overcome in 1776.

We in the GRA are ready to lock arms with you in this endeavor. Reach out to us if we can help you in this on-going fight against tyranny!

Chattooga County Commissioner Declares June “the Month of Life!”

Chattooga County Commissioner Declares June “the Month of Life!”

Summerville, GA — On June 13th, GRA-endorsed Chattooga County Sole Commissioner Blake Elsberry signed a local proclamation declaring the month of June as “the month of Life!” While liberals bolstered by the Biden White House and ESG corporate pressures have been pushing June as unnatural sex “Pride Month,” for many conservatives, June has become the month they celebrate the anniversary of the U.S. Supreme Court Dobbs v. Jackson decision that overturned the notorious Roe v. Wade precedent on June 24, 2022.

Roe unconstitutionally forced states to legalize abortion murder across the country. This was not a decision made by a vote of American citizens or even their elected legislative representatives at any level of civil government, but by unprecedented judicial fiat of seven of the nine Justices on the bench in 1973. Tens of millions of preborn infants have been murdered as a result of that ruling, and the Dobbs decisions has restored to the states the opportunity to provide equal protection of preborn human beings.

Commissioner Elsberry signs the proclamation.

GRA President Nathaniel Darnell and GRTL 1st Vice President Abigail Darnell (also the junior GRA NFRA Director) were pleased to be present for the signing of the Chattooga proclamation, and we commend Commissioner Elsberry for his leadership. We would encourage other county commissioners to take similar action across the state. The Chattooga County Commissioner also proudly flew a pro-life flag presented to him at the signing.

In the Bible, God expresses such grief against “hands that shed innocent blood” (Proverbs 6:17) that the Lord repeatedly charges civil magistrates with the responsibility to civilly punish murderers after a trial with due process, even requiring the death penalty for those found guilty. (See, e.g., Genesis 9:6Exodus 21:22-23Leviticus 24:17Romans 13:1-4.) A culture that winks at this evil contributes to cultivating a generation that looks callously at human life, producing more violence. Such a culture can expect to incur the same kind of providential judgment we see God bring upon nations throughout biblical history — an understanding founding fathers like Ben Franklin and Alexander Hamilton cited in their deliberations over adopting our U.S Constitution in 1789.

Examples of providential judgements we may already be experiencing for not taking this on-going murder seriously could include: stolen elections, continued high inflation, endless wars, a growing deficit, encroaching civil government tyranny, and general civil unrest. We must repent and turn our ship of state.

The proclamation signed by Chattooga County Commissioner Blake Elsberry.

One way you can advance pro-life accountability from Republicans in Georgia is to attend the Georgia Right to Life’s REACH Benefit Dinner! Please mark your calendar and plan to join us at the event on September 12th as we continue to work to advance equal protection for all human life — born and pre-born!

The REACH Benefit Dinner on September 12, 2024 includes a delicious meal and an inspiring program that will be held at the elegant Cobb Galleria from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM.

BUY Tickets or become a table host or sponsor HERE:

From Jail Threat to Republican National Convention: The Journey of the Catoosa GOP Secretary

From Jail Threat to Republican National Convention: The Journey of the Catoosa GOP Secretary

Ringgold, GA – When 77-year-old widow Sherre Bales asked what was involved in the open Catoosa GOP Secretary position, she had no clue that her involvement might eventually lead to crippling fines and prospective time in the County jail. She was told the duties would include taking minutes and keeping records, which sounded easy enough. 

Sherre grew up around politics knocking Chattanooga doors with her parents at the age of 14 and occasionally making phone calls to Republican voters. Now as a semi-retired real estate agent, struggling to make a commission in Biden’s economy, her volunteer service to her community may cost her dearly. 

Sherre is one of the Catoosa GOP officers that was ordered by a local judge to refrain from refusing to qualify four commission candidates after they were denied access to the Republican primary ballot for their lack of adherence to Republican policies. For refusing, she and her fellow GOP officers  faced $1,000 per hour fines and jail time. 

Sherre’s political involvement has been occasional throughout her adult life and was almost never paid work. It was something she did as a volunteer at different stages of her life in between raising children and starting her business. 

“I’m pretty friendly and personable, so I’m good at door to door,” she said. 

Like many GOP volunteers who tirelessly put up campaign signs, make phone calls and wear out their tennis shoes door-knocking, Sherre had experienced the disappointment of having a candidate she volunteered for “turn RINO” after getting elected. 

“They would change from what they campaigned on,” said Sherre.

Regret. Betrayal. Disillusion. Exploitation. 

It is difficult to describe the intense feelings of a volunteer who believed in the policies that a candidate talked about, was motivated enough to put time and sweat behind that campaign, only to be double-crossed when the politician changed their tune after getting elected. This was a common theme among Sherre’s different volunteer experiences working for Republican candidates. 

Like most voters, Sherre had never personally attended a county commission meeting until she got elected Secretary in 2021. By 2023 the community was embroiled in a battle for the freedom to keep backyard chickens with 100 or more citizens showing up at Commission meetings to voice concerns about a new chicken ordinance. At these meetings families would beg their Commissioners to let them keep their chickens and give them a chance to experience the health, economic, and educational benefits for their children. 

“There was so much going on about the chickens and I thought, ‘I guess I had better go since I’m the Secretary of the party.’” Sherre was not prepared for what she saw at the Commission meeting that night.

“I was just floored by how the public was treated. It made me so mad. I felt like [the commissioners] were just overlording over us as minions. It was frustrating and humiliating.”

The Catoosa Commissioners have developed a reputation of not caring what the people think, not treating them with respect, and ignoring the hundreds of citizens that would show up to voice concerns about their actions. The commissioners changed the agenda of the meetings to put public comments at the end, after all the voting and decision making was finished. 

All of the Commissioners claim to be Republicans, and every election season there is an expectation that GOP volunteers like Sherre have a responsibility to help rally the vote for all Republican candidates.

The Catoosa GOP had been frustrated with the commissioners for years, and Sherre and the other officers felt hopeful about the new Accountability Rule and the process that was established to determine if a candidate really shared the values of the Republican Party. 

“Every GOP local party needs to be able to vet their candidates. I know we’ve got some non-Republicans running. You could have a socialist or communist, and if you don’t vet them, people could get in under wire,” she said.

The rule implemented a new practice for Catoosa county, but not a new concept. The state level Republican Party exercises the freedom of association in whom they allow on the Republican presidential preference primary ballot. 

 “It was kind of like a leap of faith that we could do it.”

Sherre’s signature was required on the official copy of the new party rules, and they were filed with the elections office in the same way as they had been filed for many years, and by many GOP Secretaries prior to Sherre. As an officer of the party, Sherre was one of the 16 members of the County Committee who had a vote on which candidates they believed met the minimum standard to be considered a Republican. Sherre was present during all the candidate interviews. 

“We were pretty somber. I was nervous about what was going to happen after we listened to all the candidates.”

“I did not have my mind made up on anybody when it came down to voting. People can say anything, but I went by what their voting record was [while in office]. It was not personalities, it was voting record. We knew this was a big thing and it was unprecedented. We took each candidate and we discussed them and then we voted. Everybody voted from their heart.”

Most of the candidates that interviewed with the party were qualified, and only four were denied – the notorious incumbent commissioners and a former commission chairman: Steven Henry, Vanita Hullender, Larry Black, and Jeff Long.

Less than a week later the Catoosa GOP volunteers were being sued by the four candidates and the judge ordered the Catoosa GOP to sign the qualifying papers approving the candidates as a Republican, or else. 

“I was really taken aback when we were threatened with 20 days in jail and thousands of dollars of fines.”

“To go against the court… that’s not how I was raised. I was raised to abide by the law – what was said in court was to be followed. But in this case, I couldn’t. I was Secretary of the Committee. The committee voted this way and that was the way it was going to be.”

She was driven by a sense of duty. Her commitment to her office, and her principles constrained Sherre to abide by the agreed upon rules of the party. 

She knew she wasn’t in it alone. The GOP leaders prayed together before they went into the courtroom. 

“Our faith is getting us through this.”

Sherre talked to her adult son and two daughters about the situation as well. They said it was ridiculous that the commissioners can throw their weight around. 

You just stand firm, Mom.”

The Catoosa GOP county committee was pretty tight-knit already but this experience really bonded them. Some shed tears, some were quietly resolute, fully prepared to suffer for what they knew was right.

 “It was difficult. We were crying. We’re gonna do it, but it’s hard and we’re scared. We had to stick together.”

Sherre had already given up a lot of her time away from her grandchildren, her real estate business, and her cats to serve the cause she believed in, but this was a real test of dedication. Now she was spending long hours in the courtroom anxiously waiting to see if she and her fellow officers would be put in jail like common criminals. 

The case is being appealed and Sherre is eager to hear the decision of Judge Billy Ray in the Rome-based federal court, as well as the other courts addressing different aspects of this controversy.

“If the judge imposes those fines, I’d be pretty mad and pretty scared. Where am I gonna get that?“ 

Sherre never envisioned herself being in a position like this at 77-years-old, but she doesn’t regret her actions. 

“I’m happy we did it. I will go to the Supreme Court with this if we have to. We have got to set a precedent that local parties can vet their candidates.”

Meanwhile, Sherre has been chosen to represent Northwest Georgia at the Republican National Convention this Summer. She was elected unanimously by the roughly 200 delegates at the 14th District GOP Convention as an alternate. These same delegates overwhelmingly passed a resolution supporting the freedom of association and the recent actions of the Catoosa GOP. Sherre has loved attending Trump rallies and it will be the experience of a lifetime for her to be able to see Donald J Trump nominated for President. 

What an adventure I’ve been on! Threatened with jail and a bunch of money and now going to the RNC,” she said.

This is going to be the icing on the cake of my Republican career!”

Announcing GRA Endorsements!

Announcing GRA Endorsements!

Fayetteville, GA — GRA members from around the state gathered last Saturday to hear from candidates for National CommitteemanNational Committeewoman, and various public offices from Congress to state legislature. Reagan Box for U.S. Senate shared as well, along with a representative for excellent “state-wide” judicial candidate for Court of Appeals Jeff Davis.

Candidates Amy KremerGinger HowardJason Frazier and Jason Thompson all applied for GRA endorsement, interviewed with our Vetting Committee, and spoke at the convention, fielding questions from the audience. Candidates David Cross and Shawn Cross did not. We appreciate the candidates who gave of their time to share and answer questions from our members.

Under the GRA rules, a candidate has to receive a two-thirds majority vote of participating members to receive the endorsement of the organization. Although the membership could not reach a two-thirds majority on the races for National Committeeman and National Committeewoman, they did endorse candidates in other races — and the discussion at the convention provided a great deal of insight on the candidates.

You can watch highlight videos now available on our GRA YouTube Channel of some of the key sessions at the convention! Especially if you will be serving as a delegate to the GA GOP State Convention in Columbus, this will help you make an informed decision on who to vote for in the National Committeeman & National Committeewoman races.

Candidates who were endorsed by the GRA at the convention:

U.S. Rep. Andrew Clyde

• Andrew Clyde for GA Congressional District 9

• Beth Majeroni for State Senate District 1

• Ross Harvin for State Senate District 47

• Mary Benefield for State Senate District 55

• Brian Anderson for State House District 80

• Catherine Bernard for State House District 83

• Keith Bowen for Miller County Commissioner, District 3

• Ryan Taylor for Appling County Probate Judge

Regional Endorsement Convention Opens to More Counties in Metro-Atlanta

Regional Endorsement Convention Opens to More Counties in Metro-Atlanta

The Fulton Republican Assembly chapter has decided to join in with two other local chapters in Metro-Atlanta for an up-coming Combined Regional Endorsement Convention on April 6th! That means that the convention will now be able to endorse in Congressional Districts 6, 7, and 11 — and all local state legislative and commission races in the geographic area. In addition, GRA members who live in counties in these congressional districts can also participate even if they don’t have a local RA chapter for their area. So now GRA members from BartowDouglasForsythDawsonLumpkin, and Hall counties will also be able to join with CobbCherokeeFulton, and Pickens for this event.

Remember that an RA endorsement always requires a two-thirds majority vote.

Separately, the West GRA chapter has announced that it is holding its local endorsement convention for races within the 3rd Congressional District area on Tuesday, April 2nd. Learn more on our Events page.

Already, at the Combined Regional Endorsement Convention in metro-Atlanta, some key contests are shaping up for the regional endorsement convention. Candidate Paul Kettering, for example, has qualified to challenge incumbent State Rep. Jordan Ridley (R-22) whose district covers part of Cherokee and part of Cobb. Ridley two years ago won election to office in an open seat after receiving the GRA endorsement. He also took the maximum contribution from the GRA-PAC. But after getting elected, Ridley quickly distanced himself from his supporters and the GA Freedom Caucus, earning himself a legislative vote score of 43% (“D”) in 2023.

Kettering says he’s running as a true conservative America First patriot, and aims to replace Ridley for the Republican nomination in State House District 22. He has already confirmed as one of the candidate speakers at the regional endorsement convention.

To pre-register for this 2024 local RA Regional Endorsement Convention, please register hereLunch will be included.

Early-bird pricing is available for those registering before April 6, 2024. At the door pricing will be $25 per participating RA member. Candidates registering to speak at the event pay a $50 sponsorship. Other like-minded partner organizations pay $75 to hold a table at this regional endorsement convention.

If you are not yet a GRA member, but would like to apply to join, you can do so at this link.

If you are concerned about the direction of our country, don’t yell at the TV or stay home and complain, please join us in taking constructive action. One person by himself is helpless to stop the leftist onslaught, but by working together we can fight and, with God’s help, save our community.

Endorsement conventions provide an opportunity to meet and network with like-minded patriots who share the same passions and causes you care about. By attending these conventions you will be encouraged and feel better to know you are not alone and are doing something to help make a difference for the next generation. 

We hope to see you at the regional endorsement convention!

After training, Chattooga County Opens a New RA Chapter!

After training, Chattooga County Opens a New RA Chapter!

Here we grow again! … Last weekend we opened a new Chattooga Republican Assembly chapter, and they joined with our Etowah Republican Assembly chapter, & some folks from the Northwest Georgia Republican Assembly chapter for another great Convention Training & Introduction to Parliamentary Procedure! 🎓 Great to see the excitement!

Eddie Caldwell

This parliamentary procedure training in northwest Georgia was led by Northwest RA chapter President Eddie Caldwell (also the Whitfield County GOP Chairman).

The new local chapter elected as their chapter Chairwoman Jennifer Tudor (also the Chattooga County GOP Chairwoman) and as their local chapter President Charles Stoker.

Our Republican Assembly leaders in Chattooga have already been instrumental in advancing several beneficial projects in their community, and we look forward to seeing what they will accomplish in the days ahead.

Lively GRA Meet & Greet Reception in St. Simons

Lively GRA Meet & Greet Reception in St. Simons

After the GA GOP State Committee meeting concluded in St. Simon Island on Saturday, GRA members on the state committee and local GRA members from the Coastal RA chapter, SEGRA chapter, and South GA RA chapter gathered for a reception and fellowship:

Most of these fellow GRA members are separate by so many miles that they rarely get to see each other in person, so this was a delightful opportunity. Thanks to everyone who participated!

Much of the conversation centered around the business of the State Committee meeting. In particular, particpants discussed the close vote by the GA GOP State Committee to nearly endorse Donald Trump for President, the resolution Sam Carline introduced and was passed in favor of paper ballots, and the progress on the legal efforts to stop Democrat D.A. Fani Willis from harassing the alternate electors.

“Fighting” 1st District GA GOP Gala Raises $50,000

“Fighting” 1st District GA GOP Gala Raises $50,000

We were excited last year to help GRA-member Kandiss Taylor win election as the new 1st Congressional District GA GOP Chairwoman, and we were also happy to help Brittany Brown (our SEGRA President) win election as the new Chatham County GOP Chairwoman. These two ladies and their teams have greatly improved the Republican Party in the southeastern corner of the state, after two years of chaos for the region, and Kandiss’ skills as a hostess were on bright display as state committee members, elected officials, and other esteemed guests arrived for this special event:

GRA-endorsed State Senator Colton Moore (R-Dade) once again led the auction Friday evening for the 1st District’s fundraising gala, which grossed $50,000. At least $15,000 was raised to help the alternate electors being harassed by Fulton D.A. Fani Willis.

Political Lessons from Advent Season

Political Lessons from Advent Season

As the recently elected new GRA President, I want to extend a happy greeting to you on behalf of our organization at this “most wonderful time of the year!” We count it a privilege to work alongside all of our grassroots friends across the state. Although we’ve changed a few things on our leadership team, we want to renew our commitment to you to continue to stand for the American principles of the Republican Party which have made our nation great.

The Christmas season is a good time to consider how we should reform the political landscape in our state. The themes and archetypes of the season depicted in the popular stories, songs, and movies are rooted in the original historic story of Christ’s birth and the circumstances surrounding it. Here are some lessons we can learn from them:

1. Don’t Be a Herod / Grinch / Scrooge / Mr. Potter

All the classic Christmas fiction seems to have a hardened bully character with a bad attitude who opposes the spirit of the season. Whether the character goes by the name of “Scrooge” or “Mr. Potter” or “the Grinch,” they ultimately hearken back to the curmudgeon of the original Christ’s birth story: King Herod. At the state capitol in Atlanta, we’ve had our share of real-life characters of this sort. Sometimes they come under the label “Democrat” and sometimes by the label “Republican,” but they all have some things in common such as a lording of their human power over others, a closing of their ears of compassion to needs they have the jurisdiction and power to alleviate, and a rejection of the significance of Christ’s coming in their lives.

King Herod in the Bible was so desperate to cling to his material political power that he became notorious for murdering a whole generation of babies in his land in his attempt to kill Christ, and today we also have politicians complicit in the murder of thousands of babies—and they force you to pay for it with your tax dollars. In fact in Georgia since Dobbs, there are now more abortion murders committed at clinics each year than there was before!

The Herod-type political characters are not only cold to the murder of those who cannot vote, they’re hard hearted to the stealing of millions of dollars through socialist programs, they turn a blind eye to evidence of stolen elections, and they don’t care about the dissolution of the nuclear family.

In some of the Christmas fiction stories, the Herod archetype character experiences redemption (such as Scrooge or the Grinch). We observe that kind of thing in the Bible when the persecutor Saul of Tarsus had his Damascus Road experience and became the Apostle Paul. But in the original Christ’s birth story, King Herod sadly never experienced any change of heart. Only judgment.

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