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The Madison Forum presents A Tale of Two GOPs

The Madison Forum presents A Tale of Two GOPs

This past Memorial Day, GRA-member and founder of The Madison Forum Michael Optiz asked the GRA leadership to give a message entitled A Tale of Two GOPs, dealing with the recent growing schism within the Georgia Republican Party. NFRA Director Nathaniel Darnell and GRA 3rd Vice President Abigail Darnell provided the message Monday evening, explaining how the rift has a lot to do with two different outlooks and approaches within the GOP. You can now see the video The Madison Forum recorded of that talk on Rumble at this link. The message also included an explanation of the proposed Accountability Rule submitted to the GA GOP State Convention.

Later this week GRA President Alex Johnson will also be giving a town hall presentation before delegates on the Accountability Rule in Walker County in Northwest Georgia. Stay tuned for more town hall discussions in the days ahead leading up to the convention.

Here We Grow Again!

Here We Grow Again!

We’re excited to welcome the new Etowah Republican Assembly chapter that officially chartered last week! This group met and was birthed in the heat of battle fighting for election integrity, protesting the Rome drag queen festival, opposing SPLOST, protesting mask mandates and more. They elected Brad Barnes the President of their chapter and Angela Rubino as their Vice President.

This chartering follows close on the heels of us opening another new chapter at the opposite corner of our state in coastal Georgia. This ocean-side chapter elected former State Rep. Jeff Jones as their local RA President, who is assisted by Ginny Hall.

This new Coastal Republican Assembly chapter has done a terrific job recruiting “America First” Patriots who have been disaffected and disillusioned by the GOP, and is preparing to turn the tide in that region.

Last week the Coastal RA chapter hosted Georgia Freedom Caucus Executive Director Mallory Staples at their regular meeting, and they have been exceeding their capacity for seating at their events.

Ideal Qualities for an Accountability-Minded GOP Officer

Ideal Qualities for an Accountability-Minded GOP Officer

Tuesday evening Nathaniel Darnell (NFRA Director for the GRA) and his wife Abigail Darnell (3rd Vice President of the GRA) gave a presentation before the Pickens County Republican Party called “How to Reform the GOP and Save America from Socialism.” Included in that presentation was a slide about the ideal qualities of our GOP leaders.

These are qualities we would recommend you use to evaluate any candidates for District GOP leadership or state GA GOP leadership as you prepare to vote for those positions in the coming weeks:

GRA State Endorsement Convention: Saturday, April 29th

GRA State Endorsement Convention: Saturday, April 29th

Are you tired of GOP officers being “yes men” and covering for bad Republican politicians—who vote like Democrats? Do you want the Georgia to be in a strong position for the elections next year? This is your opportunity to help reform the Republican Party in Georgia!

The Georgia Republican Assembly has announced its state-wide Endorsement Convention to hear from and potentially endorse candidates for GA GOP Chairman and other officer positions. The State Endorsement Convention will be held on Saturday, April 29th at the American Legion building in Smyrna, GA. You can register for the event here.

Remember that in order to vote in a GRA Endorsement Convention, you must have been approved as a GRA member before the convention day. If you would like to apply to become a GRA member, you can join here.

As with all our endorsement conventions, it takes a two-thirds majority of our participating members for a candidate to earn the endorsement of the organization. This is a great opportunity for you to meet like-minded new friends with political passion from across the state! Lunch is included in the registration.

All GA GOP Chair candidates are invited to speak at this event! We also invite all other candidates for state party office to come and share.

Former President Donald Trump speaking at the
NFRA Convention

In addition to voting on state endorsements, the GRA State Convention this year will also be electing delegates to represent the GRA at the NFRA’s National Endorsement Convention in Orlando, Florida in October. This year RA delegates at the NFRA Convention will vote on endorsing a candidate for the Republican nomination for President of the United States. You could be one of the delegates selected to vote on this critical endorsement. Let us know if you are interested in being considered for this opportunity as soon as possible!

Here is the important information about this State Endorsement Convention:

State Republican Assembly Endorsement Convention
Saturday, April 29, 2023 | Starting at 10:00am 
American Legion – Smyrna Post 160 | 160 Legion Drive SE Smyrna, GA 30080
Online Registration: $40
Lunch included!


New Panel Video from the Faith & Medicine Conference Now Available

New Panel Video from the Faith & Medicine Conference Now Available

If you missed out on Real Health Medical’s Faith & Medicine Conference last weekend, the video of the panel Brave New World we co-sponsored at that event is now available on our GRA YouTube channel! The panel featured a collection of medical professionals, activists, scholars, and theologians looking at the intersection of medicine, politics, and theology. It addressed newly emerging medical and political controversies we find ourselves facing today in America, including vaccine mandates, pandemic lockdowns, abortion, trans-ideology and ramifications, euthanasia policies being modeled in countries such as Canada, certificate of need policies, and more!

Click to watch.

This video is the sequel to last year’s 2022 panel discussion How Shall We Then Live?, which was removed from our YouTube channel last year in October after the CDC made a big announcement about vaccines. But that first panel episode is still available on our GRA Rumble channel.

The Faith & Medicine Conference also featured a keynote message from frontline physician Dr. Peter McCullough—which was packed out! Dr. McCullough has testified multiple times before Congress about the problems with the COVID vaccines and boosters. He is one of the most respected cardiologists in the world, and one of the first to be interviewed on the news when NFL football player Damar Hamlin mysteriously collapsed.

In light of the on-going discoveries being made of the harm from the COVID vaccines, we are grateful that civil governments have reversed course on medical tyranny. However, matters of constitutional liberty such as these remain an on-going concern and require the utmost vigilance. Some suspect there might be another “planned-demic” on the horizon, and we should be better prepared to oppose it.

One of the common concerns expressed at the conference was the lack of liability vaccine-producers face when people suffer harm from their use.

State Senator Greg Dolezal

So we were excited to see our endorsed State Senator Greg Dolezal (R-Cumming) get his S.B. 1 passed out of the Georgia State Senate last week by a vote of 31 to 21. The bill blocks state or local agencies, governments or schools from requiring a COVID-19 vaccination to receive admission or services, sometime referred to as a “vaccine passport.” Lawmakers passed a version of the measure last year that would have expired June 30 of this year. Thank you to everyone who contacted their legislators in support of this bill!

That bill is headed to the State House.

We have other medical-related legislation being dropped by our endorsed state legislators. Representative Charlice Byrd (R-Cherokee), for example, introduced the Medical Freedom Act this past week, which prohibits any business receiving government subsidies from requiring proof of vaccination, a vaccine passport, or a mask. Contact your representative if you support HB 266!

New Weekly Report from Sen. Colton Moore!

New Weekly Report from Sen. Colton Moore!

Our endorsed State Senator Colton Moore (R-53) has launched a weekly podcast on Mondays, reporting on what’s happening in the State Capitol and what he’s up to! See the first episode here:

Click to watch the podcast on YouTube.

Colton earned an “A” rating on his GRA vote scorecard in both 2019 and 2020 as a State Representative from Dade County. We were pleased to endorse him and support his victorious campaign last year for State Senate with canvassing and financial contributions through our GRA-PAC. We look forward to seeing what he will accomplish this legislative session and what stands he will take.

The podcast will explore topics relevant to our state such as education, immigration, our Constitutionally-protected individual liberties, and much, much Moore!

Tune in every Monday! Watch these weekly updates from Sen. Colton Moore on the issues that matter most to Georgia!

GRA Attends BLEXIT Christmas Party in Atlanta

GRA Attends BLEXIT Christmas Party in Atlanta

The Georgia Republican Assembly was pleased to participate in the BLEXIT Christmas Party this past weekend, and show our support for the work of this movement of Black Americans who are Exiting the Democrat Party with its Big Government woke nonesense!

Originally founded by Candace Owens, the BLEXIT organization in Georgia is run by a fantastic group of dedicated leaders, including Jay Andrews. We would encourage you to learn more about them!

GRA Prayer Vigils for Herschel Walker

GRA Prayer Vigils for Herschel Walker

The GRA has been leading Prayer Vigils for the Runoff Campaign of Herschel Walker over the last week, and there are two more left—if you would like to participate! These Prayer Vigils are being organized and hosted by our GRA leader Sheryl Sellaway.

We believe there is power in the name of Jesus Christ—and God’s people joining together in humble submission to the Lord to ask, seek, and knock.

We welcome our fellow GRA members from across the state to join us for the two remaining 30 minute prayer meetings scheduled on Thursday, Dec. 1 and Monday, Dec. 5 at 7pm.

To participate in the Prayer Vigils, you can call in at 425-436-6313 and use access code 2820704.

YouTube “Cancels” Our Faith & Medicine Panel Video

YouTube “Cancels” Our Faith & Medicine Panel Video

YouTube cancels one of our videos — AGAIN! Earlier this year at a medical conference held near Ronald Reagan Boulevard, we co-hosted a panel discussion “How Shall We Then Live? A Panel Discussion on the Intersection of Politics, Medicine, & Theology.” The video of the panel was one of our most watched recorded events, but this morning YouTube notified us that they had taken it down because “it violates [their] medical misinformation policy.” Thankfully, the video is still available for viewing on our Rumble account! Watch it here:

Click the image above to watch the video on our Rumble channel.