Activists Hold a Peaceful Protest of Drew Ferguson’s Flip Against Jim Jordan for U.S. Speaker

Activists Hold a Peaceful Protest of Drew Ferguson’s Flip Against Jim Jordan for U.S. Speaker

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Newnan, Georgia — A number of patriots came to peacefully rally on Friday along Georgia Highway 34 near the Newnan office of Congressman Drew Ferguson to encourage the Congressman to represent Republicans of the Third District by voting for NFRA-endorsed Congressman Jim Jordan for speaker of the US Congress, and to support our Republican values.

Earlier on Friday, Congressman Ferguson voted against Congressman Jim Jordan for Speaker of the US House. Ferguson has often been at odds with conservatives in his district, and was officially censured at the Third District GOP Convention earlier this year for—as the resolution states: “failure to keep his promise to speak and act” on behalf of his constituents. Conservative scorecards have given Congressman Ferguson low scores based on his pitiful voting record (

Local resident and Republican activist Maxwell Britton summed up the sentiment of the crowd, “We want Congressman Ferguson to know we the people are tired of being ignored and unrepresented.” Maxwell waved an American flag and held a sign which said, “Drew votes for himself.” GRA member Laura Bosmenier drove to the rally from Fulton County, and held a sign which said, “Ferguson, Please Represent US! Vote for Jordan for Speaker.”

On Thursday, Congressman Drew Ferguson released a statement saying he would not vote for Congressman Jim Jordan because “the House Republican Conference does not need a bully as the Speaker.”


But no one at the rally is bullying the Congressman, Coweta County GOP Chairman and GRA member Brant Frost V emphasized, as he held a sign which said, “Wake Up Drew.” Frost pointed out the positive nature of the rally, “The ultimate goal is to get good pictures and video, hopefully they’ll get a mention on TV, and we’ll get tens of thousands of people to see this.”

The Press was indeed present, and interviewed several folks at the rally. GRA member and Third District Congressional candidate Jim Bennett was one of those persons interviewed. Bennett—who waved a “Don’t Tread on Me” flag at the rally—said that Ferguson’s vote against Jordan for Speaker “does not represent our District. He (Congressman Ferguson) represents himself, his friends, and his donors.” Coweta County attorney Jared Craig was also at the rally. Craig, who serves as President of the Legacy Political Action Committee, said in his interview “When he (Congressman Ferguson) first started running for office, he was who these people wanted to vote for, but he has changed.”

One lady said she was in her late sixties and this was the first time in her life that she had ever come out to a public rally of any kind. Lots of passersby waved and honked horns in support of the peaceful rally.

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