Chattooga County Commissioner Declares June “the Month of Life!”

Chattooga County Commissioner Declares June “the Month of Life!”

Summerville, GA — On June 13th, GRA-endorsed Chattooga County Sole Commissioner Blake Elsberry signed a local proclamation declaring the month of June as “the month of Life!” While liberals bolstered by the Biden White House and ESG corporate pressures have been pushing June as unnatural sex “Pride Month,” for many conservatives, June has become the month they celebrate the anniversary of the U.S. Supreme Court Dobbs v. Jackson decision that overturned the notorious Roe v. Wade precedent on June 24, 2022.

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Roe unconstitutionally forced states to legalize abortion murder across the country. This was not a decision made by a vote of American citizens or even their elected legislative representatives at any level of civil government, but by unprecedented judicial fiat of seven of the nine Justices on the bench in 1973. Tens of millions of preborn infants have been murdered as a result of that ruling, and the Dobbs decisions has restored to the states the opportunity to provide equal protection of preborn human beings.

Commissioner Elsberry signs the proclamation.

GRA President Nathaniel Darnell and GRTL 1st Vice President Abigail Darnell (also the junior GRA NFRA Director) were pleased to be present for the signing of the Chattooga proclamation, and we commend Commissioner Elsberry for his leadership. We would encourage other county commissioners to take similar action across the state. The Chattooga County Commissioner also proudly flew a pro-life flag presented to him at the signing.

In the Bible, God expresses such grief against “hands that shed innocent blood” (Proverbs 6:17) that the Lord repeatedly charges civil magistrates with the responsibility to civilly punish murderers after a trial with due process, even requiring the death penalty for those found guilty. (See, e.g., Genesis 9:6Exodus 21:22-23Leviticus 24:17Romans 13:1-4.) A culture that winks at this evil contributes to cultivating a generation that looks callously at human life, producing more violence. Such a culture can expect to incur the same kind of providential judgment we see God bring upon nations throughout biblical history — an understanding founding fathers like Ben Franklin and Alexander Hamilton cited in their deliberations over adopting our U.S Constitution in 1789.

Examples of providential judgements we may already be experiencing for not taking this on-going murder seriously could include: stolen elections, continued high inflation, endless wars, a growing deficit, encroaching civil government tyranny, and general civil unrest. We must repent and turn our ship of state.

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The proclamation signed by Chattooga County Commissioner Blake Elsberry.

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