Author: Nathaniel Darnell
Political Lessons from Advent Season

Political Lessons from Advent Season

As the recently elected new GRA President, I want to extend a happy greeting to you on behalf of our organization at this “most wonderful time of the year!” We count it a privilege to work alongside all of our grassroots friends across the state. Although we’ve changed a few things on our leadership team, we want to renew our commitment to you to continue to stand for the American principles of the Republican Party which have made our nation great.

The Christmas season is a good time to consider how we should reform the political landscape in our state. The themes and archetypes of the season depicted in the popular stories, songs, and movies are rooted in the original historic story of Christ’s birth and the circumstances surrounding it. Here are some lessons we can learn from them:

1. Don’t Be a Herod / Grinch / Scrooge / Mr. Potter

All the classic Christmas fiction seems to have a hardened bully character with a bad attitude who opposes the spirit of the season. Whether the character goes by the name of “Scrooge” or “Mr. Potter” or “the Grinch,” they ultimately hearken back to the curmudgeon of the original Christ’s birth story: King Herod. At the state capitol in Atlanta, we’ve had our share of real-life characters of this sort. Sometimes they come under the label “Democrat” and sometimes by the label “Republican,” but they all have some things in common such as a lording of their human power over others, a closing of their ears of compassion to needs they have the jurisdiction and power to alleviate, and a rejection of the significance of Christ’s coming in their lives.

King Herod in the Bible was so desperate to cling to his material political power that he became notorious for murdering a whole generation of babies in his land in his attempt to kill Christ, and today we also have politicians complicit in the murder of thousands of babies—and they force you to pay for it with your tax dollars. In fact in Georgia since Dobbs, there are now more abortion murders committed at clinics each year than there was before!

The Herod-type political characters are not only cold to the murder of those who cannot vote, they’re hard hearted to the stealing of millions of dollars through socialist programs, they turn a blind eye to evidence of stolen elections, and they don’t care about the dissolution of the nuclear family.

In some of the Christmas fiction stories, the Herod archetype character experiences redemption (such as Scrooge or the Grinch). We observe that kind of thing in the Bible when the persecutor Saul of Tarsus had his Damascus Road experience and became the Apostle Paul. But in the original Christ’s birth story, King Herod sadly never experienced any change of heart. Only judgment.

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Canton Fundraiser for Alternate Electors a Success

Canton Fundraiser for Alternate Electors a Success

GRA-endorsed 11th Congressional District Chairman David Oles, chapter President Richard Jordan, and the other leaders of the North-Metro RA chapter put on another successful fundraiser event in Canton on November 18th to help with the legal defense for the alternate electors. This event came on the heels of the Banks County GOP fundraiser with Senator Colton Moore leading the auction and where reportedly $30,000 – $40,000 were raised to assist with the legal defense.

Click to watch GRA President Alex Johnson & others speak at the recent fundraiser event.

At this second regional fundraiser, the GRA & NFRA President Alex Johnson spoke, joined by GA GOP Chairman Josh McKoon, VoterGA’s Garland Favorito, Georgia Freedom Caucus Executive Director Mallory Staples—and many others. You can watch the video of the speeches here. They met at the Mill at Etowah.

Donate to the Georgia Patriot Legal Defense Fund here.

Election Integrity Efforts Continue Around the State

Election Integrity Efforts Continue Around the State

Grassroots warriors have continued the fight for election integrity around the state in various ways. In Spalding County, the Board of Elections took another step toward potentially dumping Dominion and moving toward paper ballots in a proposal expected to be voted on within the next couple of weeks.

Meanwhile, GRA-member Beth Majeroni was forcibly carried out of a meeting of the Chatham County Board of Elections while respectfully sharing factual information during the public comment portion of the meeting. Beth has been courageously fighting for honest elections. She originally noticed irregularities while serving as a poll watcher. This led her to file numerous open records requests, and eventually led her to request for a Grand Jury. It was her comments about the findings of the Grand Jury that were abruptly halted.

In a shocking display of statist censorship, authorities were ordered to remove her from the podium before her comment time had expired. When she stood her ground they forcibly carried her out of the room. You can watch the outrageous video and hear Beth’s interview with GA GOP 1st Vice Chairman Brian Pritchard on Voice of Rural America.

Elsewhere, Georgians for Truth have been sponsoring “Paper Ballots Please” billboards around the state to help build awareness of the Election Integrity movement in Georgia. Contact them if you would like to donate to help with this project.

Etowah RA Chapter Hosts Event with VoterGA

Etowah RA Chapter Hosts Event with VoterGA

Last night the Etowah Republican Assembly chapter hosted their first big event, the Election Integrity Summit. Awesome speakers, great turn out, great food, and a wealth of information! A special thank you to Garland Favorito of VoterGa who served as the keynote speaker! It was also nice of Voice of Rural America and Turning Point Action to participate. A big thank you to our awesome local team and to everyone who attended!

GRA President Alex Johnson’s First Town Hall on the Accountability Rule in Walker County

GRA President Alex Johnson’s First Town Hall on the Accountability Rule in Walker County

This week our GRA President and attorney Alex Johnson presented at a Town Hall event sponsored by several local county GOP organizations in Northwest Georgia, including Walker, Catoosa, and Whitfield counties. His subject was the newly proposed Accountability Rule being presented at the GA GOP State Convention this year. You can now watch the first 26 minutes of this presentation on our YouTube channel here:

Here We Grow Again!

Here We Grow Again!

We’re excited to welcome the new Etowah Republican Assembly chapter that officially chartered last week! This group met and was birthed in the heat of battle fighting for election integrity, protesting the Rome drag queen festival, opposing SPLOST, protesting mask mandates and more. They elected Brad Barnes the President of their chapter and Angela Rubino as their Vice President.

This chartering follows close on the heels of us opening another new chapter at the opposite corner of our state in coastal Georgia. This ocean-side chapter elected former State Rep. Jeff Jones as their local RA President, who is assisted by Ginny Hall.

This new Coastal Republican Assembly chapter has done a terrific job recruiting “America First” Patriots who have been disaffected and disillusioned by the GOP, and is preparing to turn the tide in that region.

Last week the Coastal RA chapter hosted Georgia Freedom Caucus Executive Director Mallory Staples at their regular meeting, and they have been exceeding their capacity for seating at their events.

Other District GOP Conventions Pass Resolutions to Abolish Abortion, Enact Election Integrity, & Reprimand Republican Legislators Who Voted for H.B. 520

Other District GOP Conventions Pass Resolutions to Abolish Abortion, Enact Election Integrity, & Reprimand Republican Legislators Who Voted for H.B. 520

On Saturday many District GOP Conventions advanced resolutions that promoted historic Republican principles and called for accountability from GOP legislators. In both the 14th and 3rd Districts, for example, those conventions overwhelmingly passed resolutions supporting legislation such as the Prenatal Equal Protection Act that would completely abolish abortion in Georgia. Regretfully, that legislation was assigned by State House Speaker Jon Burns (R-Newington) to the Public Health Committee, Chaired by State Rep. Sharon Cooper (R-Cobb), who has not allowed the bill to come before the committee for a discussion or vote. You can read the full text of that resolution (with scrivener errors corrected) at this link.

In addition, numerous Election Integrity resolutions passed at these conventions — both as recommended from their District Resolutions Committees and as introduced from the floor. In the 14th District, for example, a resolution was introduced from the floor and passed that called for the state to get rid of open primaries and to oppose rank-choice voting.

The members of the 14th District GOP Resolutions Committee

Several resolutions called out Republican elected lawmakers by name both for praise as well as for censure. The 3rd District, for example, reprimanded Congressman Drew Ferguson for failing to take “bold action in defense of Americans unjustly treated after January 6th.” Both the 3rd and 14th Districts passed resolutions against H.B. 520 (“Mental Health” bill) that was recently stalled in the state legislature after it passed in the State House with only three Republicans voting against it.

That resolution in the 14th District praised GRA-endorsed State Rep. Mitchell Horner (R-Ringgold) for being one of the three Republican legislators who voted against H.B. 520. Horner is also a member of the Georgia Freedom Caucus.

State Rep. Mitchell Horner (center) with our NFRA Director & 3rd Vice President

“Be it Resolved that the 14th District GOP expresses their gratitude to Rep. Mitchell Horner (R-Ringgold) HD-3 for having the courage to vote ‘No’ to this egregious legislation. 

“Be it further Resolved that the 14th District GOP expresses their grave disappointment in all the Republicans who voted for this legislation, including:

“Rep. Mike Cameron (R-Rossville) HD 1
“Rep. Steve Tarvin (R-Chickamauga) HD 2
“Rep. Kasey Carpenter (R-Dalton) HD 4 
“Rep. Matt Barton (R-Calhoun) HD 5
“Rep. Jason Ridley (R-Chatsworth) HD 6
“Rep. Eddie Lumsden (R-Armuchee) HD 12
“Rep. Katie Dempsey (R-Rome) HD 13
“Rep. Trey Kelley (R-Cedartown) HD-16
“Rep. Martin Momtahan (R-Dallas) HD-17
“Rep. Joseph Gullett (R-Dallas) HD-19
“Rep. Ginny Ehrhart (R-Marietta) HD-36”.

You can read the full text of the 14th District GOP’s version of this resolution here.

Contact Our GA GOP Leaders about RNC Chair Vote

Contact Our GA GOP Leaders about RNC Chair Vote

We have received numerous requests from readers asking how they can get in contact with our GA GOP Chairman David Shafer, our GA National Committeeman Jason Thompson, and our GA National Committeewoman Ginger Howard about the vote for RNC Chair. These three people represent us Republicans from Georgia on the Republican National Committee and they will soon be voting on who should be the RNC Chair for the country.

RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel

Many believe that the current RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel (niece to Mitt Romney) is largely to blame for the overall poor Republican performance across the country in the last general election. Today our National Committeeman Jason Thompson announced he would be voting for Harmeet Dhillon (a Republican Assembly member) to replace her. The other two representatives of the GA GOP have signaled that they are still undecided.

If you would like to contact these three representatives about the pending vote to elect RNC Chair, click the email link for each of their names below:

New Weekly Report from Sen. Colton Moore!

New Weekly Report from Sen. Colton Moore!

Our endorsed State Senator Colton Moore (R-53) has launched a weekly podcast on Mondays, reporting on what’s happening in the State Capitol and what he’s up to! See the first episode here:

Click to watch the podcast on YouTube.

Colton earned an “A” rating on his GRA vote scorecard in both 2019 and 2020 as a State Representative from Dade County. We were pleased to endorse him and support his victorious campaign last year for State Senate with canvassing and financial contributions through our GRA-PAC. We look forward to seeing what he will accomplish this legislative session and what stands he will take.

The podcast will explore topics relevant to our state such as education, immigration, our Constitutionally-protected individual liberties, and much, much Moore!

Tune in every Monday! Watch these weekly updates from Sen. Colton Moore on the issues that matter most to Georgia!