New GRA Legislative Scorecards Released

New GRA Legislative Scorecards Released

First, thank you for the out-pouring of donations made in response to our email blast last week! Your generous giving is strengthening our efforts in the face of antagonism from the Atlanta Establishment and the Democrats of the “Uniparty”!

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Your donations also contributed to the GRA-PAC helping to defeat Mrs. Sheree Ralston 47% to 53% in the special election runoff for State House District 7 last night, and contributed to helping Charlie Chase (out of nine candidates) make it to the runoff in his special election for State House District 119!

Second, one of the services we continue to be pleased to provide is a legislative vote scorecard of all our Republican state legislators, and our latest scorecards are now available for you to see here! The data brings several alarming items to our attention:

  • The majority of Republicans in the legislature scored a C or D. This is particularly troubling since we are very generous with our scoring system; a legislator can earn as low as 80% and still earn an “A” under our scoring system.
  • Most legislative Republicans scored lower than the most conservative Democrats.
  • While there are some exceptional outliers, most Republican legislators have gotten worse or stayed the same over time.

Do you know how your State Senator and State Representative actually votes at the Georgia State Capitol? The legislative session is currently happening right now, but Republicans are making little progress toward advancing any of the Republican principles of concern to the grassroots activists back home.

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Click the image above to see more of our vote scorecards.

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