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Results from the NFRA Convention in Orlando, Florida

Results from the NFRA Convention in Orlando, Florida

Orlando, FL — Over last weekend, GRA members gathered with other Republican Assembly members from as far away as Hawaii for the NFRA Endorsing Convention held at the Rosen Shingle Creek in Florida from October 13 to October 15, 2023. This national grassroots organization consists almost exclusively of unpaid volunteers from all parts of the country, including Puerto Rico, and they took decisive steps to shape the future of conservative leadership in America with their latest endorsements. In addition, they gathered to adopt resolutions and additions to the NFRA platform, and to elect officers.

Members from Georgia made up the largest delegation at the convention with 32 delegates participating—even surpassing the delegations from Florida and California! As with the GRA, it takes a minimum two-thirds majority vote of the participating membership to win the NFRA’s endorsement.

Congressman Jim Jordan Wins the NFRA Endorsement for Speaker of the U.S. House

Jim Jordan

At this significant convention, U.S.Representative Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) received a unanimous endorsement for the role of Speaker of the House of Representatives. His unwavering dedication to upholding constitutional values and proven leadership skills made him the standout choice for the U.S. House’s vital position.

This endorsement comes just before the U.S. House is expected to vote today on whether to elect Jordan as Speaker. Over the weekend, holdouts against Jordan have announced a change of mind, including Republican Congressmen from Georgia such as Austin Scott (R-GA’s 8th District) who attempted to run against Jordan in the Republican Caucus for the Speakership nomination.

Matt Gaetz

Congressman Matt Gaetz from Florida had been scheduled to be a keynote speaker at the NFRA Convention, but he was not able to leave Washington, D.C. due to the flurry to negotiate support for Jordan over the weekend. Gaetz instead called into the NFRA Convention and expressed support for their work and for Jordan. “I wish I was there with you rather than here in Washington, D.C.,” Gaetz told the crowd, “but we’re doing very important work, making sure that we get a Speaker who can advance Republican priorities. … Balanced budgets and programatic review of how we spend the taxpayer dollars.”

He added to standing applause: “We are still at the Capitol having small group meetings to bring every element of our conference together to elect Jim Jordan the next Speaker of the House!”

Americans await in suspense to see whether Jim Jordan will get the 217 votes needed to win election as the U.S. House Speaker.

NFRA Delegates Enthusiastically Endorse Donald Trump

Donald Trump speaking at NFRA Convention

In addition to Jordan, NFRA delegates overwhelmingly voted to endorse Donald Trump for President of the United States. These Republican Assembly members believe that these two men have the courage and fortitude to put America first ahead of lobbyists, corporations and foreign nations. We believe these men have what it takes to stand up to the uni-party. 

Some RA members, such as Mark Minich of Connecticut, were less enthusiastic about the Trump endorsement decision particularly because of mistakes they believe he made in 2020, expanding the national debt particularly with the CARES Act, mailing wealth redistribution checks, promoting Dr. Fauci, and his apparent back-pedaling on the sanctity of life following the media backlash received after the overturn of Roe v Wade. Not to mention his bump-stock ban relating to gun rights. Opponents of the endorsement feared Trump does not consistently hold to the principles and political philosophy of the Republican Assembly.


However, these concerns were overcome in the minds of most of the participating delegates due to former President Trump’s reputation for aggressively fighting the deep state, and by the sheer paranoia the Left displays at his leadership. Supporters voiced particular appreciation for his U.S. Supreme Court appointments, his success at keeping America out of war, and his tax cuts. The baseless indictments and petty attempts at impeachment of him only continue to endear Trump to Republican voters. 

Election Integrity Workshops a Huge Success at the NFRA Convention

IMG 3346 1024x768
Sam Carnline with GeorgiansforTruth leading a workshop illustrating one of the ways paper ballots can be counted in an election.

The Georgia Republican Assembly delegation in attendance included many of the leaders from the chapters in south Georgia, including Jeff Jones, the Coastal RA President, Ginny Hall and Joy Turner, members of the Coastal chapter’s executive team. Georgia election integrity leaders Holly Kesler and Field Searcy led a workshop on election integrity featuring a simulation of a paper ballot hand count at the precinct level, using two different methods.

Holly Kesler stressed the need for decentralization of elections and greater involvement and volunteer participation at the precinct level. This workshop was very well received and appreciated by patriots from around the country. 

Mike Lindell speaks Saturday evening

Speakers at the convention included Mike LindellAlex NewmanDr. Douglas FrankCaptain Seth KeshelMat Staver, Tom Homan, Brigitte Gabriel, and a panel of whistleblowers addressing corruption within the DOJ.

GRA 1st Vice President Brant Frost V chaired the Resolutions Committee, which, in addition to resolutions, presented an exhaustive platform document. The committee welcomed input from all NFRA members, many of whom have done extensive research on public policy and become near experts on the issues important to them. They also presented a resolution regarding the “natural born citizen” requirement for presidential candidates, urging activists:

RESOLVED, it is the will of this convention that only candidates who meet the natural born-citizenship standard, interpreted through an originalist and strict constructionist standard, be placed on the 2024 Republican presidential primary ballots.”

NFRA Welcomes New Chapter: South Carolina Republican Assembly

Jeff Davis introduces himself as the new chartering President of the South Carolina Republican Assembly

During the NFRA Convention Board meeting, leaders from across the country were excited to approve the charter for a new South Carolina chapter. Additionally, patriots from Louisiana attended the event and expressed eagerness to also charter a chapter in their state. This represents notable progress toward the goal of establishing strong Republican Assembly chapters in each state of the union that will provide accountability to their state government and bring reform to their state GOP. Please urge your patriot friends and family in other states to consider connecting with the Republican Assembly chapter in their state.

Additionally, the NFRA Board elected executive officers to serve the NFRA for the next two years. GRA President Alex Johnson was elected unanimously to serve another term as NFRA President. GRA Members James Jordan and Nathaniel Darnell were also elected to leadership positions within the NFRA.

Marxist Tax-funded Abortion Measure Defeated in Fulton County 

Marxist Tax-funded Abortion Measure Defeated in Fulton County 

300m 1024x1007

On Wednesday, Fulton County Commissioners Bob Ellis (Dist. 2) and Bridget Thorne (Dist. 1) led a valiant effort against a measure that would have given $300,000 to fund abortion murder in Fulton County. The Resolution, sponsored by Commissioner Dana Barrett (Dist. 3) would have forced pro-life residents of Fulton County to pay for “financial assistance and logistical support for abortion” through a socialistic donation of tax dollars to an organization called Access Reproductive Care (“ARC”) Southeast. This pro-abortion organization funds abortions, transportation to abortion mills, and child care for the living children of expectant mothers during the murder of their pre-born brother or sister. 

More than fifty attended the meeting in person to give public comment, including some GRA members and former State Rep. Alveda King, niece of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. 

“I would not have been okay with my taxes funding the gas chambers or ovens in Nazi Germany, or even the train transportation to the death camps,” said Fulton GRA Member Sarah Pedro during public comments. “Just as I am not okay with any funding that would promote the current holocaust of our youngest and most vulnerable Georgians. It is shameful to even be discussing the killing of the pre-born as health care. Health care for whom? Certainly not the baby!”

Pedro 1024x768

Speakers highlighted the disproportionate abortion rates in the black community. According to the Georgia Department of Public Health, 65% of babies killed in the womb by elective abortion in 2020 in Georgia were black babies. 

Former abortion supporter turned pro-life advocate Angela Stanton King, founder of Auntie Angie’s House and president of the American King Foundation, who gave birth in prison while shackled and was pardoned by President Trump for her 2004 conviction in a vehicle-theft ring, also gave public comment.

Abort 1024x632
Packed abortion clinic parking lot this week in Augusta, Georgia

A number of commenters identified themselves as Democratic Socialists and were vocal from the crowd supporting the pro-abortion, wealth redistribution measure. The argument from supporters of the measure was that there is “deepening health inequity” in the community that is impacting black women. They cited the overturn of Roe v. Wade and implementation of Georgia’s Heartbeat law as a reason why the funding is needed, however unlike some states, Georgia has not seen it’s abortion facilities shut down nor a massive decline in abortion numbers. Thirteen abortion facilities remain open continuing their bloody work, and pro-life sidewalk advocates report that abortion clinics are as busy as ever. Advocates for the measure urged Fulton County to match a donation made by the Atlanta City Council to the pro-abortion non-profit to help with this socialistic “equalizing” effort. 

Surprise opposition to the measure came from pro-choice Commissioner Khadijah Abdur-Rahman (Dist. 6). Abdur-Rahman had made a motion a few weeks prior to appropriate funds to help meet homeless needs that was rejected with Commissioner Dana Barrett opposing the motion. Abdur-Rahman took a position against other Democrats who supported Barrett’s motion funding ARC Southeast, asking “How can you support funding an abortion non-profit with budget money you don’t have for the homeless?

Commissioner Thorne strongly opposed the measure highlighted the fact that $300,000 is four times the amount the County gives to The Boys and Girls Club. 

Pro-abortion advocates who are constantly requesting tax dollars to fund their abortion agenda do this in the name of “choice”…however, they unequivocally reject the notion of a woman’s “choice” to have the baby.  True choice provides women the help and resources they need to have their babies,” said Fulton Resident Sarah Pedro.

Democrat Commission Chair Rob Pitts did not vote. After making a statement opposing the measure, Commissioner Bridget Thorne had to leave and was not able to vote. Lacking the four votes required to pass, the motion failed on a 3-2 vote.

Vote 1024x895

The pro-abortion motion might be added to a future agenda, and if that happens pro-life and limited government activists are committed to providing even stronger opposition. As Abolitionist Wendell Phillips quipped, “The price of liberty is eternal vigilance.” 

If you would like to see all pre-born children given legal protection in Georgia, so that it is illegal for organizations like ARC to promote prenatal homicide, sign this petition.

If you live in or near Fulton County, we encourage you to attend their meetings and voice your concerns. Commissioners’ meetings are held on the first and third Wednesdays of each month at 10 a.m. in the Fulton County Government Center Assembly Hall, 141 Pryor Street SW, Atlanta, Georgia. The next meeting will be held October 18.

Residents have three options to participate in 2-minute public comment: in person, in writing, or virtually via Zoom. All virtual public comments and requests to speak in person must be submitted before the clerk sounds the start of the meeting.

To submit a public comment in writing, residents can contact or by filling out the form located here.

Register in advance for the webinar by accessing the link via the calendar website.

Success at October Georgia Board of Elections Meeting

Success at October Georgia Board of Elections Meeting

Atlanta—Yesterday’s state Board of Elections saw another great turnout of patriots present. 30 of them withstood 10 hours of listening in on cases, petitions and comments. The greatest success of the meeting was that all of the charges harassing GRA member Jessie Blankenship were dismissed. Moreover, the harassing criminal charges against North Metro RA President Richard Jordan were also dropped, and now he only has to deal with some pending civil charges. Jordan has his own countersuit against the parties harassing him with a lawsuit for activities during last year’s election. GRA member David Oles served as the attorney representing Mr. Jordan.


For those not familiar with their cases, Jessie Blankenship had offered to drive people in her community to the polls during the election so they could vote, and for this act of generosity a complaint was filed against her. In Richard Jordan’s case, he asked to see a poll manager at the polls to inquire about the security of the “QR” codes on his ballot. After he made this inquiry, the police were called and it was falsely reported that he was making a disturbance. Video of the police approaching Mr. Jordan show that he was disturbing no one, and he asked the officer to leave him alone because the officer was violating his privacy by coming within view of his ballot, which had not yet been submitted to be counted.

Participants learned the people in NGOs are fraudulently registering people (some non-existen fictitious people) to vote.

A petition asking action from the State Board of Elections compiled by GRA IT Chairman Field Searcy, who is the co-founder of, also contained elements on injury voters have experienced from governing bodies. Many other GRA members signed that petition. Marilyn Marx from Coalition of Good Governance’s submitted a request for hand-marked paper ballots based on confidentiality of the ballot. This proposal was defeated but the Board asked to have a further dialogue with Marilyn and other activists. Board member Matthew Mashburn led a more public friendly meeting than Chairman William Duffy did at the previous meeting.

One of the board members privately told the patriots that the on-going persistence is having an impact on the legislators, and encouraged them to keep it up.

“Republicans” Betraying Republicans! Help Fight Now!💥

“Republicans” Betraying Republicans! Help Fight Now!💥

Ban 1024x582
Click to watch the video of Senator Moore’s interview with Steve Bannon yesterday.

A little over a month ago (LINK), we applauded the bravery of GRA-endorsed Senator Colton Moore and others in fighting for accountability. He was leading the charge in response to Fulton DA Fani Willis’s political prosecutions in Fulton County. He was a lone voice in the State Senate pushing for a special session to defund her office, as well as investigate her actions for potential impeachment, a power explicitly given to the legislature by the Georgia Constitution.

Any decent Republican would support this, if not to stop the prosecutions, then to simply draw attention to the corrupt nature of these political prosecutions in Democrat-run Fulton County.


But instead, alleged Republican “leadership” has apparently become jealous and spiteful of the existance of actual leadership. Despite President Trump’s open support for Colton Moore, and that Senator Moore is the only Senator opposed to “kicking the can down the road” to an unelected commission which may be found unconstitutional and choose to do nothing, they have decided to effectively kick Colton out (“indefinitely suspend”) of the Republican Legislative caucus.

They don’t have the spine to challenge Brad Raffensperger by passing legislation that increases public confidence in our election system.

They don’t have the spine to challenge Democrats, or efforts to expand government power and cronyism in Georgia.

Yet they are willing to effectively defend Democrats that are instituting political prosecutions of Republicans by kicking Republicans out of the caucus?

This is appalling.

Any “Republican” politician not publicly supporting Sen. Moore’s efforts, or decrying “leadership’s” decision, is a coward. Silence is not acceptable in the face of politically motivated prosecutions, and it’s also not acceptable when elected officials are called upon to make a stand on one of their own being intentionally attacked by alleged Republicans.

If we hope to unify and defeat the Democrats in 2024, these people who betray our party and basic common sense principles need to be stopped. Only can you stop them.


First, here is a list of so-called “Leadership” who allegedly made this cowardly decision to avoid the ire of their donors and/or Democrat friends. Call them and let them know that not only are you a Republican disappointed in their behavior, but you’re going to find challengers for them and support anyone who runs against them in the Republican primary. Please call them all.

Sen. John F. Kennedy
President Pro Tempore 

Sen. Steve Gooch
Majority Leader             

Sen. Randy Robertson    
Majority Whip                 

Sen. Jason Anavitarte
Majority Caucus Chair 

Sen. Larry Walker III
Majority Caucus Secretary   

Second, contact your own Senator and Representative and let them know that you expect them to make a public statement opposing the removal of Senator Colton Moore from the caucus. They will gladly tell you, in private, that they disagree with “leadership”, but that is only because they are trying to hide behind “leadership” as an excuse. You know who elects “leadership”? They do.  And unless they are willing to stand up to “leadership”, they are implicitly supporting the decision to remove Senator Moore. If they refuse to issue a public statement, let them know that you’ll run against them (if you will…hopefully you will), or support any other actual Republican that is willing to take such a stand.

Third, apply to join the Georgia Republican Assembly (GRA), and organize with others around the state to have only principled Republicans elected to office, both through your endorsements, as well as by ensuring that the GAGOP is run by principled people that will not allow fake Republicans to run for office as Republicans and attack principled leaders like Senator Moore.


1. There seems to be an effort to demonize both Fulton County Republican Susan Opraseuth (who was elected, and then un-elected due to GOP Establishment wranglings two years ago: see articles HERE and 2nd HERE for a history), as well as the current GAGOP Leadership by alleged Republicans over a “corporate structure” issue. 

This is all counter-productive. The attached e-mail was provided by the GAGOP (the “Alex” referenced in it is not me) that shows the legal counsel for the Secretary of State affirming that the GAGOP is in compliance with state political party law. While there certainly are issues that need to be fixed regarding some historical issues (and the GAGOP has created a committee to address), this e-mail alleviates my concerns regarding the possibility of Republican candidates being excluded from the general election ballot in the foreseeable future.

2. The Forsyth County Republican Party, which had grassroots leadership elected this last year, attempted to have their chosen election board member appointed to the local election board. This was and is currently being thwarted, according to these links by Hank Sullivan. Another case of the GOPe (Establishment) attempting to hold on to power. (Link 1) (Link 2)

3. It is alleged that the Fish Fry hosted by the 8th District GOP (Chairman: Chandler Jones) restricted entry of Republicans, who had already purchased tickets, who were wearing “Paper Please!” (advocating election integrity) shirts until after numerous politicians left the event. While this is perfectly legal, it is interesting that politicians and/or their supporters are trying to marginalize active and engaged Republicans.

We must stop allowing cowardice and selling out in politics if we want to maintain our brand. By unifying around Republican principles, we can work together to defeat the Democrats. 

GRA Members Charter New Chapter in Middle Georgia

GRA Members Charter New Chapter in Middle Georgia


Roberta, Georgia — Activists and GRA members gathered today at the Frozen Joe’s restaurant to charter a new local GRA regional chapter and elect officers. This new Middle GA RA (MGRA) chapter incorporates Bibb, Houston, Peach, Crawford, and Monroe counties, which are at the northern tip of the 2nd and 8th Congressional Districts in Georgia—two areas where the GRA has not until now had any local chapters organized.

IMG 0515 1024x768

Local GRA member and activist Paul White was elected as the chapter’s new local President. Troy Cook, the Crawford County GOP Chairman, was elected as his 1st Vice President. The rest of the local chapter Executive Committee team elected also includes Lisa Neisler, Edith Noriella, and Kathy Moody.

IMG 0518 1024x768

One of the major concerns expressed by those gathered was the recent treatment of patriots at the 8th District GA GOP Fish Fry a month earlier where the Atlanta Establishment-oriented Chairman Chan Jones at the last minute refused to allow ticket-holders to enter while wearing t-shirts with election integrity reform messages on them. At this charter meeting, they critiqued a maxim often promoted by the Establishment GOP: “Keep it small, rule it all!”

IMG 0504 1024x801

One of the reasons Republicans often lose to Democrats, the officers said, was because the local Establishment leadership is more obsessed with maintaining control over their “fiefdoms,” and so they deliberately keep their organization small so they can exercise more control. This is not how the GRA operates. We welcome all grassroots activists into the party who share a commitment to the Republican Party principles and are not merely interested in the popularity, prestige, and power that so enamors the Establishment with dollar signs in their eyes.

Several GRA officers and action group leaders were on hand to help with the charter, including the GRA’s 1st Vice President Brant Frost V, NFRA Director Nathaniel Darnell, 3rd Vice President Abigail Darnell, Chapter Relations Chairman David Carlson, and New Membership Committee Chairman Stephen Alligood.

The MGRA chapter scheduled their monthly chapter meetings, which they intend to give each county in the region a chance to host so they can make it easy for local members to participate. Let us know if you would like to join this local chapter’s meetings or activities.

Press Conference on Investigating D.A. Fani Willis Packed-Out  

Press Conference on Investigating D.A. Fani Willis Packed-Out  

Atlanta—Yesterday’s press conference at the state capitol calling for the legislature to investigate Fulton D.A. Fani Willis was standing room only as GRA-endorsed legislators State Senator Colton Moore (R-Dade) and State Rep. Charlice Byrd (R-Cherokee) affirmed the urgent need for a special legislative session before an ecstatic crowd that frequently broke into applause.

Press 1024x278

According to a recent poll, about “83% of Georgians across this state recognize that what is happening right now with District Attorney Fani Willis is politicization,” said 29-year-old State Senator Moore at the conference. “I represent 200,000 hard-working Georgians in northwest Georgia. The people who I represent … they sweat hard for their tax dollars, and they don’t want their tax dollars funding this type of corrupt government power!”

“We as a legislature have no power to do anything until we are in session,” he continued, “and that’s why we must have session now, because we must investigate Fani Willis.”  Concerning the indictments, Moore said that it was a political attack, and that this fight “is about basic fundamental First Amendment rights to question the results of an election.”  

Senator Moore and Rep. Byrd were joined at the press conference by a wide variety of activist leaders, including Dr. Alveda KingJenny Beth Martin of Tea Party Patriots ActionBruce LeVell, and Mallory Staples of the Georgia Freedom Caucus. An even broader array of leaders spoke at the rally at the Liberty Plaza thereafter, including Georgia Republican Party 1st Vice Chairman Brian Pritchard, 2nd Vice Chairman David Cross, VoterGA’s Garland Favorito, attorney Jared Craig with Veterans for America First, Sam Carnline with Georgians for Truth, and representatives of Blacks for Trump. State Senator Brandon Beach (R-Fulton) has also signed onto the petition for a legislative session.

Jenny Beth Martin said, “They are doing this because they want to scare you. They want to scare you so much that you’ll stop speaking out.  They want to scare you so much that you stop gathering together with your like-minded countrymen. They want to scare you so much that you will no longer express your concerns about an overbearing government, and they want to scare you so much that you will not want to get involved in our election processes to ensure they are free and fair and transparent.  What they are doing is frightening, but now is the time for courage.  Now is the time to speak louder.  Now is the time to gather in greater numbers, and now is the time to raise your concerns. Now is the time to get involved in the election process so we can secure the vote and we can win elections in 2024, and hold these freedom thieves accountable!”

GRA members from every corner of the state travelled far and wide to be there and show support. Many people present wore t-shirts or carried signs about election integrity and the District Attorney’s indictment against nineteen people in Georgia in relation to the 2020 presidential election.   

IMG 3059 300x225

In spite of the numerous calls from constituents, many Republican politicians under the Gold Dome have been reluctant to show support for a special session to investigate Willis, citing such excuses as “not having the numbers.” The various excuses from these politicians could be summarized as “It’s really hard to do that, so we shouldn’t try.” It’s the same thing we’ve heard every time there has been a push for an urgent special session. You might call it the “Pontius Pilate” excuse: “A grave injustice is about to occur, but it would be hard to stop it. I’m just one person. It’s not politically expedient for me to intervene, so I should just let the injustice continue.”

In contrast, a principled Republican says, “I have a responsibility to ensure justice is done. It doesn’t matter how slim the chance of success, I have a duty before God to intervene.”

One speaker named Angela asked about Fani Willis, “What has she done for this community in Fulton County, Georgia since she’s been in office?  She showed up to speak for abortion when Roe v. Wade was being overturned.  But I opened a pregnancy home for women right here in her district and she hasn’t showed up for that!  They show up when it’s time for us to abort our babies, but they don’t show up when it’s time for us to give life.”

Garland Favorito of said that for the past 17 years his organization has published reports of election problems in Georgia.  Garland said, “In 2020 Georgia suffered the most corrupt election in our history.  We were victims of a multi-faceted attack on our election that included robbery, interference, ballot trafficking, electronic vote tampering, audit fraud, and voter role manipulation.  So what did Fani Willis do about that?  She covered it up; she kept two grand juries from knowing anything about that.”

Donld 300x298

Reports released today show that the Fulton Grand Jury originally attempted to indict even more Republicans than the 19 charged in mid-August. Typically, it is the district attorney who suggests a person to a grand jury. Only 19 of the 39 recommended were approved for indictment, but that original list included former Georgia U.S. Senators David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler. It illustrates what a broad brush Fulton Democrats were painting with, and underscores how the entire investigation has been a blatant attempt at political harassment from the beginning.

With the release of this news today that Fulton prosecution targets included Kelly Loeffler, one wonders if Governor Kemp would be more open to intervene and investigate Willis. A special legislative session can be called either by the governor or by a consensus of the legislators themselves.

Please continue to contact your legislators and urge them to support the call for a special legislative session. Newnan attorney Jared B. Craig encouraged the audience to get out the vote come election time, “but in the meantime, we need to support those people that are willing to stand up and do the noble work with courage and integrity as Senator Moore and the Freedom Caucus.”  Craig urged listeners, “We need to fund their campaigns and their efforts.” 

Sam Carnline from GeorgiansForTruth spoke about the need to return to hand-marked paper ballots.  Carnline then challenged the group to get out of their comfort zone.  Carnline said, “I want to challenge all of ya’ll, to challenge all of your friends,  that they need to get out there and make these representatives that we have uncomfortable.  Saturday was a couple of weeks ago, I made Secretary of State Raffensburger uncomfortable, and he ran from me!  Then I had the opportunity to speak to Governor Kemp and I made him so uncomfortable that he spoke the truth!”

Click here to watch the full video of the press conference.

Tonight’s Georgia Right to Life REACH Dinner a Great Success

Tonight’s Georgia Right to Life REACH Dinner a Great Success

123 1024x722
GRA officers Nathaniel & Abigail Darnell with Georgia Right to Life

We at the GRA appreciate our friends at Georgia Right to Life (GRTL) for leading the charge in the pro-life cause in our state for over 50 years! Last night we were pleased to once again support them at their annual REACH Benefit Dinner at the Cobb Galleria where GRA-endorsed State Charlice Byrd (R-Cherokee) and State Rep. Emory Dunahoo (R-Hall) were honored for their pro-life legislative efforts. Protecting all innocent life from murder from the moment of conception to natural death is a moral principle we share, and look forward to being implemented in our state.

It was delightful to have Public Service Commissioner Tim Echols and Georgia Republican Party National Committeeman Jason Thompson attend the event.

Guest keynote speaker Alison Howard Centofante (derogatorily called the “pro-life Barbie”) is a mother of two who gave a compelling message, sharing touching personal stories and reports about shutting down abortion clinics engaged in medical malpractice. She discussed how families and ministries can provide safe places to young ladies who find themselves pregnant out of wedlock. She also addressed misconceptions surrounding the issue, stating that abortion (the intentional murder of a human being) is never necessary to “save the life of the mother.”

Doctors have two patients when dealing with pregnancy complications, and while it may become medically necessary to separate the preborn infant from the mother, that is not the same thing as intentionally murdering “by poisoning or dismembering the child,” Alison said.

Alison Howard Centofante delivers her keynote address at the GRTL outreach dinner.

Will Georgia Republicans Investigate  Fulton D.A. Fani Willis?  

Will Georgia Republicans Investigate  Fulton D.A. Fani Willis?  

So it seems Republicans everywhere want to investigate and potentially sanction Fulton D.A. Fani Willis — except Republican elected officials under the Gold Dome in Atlanta! GRA-endorsed State Senator Colton Moore (R-Trenton) received accolades for his call for a special session investigating her from former President Donald Trump in a video as he undergoes political harassment from her trial:

Meanwhile, even Republicans in Congress are looking into ways to investigate Willis and possibly bring federal sanctions against her. Georgia Congressman Andrew Clyde (R-District 9) and Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-14) have been among the advocates for this move. Even U.S. House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan from Ohio agrees. State Rep. Charlice Byrd (R-Cherokee) also joined with Senator Moore in calling for a special legislative session, and other legislators are adding their names to the call.

But the automaton “Republican” legislators at the state capitol who love reciting the talking-points handed down to them from Governor Brian Kemp and Speaker Jon Burns‘ office, keep insisting that they “don’t have the numbers to impeach Fani Willis” and the new “Prosecutorial Oversight Commission” should be the group that investigates and possibly sanctions Willis. One legislator even told a constituent that “sometimes you just have to kiss the ring!” This passing of the buck has several problems with it—not the least of which is that it is likely unconstitutional.

Yet in a recent NewsMax interview that included attorney and GRA President Alex Johnson, State Senator Clint Dixon (R-Buford) insisted on this very process being the only way. Alex said in the interview that Senator Moore’s proposal would be a legitimate legal approach, but the legislator disagreed, citing incorrect numbers on the threshold needed to effect a special session and to impeach or remove from office.

This newly-created commission is not even scheduled to meet until mid-October, and it currently does not have standards in place for evaluating prosecutors. More problematic, though, is that this commission is composed of an unelected bureaucracy. One cannot circumvent the constitutional requirement of a two-thirds majority from elected legislators by delegating that power to a non-elected body operating within a simple-majority. If the commission were to actually implement removal from office of an elected prosecutor, that would no doubt be challenged as a violation of the state constitution, and it would probably take years for the suit to be resolved.

Contrary to Senator Dixon’s claims, the state constitution does not require a “three-fourths majority vote of both chambers to impeach.” It does not even require impeachment by a two-thirds majority. Under Article III, Section VII of the Georgia State Constitution, the only requirement involving a two-thirds majority is for the State Senate vote to remove from office after the State House has voted by a simple majority to impeach. An “impeachment” operates effectively as an indictment. Here is the actual text of the state constitution on the procedure:

Gacnst 1024x569

Republicans in the State House already have the simple majority necessary to impeach, if such a move proves necessary after an investigation. So claims that Republicans “don’t have the numbers for impeachment” is just a flat out lie.

Whether two-thirds of the State Senators find it necessary to follow up such an impeachment with removal from office, will depend entirely on what the hearings and investigations by the legislature may uncover. But the cowardly Republican state legislators don’t even want to allow for the possibility that they could find sufficient evidence during that process to warrant removing Willis from office.

Allegedly “lacking the numbers” did not stop congressional Democrats under Nancy Pelosi from twice impeaching President Trump as an act of political harassment, and it should not stop Republicans from meting their political attacks with equivalent measures.


However, even if the new bureaucratic commission in October considered removal from office in lieu of the legislature, Governor Brian Kemp has already declared that he would not approve that outcome.

Other possible sanctions that would require less than a two-thirds majority vote of the state legislature include such options Senator Moore has listed as de-funding her Fulton County operation. Again, the RINOs in the legislature claim this cannot be done. But the Fulton County Commission appears to be taking these possibilities seriously. They have drafted a resolution being brought up at a meeting later this week begging both the federal government and the state government not to withhold funding from the Fulton D.A.’s office. Why would they do this if withholding funding was not possible?

Today the ultra-statist liberal newspaper The AJC put out a piece suggesting that other Republicans in the legislature should impeach and remove Senator Colton Moore from office for pressuring them to do the right thing so publicly. This is an ironic proposal considering how The AJC and Establishment Republicans of Atlanta have previously characterized the GRA as “just wanting to purge”out anyone who disagreed with them. Guess they don’t really have any problem with “purgings” within the GOP after all. But should we be surprised since they were already sitting on their hands letting Democrats purge leaders like Donald Trump?

It should serve as notice to real Republicans everywhere that when the far left media starts praising certain “Republican” politicians, they are on the wrong side of the issue.


If RINOs in the legislature actually were to bring sanctions against Senator Moore, they shouldn’t be surprised if the GA GOP responds with a vote to block many of them from re-qualifying to run in the Republican primary next year. Since the GA GOP has not yet voted to adopt the proposed Accountability Rule, constitutionally the organization’s Executive Committee has the power protected under the First Amendment to vote by simple-majority to disassociate with any incumbent.

The GA GOP’s Executive Committee has 28 members, so only 15 members would need to vote in favor of blocking any incumbent from qualifying to run as a Republican again next year. Newly elected non-Establishment members on that committee such as Brian PritchardDavid CrossSalleigh GrubbsSuzi Volyes, and Caroline Jeffords could lead this effort, and they have plenty of other reasons to be upset with incumbent Republican legislators given the resistance they have shown to considering serious election integrity reform. Even Immediate Past Chairman David Shafer may be open to considering this move since he is one of the alternate electors being harassed by Fani Willis in this trumped-up indictment.

Regardless of the push-back, Senator Colton Moore, State Rep. Charlice Byrd, and the rest of the Georgia Freedom Caucus are moving forward with a scheduled press conference and rally over this issue at the state capitol on Thursday, September 7th at noon. Show up at that event and/or donate to support these brave Republican legislators!

At the 8th District GOP Fish Fry, Treatment of Ticketholders Gets Fishy

At the 8th District GOP Fish Fry, Treatment of Ticketholders Gets Fishy

Fish 1024x768

In case you missed it, things got a bit tense at the 8th Congressional District GOP’s Fish Fry and State Committee meeting in Perry on August 26th. At the last minute, the host, 8th District GOP Chairman Chan Jones, decided to impose a dress code forbidding clothing displaying anything about election integrity. Jones has been an out-spoken opponent of election integrity efforts on the GA GOP State Committee. A few guests were told about the change on Friday, but most who drove several hours to the event from different corners of the state were unaware of the dress code until confronted inside the venue. Many who were wearing t-shirts from VoterGA or GeorgiansForTruth were told to remove their shirts or leave.

This effort to censure was done in violation of contract with these ticketholders. Nothing in the negotiations for the Fish Fry specified that ticketholders could not wear election-integrity themed shirts before they paid. Once the host took their money and issued them tickets without that restriction, he ceased to have the legal authority to exclude them under those conditions. They did not do anything disruptive. It is a shame that these Republican hosts would want to censure a message so near and dear to the Republican principles of the grassroots. Why would anyone be against election integrity?

There were several cellphone videos taken by attendees at the event, and a few captured highlights which have been shared widely online. One video is of a law enforcement officer—at the direction of the 8th District Chair—telling a group of attendees (including Grady County GOP Chairman Jeff Jolly and several GRA members), “All of you are criminally trespassing. If you don’t leave you’re going to be arrested,” because they were wearing voter integrity shirts. 

Another video shows Sam Carnline with Georgians For Truth politely asking Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger about election integrity, and the S.o.S. nervously walked away mid-sentence without answering. 

Still another video shows Sam speaking with Governor Kemp, in which Kemp says, “If you give anybody a machine they can hack it.” 

After Governor Kemp left, several of our members reported that the the dress code was no longer enforced and a number of folks put back on their voter integrity shirts and wore them openly without any opposition for the remainder of time at the venue. 

Thankfully, no one was arrested or injured to our knowledge. But it was shameful that anyone was put in fear that they could be arrested. Despite that this has historically been a well-known Establishment event, true patriot conservatives were numerous in attendance and really had a warm reception by most of the others there. The GRA had a table at the event space, and many folks conversed with our members in an amiable manner, took brochures, and signed the petition to investigate Fani Willis. 

Volunteers at the GRA table at the Fish Fry in Perry, Georgia

In spite of the ridiculous tactics to exclude folks from our side at the venue, it was a good day overall. It was encouraging to hear that people are waking up and our members are making a positive influence on the party. 🙂

GRA-Endorsed State Sen. Colton Moore’s Call for a Special Session Gains National Attention

GRA-Endorsed State Sen. Colton Moore’s Call for a Special Session Gains National Attention

The GRA is appalled by the political prosecutions occurring in Fulton County, and their effect on undermining the fabric of our nation. The GRA strongly supports GRA-endorsed State Senator Colton Moore‘s effort to call a special emergency session to respond to these actions.

We urge you to contact your state legislators and have them sign onto Senator Colton Moore’s letter.

Since Colton released the news of his letter to the Governor, he has been interviewed by conservative media outlets from across the country, including by Charlie Kirk of TurningPoint USA and Steve Bannon. The story has gained national media attention and even been commented on by former President Donald Trump on his TruthSocial:

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