Winners at the 2024 GA GOP State Convention

Winners at the 2024 GA GOP State Convention

Columbus — Over 1,300 delegates from across the state assembled at the GA GOP State Convention last weekend, electing the remaining 14 At-Large National Delegates and Alternates from Georgia to the Republican National Convention, electing the National Committeeman and National Committeewoman, and voting on proposed resolutions.

Joanna Hildreth

GRA members garnered some big wins at the convention! Six more of the 14 at-large delegates elected Saturday to the Republican National Convention are GRA members. Joanna Hildreth, our GRA Secretary and the Chair of the Catoosa GOP (which has been bravely fighting the County Commission candidate qualifying battle) was one of the delegates that was endorsed by former President Donald Trump ahead of time.

GRA 1st Vice President Brant Frost V and GRA member Caroline Jeffords were both elected to serve as the sole GA GOP representatives on the Republican National Convention’s Rules Committee — arguably the most influential committee at the National Convention.

These positions will be key as the RNC in Milwaukee looks at making several significant improvements on the rules of the national Republican organization this year. One proposal, for example, would apportion congressional districts with more Republican voters with more national delegates in the future. This would mean a district like Marjorie Taylor Greene‘s or Andrew Clyde‘s would receive more delegates than a highly Democrat-populated district like Nancy Pelosi‘s in California. Right now, all congressional districts get an even number of three delegates.

Suzi Voyles

In addition, GRA members Suzi Voyles and Josh McKoon (also the GA GOP Chairman) were elected to the Republican National Platform & Resolutions Committee. Their leadership will be key in guarding our national Republican platform, which is the contract between the Republican Party and the grassroots. We are counting on them ensuring that the national platform does not get watered down from the shining standard it has been over the last 48 years to guard “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” in America. Please pray for them.

In the race for National Committeeman, GRA member Jason Thompson was re-elected. He had been challenged by GRA member Jason Frazier and David Cross. When Frazier came in third place by one vote on the first ballot, many Frazier supporters voted for Thompson on the second ballot, which put Thompson over the top. Jason Thompson was first elected to the position of National Committeeman by the GA GOP State Committee in 2017.

Amy Kremer

But the incumbent did not win in the National Committeewoman’s race. Ginger Howard was challenged by election integrity activists Amy Kremer and Shawn Cross. On the first ballot, Mrs. Cross was eliminated, and on the second ballot it appears most of her supporters voted for Kremer, who defeated Howard.

In January 2021, Kremer’s organization Women for America First hosted a “Stop the Steal” rally in D.C. while, she says, the RNC was at the Ritz Carlton. Amy is a fighter, who prioritizes activism over cocktail parties.  Amy and her team didn’t tell anyone to go into the Capitol on January 6th, and didn’t go there herself, but nevertheless she and ten others affiliated with the group were subpoenaed by the House Select Committee.

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