Revitalize Georgia’s GOP: Stand with Us Against the Establishment!

Revitalize Georgia’s GOP: Stand with Us Against the Establishment!

Donald Trump was elected President because people are sick and tired of lying, selfish politicians that sell out the country for their own advancement and the love of their paid political industry/lobbyist friends.

That is why the Democrat DA Fani Willis is prosecuting him and other Republicans in Fulton County, and it’s also why the National Federation of Republican Assemblies has endorsed him for re-election at our October Convention in Orlando, Florida. 

It’s also why these Establishment people are refusing to do what’s necessary to end the prosecutions, and kicked out Senator Colton Moore instead of standing behind him to hold Willis accountable. But this isn’t unexpected.

It was just in 2017 that the Georgia GOP elected a lobbyist as party Chairman, who donated to Democrats. Even today, a GAGOP district chairman exists who is a paid lobbyist who had donated money to Democrats. It was only after 2019 that the Georgia GOP instituted a state party platform: throughout much of 2013-2019, the Georgia GOP refused to take a stand on any issue, allowing spineless alleged Republicans to do things like expand Obamacare with impunity, or to raise taxes.

If the branding of Republicanism is this terrible, is it any surprise that we look so weak publicly? As we’ve been pushing for years, if the GAGOP doesn’t maintain its brand, we will lose elections. The Establishment, instead of trying to secure and thereby increase trust in our elections, regularly tries to suppress the election integrity movement.

But there’s good news: the Establishment is losing, and with your help, we’re going to end their control over Georgia elected officials and public policy.

As we pointed out before, the Republican Party has the power to maintain its brand. Under the First Amendment to the United States Constitution, we have freedom of association: meaning that the Republican Party cannot be forced by the government, or anyone else, to qualify certain candidates for office.

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The Accountability Rule is going into operation in local GOP county organizations around the state.

The Establishment doesn’t want you to know this, dislikes it, and, frankly, has probably forgotten about it. They love contested primaries where they can just convince the public that their America-Last, sellout candidates are the “best” by raising and spending millions of dollars from corporate interests. They will never want to prevent figures like Obama, Pelosi, or other actual Democrats from running on the Republican ballot because they benefit financially from such conflicts. They don’t care who wins, as long as they get paid and their clients are happy.

But the grassroots, anti-Establishment people understand the issue: it is virtually impossible to beat people raising $500,000+ for a job that pays $20,000/yr, funded fully by interests looking to make money off the government. People like Liz Cheney and Brad Raffensperger will happily destroy our party’s reputation and brand while ignoring the grassroots.

This ends when the Republican Party, through your involvement, simply votes in the party to not let them run as Republicans.

Last year, we proposed a GAGOP rules change that would prohibit anyone other than convention delegates and county parties from refusing to qualify fake Republicans for office. This measure was never brought up for a vote.

But the power of the GAGOP, and its local parties, to simply not allow people to qualify for party office who do not meet your very basic standards remained unchanged.

A few brave leaders (who are actual leaders, in contrast to the cowards who want to defend Fani Willis) in various county parties around the state, have instituted rules that give themselves the power to ensure that only actual Republicans get to run as Republicans in their counties. While people in some parts of the state may not understand this, in much of “Republican Red” Georgia, people with Democrat philosophies (high tax, bigger government, restrictions on property rights) run under the Republican ballot because Republicans do not realize that according to the US Supreme Court, the party has the ability to control who it associates (or does not associate) with. 

The Establishment, of course, is terrified. They are creating as much fear, misinformation, and confusion as possible to keep the power away from you (as we have talked about, identified, and predicted years ago), and in the hands of their monied lobbyist friends.

They’ve tried to claim it’s a plot to exclude President Trump from the ballot, despite the fact that the tiny GAGOP Executive Committee voted just a few weeks ago to include every candidate, except for one (whose ticket was both unconstitutional and hostile towards grassroots accountability efforts), on the Republican Primary ballot in Georgia. This small group of Republicans just voted to put President Trump on the ballot, when they could have chosen to exclude him. Why is this? Because, as we said just a few months ago, the anti-Establishment candidates for GAGOP office won overwhelmingly in Georgia.

And the only way that is going to continue is if we all stay involved, continue to give power to the people (not the politicians and their lobbyist friends), and demand accountability from elected officials.

We need to strongly support and encourage every county party in Georgia to institute rules that give the county committees the power to ensure that anyone wishing to run as a Republican actually IS a Republican, and haven’t been stabbing local voters in the back. We have an obligation and a duty to prevent the public from being betrayed and fooled in our name.

We also need to continue to support GRA Endorsed Sen. Colton Moore in his bill to end the Fulton Trump prosecutions. 

We must work together. And we must defeat the Establishment. If we fail now, and people get discouraged and are not involved in their county parties or next year’s convention cycle, the opportunity will not come again.

We will continue to keep you informed, and encourage you to apply to join the GRA.

We hope you have a Merry Christmas and a great New Year!

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