GRA Board Meets in Dalton

GRA Board Meets in Dalton

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Today the GRA Board met in Dalton, Georgia. The GRA Board consists of the GRA Executive Committee officers, the Presidents of the local county and regional chapters, and the Chairmen of our standing committees or action groups.

We appreciate Northwest GA RA President Eddie Caldwell hosting the meeting. Eddie was this year also elected the Whitfield County GOP Chairman.

Participants had the opportunity to review the successes of our outreach efforts over the course of the year, examine ways to improve, and to plan for new projects up-coming.

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GRA 1st Vice President Brant Frost V speaking with GRA President Alex Johnson

Among the decisions made at the meeting, the Board determined that the date of the next GRA State Convention would be held on Saturday, December 9th at a location in metro-Atlanta to be announced later.

The Board also voted to approve a new scholarship fund to provide financial aid to help low-income patriots in paying for registration at conventions. Similar programs have been adopted in county GOPs where GRA members are in leadership. For example, the Catoosa County GOP (led by our GRA Secretary Joanna Hildreth) this year was able to pay to cover the cost of all their delegates who travelled to Columbus for the GA GOP State Convention.

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