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Huge Victories in the GOP District Conventions Across the State!

Huge Victories in the GOP District Conventions Across the State!

Saturday, April 22nd, delegates reported major GRA wins in the Georgia Republican Congressional District Conventions all across the state!

The longest and perhaps hardest fought victories came in the 11th Congressional District, which concluded near 7:30pm. Going into that convention, many were still concerned that the Establishment would attempt to throw out the Cherokee County delegation, but they were successfully seated. By 4pm a secret ballot election count found that GRA-endorsed candidate David Oles(Pickens) had defeated incumbent Dr. Lisa Adkins (Cobb) for the 11th District GOP Chairman’s race by a vote of 164 to 88. GRA-endorsed candidate James Dvorak(Cherokee) also defeated Roy Adkins (Cobb) for Vice Chair of Communications in the 11th by a vote of 163 to 88. GRA-endorsed candidate Chris Mora (Pickens) won the 11th’s 1st Vice Chair position without opposition, and he presided over the remainder of that convention.

Several other GRA-endorsed candidates and GRA members were elected to the 11th District GOP Committee and the GA GOP State Committee from the 11th, including Marcia Cox (Cherokee), Carolyn Childers (Pickens), Cassandra Docherty(Cherokee), Susan Haddad (Cherokee), and Dr. Fun Fong (Cobb).

At the 14th District GOP Convention, in spite of a late smear campaign targeted against him, our GRA NFRA Director Nathaniel Darnell (Cobb) was elected as Treasurer when his opponent dropped out of the race. He was also re-elected to the GA GOP State Committee by acclamation. In that District our GRA Assistant Secretary Denise Burns (Catoosa) also easily won re-election as the 14th’s District GOP Chairwoman, and several GRA members were elected from the 14th to the GA GOP State Committee, including Jackie Harling(Walker) and our GRA Secretary Joanna Hildreth (Catoosa).

In the 6th District, another candidate who endured a series of smear campaigns was GRA-endorsed Richard Jordan (Cherokee), who successfully won election as the 1st Vice Chairman by a vote of 156 to 68.

GRA member Donna Watson (C0bb) won election as the 6th District Chairwoman. GRA-endorsed candidate Honey Burfield (Cherokee) was elected to the GA GOP State Committee from the 6th. A majority of the elected 6th District Executive Committee members were also GRA-endorsed candidates.

In the 13th District, GRA-member Nathan Adams (Cobb) won re-election as the 1st Vice Chairman in that Republican organization, and Cobb RA Executive Committee officer Matthew Hardwick won election to the GA GOP State Committee!

In the 4th District, GRA President Alex Johnson (DeKalb) and the GRA’s junior NFRA Director Catherine Bernard (DeKalb) were also elected to the GA GOP State Committee. GRA-endorsed candidate Jim Duffie (DeKalb) was elected as the 4th District GOP Chairman. That district was the earliest to report adjourning, being out by 11:30am Saturday morning.

In the 3rd Congressional District, former State Senator and GRA member Mike Crane(Coweta) was easily re-elected as 3rd District GOP Chairman. GRA 2nd Vice President Jim Fernander (Douglas) and West GRA chapter leader Katie Frost (Coweta) also easily won election to the GA GOP State Committee, along with many other terrific GRA members in the 3rd District.

But perhaps the biggest surprise upset came from the 1st Congressional District where, former candidate for the Republican nomination for Governor, Kandiss Taylor(Appling) won election as the new District Chairwoman with the help of our SEGRA chapter. The uber-liberal Atlanta Journal-Constitution (via Greg Bluesteinbegrudgingly acknowledged these victories Sunday morning, devoting 24 paragraphs to try and spin how “irrelevant” they are with quotes from cronies of the Atlanta political industry. Kandiss Taylor provided a response on her Facebook social media page, which you can watch here. For the third time in three years, attorney Jason Shepherd (Cobb) spitefully declared in the article that he was leaving the Republican Party. Jason has made it his regular practice to publicly malign, slander, and harass conservatives in the GOP ever since he lost a race for GA GOP Chairman to David Shafer (Gwinnett) two years ago.

These state-wide victories showcase the deep hunger the grassroots in the Republican Party have for a change toward accountability to Republican principles and policies (as described in our GOP platform). The people sense a massive disconnect between the Republican Establishment in Atlanta at the State Capitol and the folks back home.

Now we prepare for the state GA GOP Convention in Columbus, GA in early June. You can equip yourself for that event by joining us for the GRA state Endorsement Convention this coming Saturday in Smyrna, Georgia! You will have the opportunity to hear from numerous candidates, and if you are a GRA member, you will have the opportunity to vote to endorse the candidates. (Remember it takes a 2/3rd majority vote of the participating membership to earn an endorsement from the GRA.)

GRA State Endorsement Convention
Saturday, April 29, 2023 | Starting at 10:00am 
American Legion – Smyrna Post 160 | 160 Legion Drive SE 
Smyrna, GA 30080
Online Registration: $40
Lunch included!