GRA Racking Up the Wins in the 2024 GA Republican Primary!

GRA Racking Up the Wins in the 2024 GA Republican Primary!

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GRA-endorsed candidates pulled off some impressive victories Tuesday night sure to rattle some of the RINO Establishment’s cages. Very notably, GRA-endorsed candidate Noelle Kahaian defeated incumbent State Rep. Lauren Daniel (R-Locust Grove) in the House District 81 race! Daniel had earned a legislative vote score last year of 34% “F.” Noelle beat Lauren in the newly redistricted House seat by a margin of 52.78% to 47.22% when all the precincts were counted.

The GRA-PAC was proud to sponsor Kahaian’s race early.

“RINO Wrangler” State Senator Colton Moore (R-Dade) also made short work of his primary challenger in his race for re-election last night. Now that the Republican voters in the district have voted so overwhelmingly (70.44% to 29.56%) to re-nominate Moore as the Republican Senator for the district, it will be interesting to see if the State Senate Republican Caucus re-admits him.

Troy Cook

In another upset against an incumbent, GRA Middle GA chapter President Troy Cook stomped on Crawford County Commissioner for District 2 Jackie McCowan, earning nearly four times as many votes as the out-going incumbent! Troy has also served as the Crawford County GOP Chairman.

GRA-endorsed candidate Ken Pullin also got one morevote than the incumbent and made it into a runoff for Pike County Commission. The GRA formerly endorsed Pullin for State House in 2018 and helped get him elected to that office. He had an “A” legislative voting score.

Pullin served for one term in the State House before the late Speaker David Ralston (R-Blue Ridge) ensured his district was gerrymandered during redistricting in a way that was likely to decrease his chances of re-election.

GRA endorsed candidates did particularly well in most local races. Here is a list of our most recent tally of GRA-endorsed candidates who won their primary elections last night:

• Congressional District 9: Andrew Clyde (incumbent) (PRIMARY WINNER!)
• State Senate District 53: Colton Moore (Catoosa, Walker, & Dade area)(incumbent) (PRIMARY WINNER!)
• State Senate District 55: Mary Benefield (DeKalb County) (PRIMARY WINNER!)
• State House District 20: Charlice Byrd (Cherokee County)(incumbent) (PRIMARY WINNER!)
• State House District 81: Noelle Kahaian (McDonough & Griffin) (PRIMARY WINNER!)
• State House District 83: Catherine Bernard (DeKalb County) (PRIMARY WINNER!)
• Miller County Commissioner, District 3: Keith Bowen (PRIMARY WINNER!)
• Murray County School Board District 3: Tony Abernathy (PRIMARY WINNER!)
• Pike County Board of Commissioners: Ken Pullin (PRIMARY RUNOFF)
• Whitfield County Commission Sheriff: Darren Pierce (PRIMARY WINNER!)
• Whitfield County Coroner: Clyde McDaniel (PRIMARY WINNER!)
• Cherokee Chief Magistrate: Trey Goodwin (PRIMARY WINNER!)
• Brunswick Judicial Circuit District Attorney: Keith Higgins (PRIMARY WINNER!)

Judicial Candidates Pinson & Davis Win!


Although judicial races are technically considered “non-partisan,” we made a point of highlighting two key judicial races in Georgia this week that were successful. State Supreme Court Justice Andrew Pinson is a Republican jurist who beat long-time Democrat John Barrow with 54.95% of the vote!

Meanwhile,  Jeff Davis is a Republican jurist who won his election to Court of Appeals with 57.02% of the vote against Tabitha Ponder.

We congratulate Justice Pinson and Judge Davis on their election victories and pray that they will do their utmost in our climate of judicial “law-fare” to oppose corruption and uphold justice in our state, properly applying our constitutional laws to protect all citizens from harm.

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