Over a Dozen Key Counties Flip in GOP County Conventions Last Weekend!

Over a Dozen Key Counties Flip in GOP County Conventions Last Weekend!

Saturday was a BIG DAY of successes for GRA chapters across the state as — even the uber-liberal Atlanta Journal-Constitution had to admit in an article that — the “Georgia Republican Assembly and its allies mounted a series of successful operations” in county GOP conventions. This represents a tremendous movement in Georgia to reform the party so that its elected officials actually enact their professed Republican principles.

Salleigh Grubbs and her new Cobb GOP
Executive Committee after winning re-election

Contrary to some strange mantras, the purpose of the Republican Party is to advance principles (which made American great) and Republican policies as they have been described in our platforms over the decades — not to merely win elections. Winning elections is a means to an end to advance the principles. We have won many elections over the last 40 years, and yet little progress has been made in enacting Republican principles into law. But the Democrats have advanced their agenda, and not been afraid that it would make them lose elections.

Grassroots volunteers are getting tired of Republican elected officials ignoring policies such as real meaningful election integrity reform, medical freedom, gun rights, preborn equal protection rights, parental control over education, free markets, fiscal responsibility, and small government!We are ready for a change of direction. Republicans at the Gold Dome have been behaving too much like Democrats. Indeed, they vote with Democrats most of the time! The grassroots volunteers are moving the GOP away from the Establishment sycophants and toward a more accountability-minded administration.

“In Cherokee County, GRA-backed contenders swept leadership posts after a roughly nine-hour meeting,” reported the AJC in its recent The Jolt piece. “In Chatham County, GRA-backed delegates engineered a … takeover of the local party.”

Tim Roberts from
Hart County

The AJC went on to acknowledge that the GRA “scored wins by electing party leaders in Catoosa, Chatham, Cherokee, Coweta, DeKalb, Fulton, and Whitfield counties.” Actually, the AJC article failed to mention victories in many more counties besides these such as in Hart County where GRA-member Tim Roberts was elected the new county party Chairman. His brother Silas Roberts (President of the Hart County RA chapter) will serve on the local GOP board with him, along with former GRA-endorsed State House candidate Dylan Purcell.

In Cobb County, GRA-member Salleigh Grubbs won her re-election handily without opposition for Cobb GOP Chairwoman.

GRA Northwest GRA chapter President Eddie Caldwell was elected as the new Whitfield County GOP Chairman. His RA chapter’s Vice President Joanna Hildreth was easily re-elected as the Catoosa County GOP organization Chairwoman, and GRA-member Jackie Harling was elected Chairwoman of the Walker County GOP.

Eddie Caldwell from Whitfield County

Some RA chapters had held endorsement conventions for party leadership candidates ahead of the county conventions. In DeKalb County, for example, Marci McCarthy was endorsed by the DeKalb RA chapter, and she was re-elected as DeKalb County GOP Chairwoman. Stephanie Endres was endorsed by the Fulton RA chapter and she also won election as the new Fulton GOP Chairwoman.

In south Georgia, SEGRA President Brittany Brown pulled off a win as the new Chatham County GOP Chairwoman. Winning in Chatham and Fulton was particularly gratifying since the Establishment had narrowly held these two counties two years ago, getting the county conventions either thrown out or re-done on appeals to the GA GOP State Committee.

Stephanie Endres of
Fulton County

In Fulton two years ago, the Establishment had used tiddly-winks to count the votes and declared a victory for the Establishment candidate with more votes than had been credentialed! (No wonder Fulton has such a problem with election integrity!)

A week earlier, GRA 1st Vice President Brant Frost V was re-elected as the Coweta County GOP Chairman, and GRA-member Jennifer Tudor was re-elected as the Chattooga County GOP Chairwoman.

Governor Brian Kemp

Reports of more wins from GRA chapters and our allies continue to pour in from around the state. These wins send a clear message to Governor Brian Kemp and Speaker Jon Burns that the grassroots will not be ignored.

But the political industry and their sycophants decried the results, slinging mud at the victors by calling them “purists,” “white nationalists,” and other derogatory terms hypocritically in the name of “unity,” while suggesting that the GA GOP has become “irrelevant.”

As one party leader said, a complainer “tried really hard for 45 minutes on Saturday to become the precinct chair in his local GOP organization, and at the conclusion he declared the party ‘irrelevant.’ In other words, he lost.”

This spin seemed tailored to reinforce a message the AJC had reported two weeks earlier from the Governor’s office: “Governor urges donors to ditch ‘traditional’ party. Gov. Brian Kemp took his most significant step yet to break from the Georgia GOP and bolster his own growing political network, telling high-dollar donors that the 2022 midterm was a sign ‘we can no longer rely on the traditional party infrastructure …’. It seems that the folks in Atlanta had already seen the writing on the wall after the Precinct Caucus and knew that this was not going to be a year in which the Governor won a network of “yes-men” to run the GA GOP.

GRA President Alex Johnson

“Politicians are going to keep serving lobbyists,” said GRA President Alex Johnson, an attorney from DeKalb, “and ignoring the people unless and until politicians are accountable to the party and the people. If they don’t like accountability, they and their sycophants should go collect the signatures to run as Independent candidates instead of destroying the Republican brand.”

Now the next step in the effort proceeds to the congressional district conventions which take place on April 22nd.

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