Congressman Paul Broun

Congressman Paul Broun

Heritage Action Congressional Score: “A” —

Former Congressman Paul Broun previously served with fearless distinction in the U.S. Congress for four terms from 2007 to 2014, and earned the top voting record in Congress. He was endorsed by Congressman Ron Paul(R-Texas) when he ran for U.S. Senate in 2014 because of his consistent integrity for small, constitutional federal government. Prior to politics, he earned a Bachelor’s in Chemistry, worked as a medical doctor for 40 years, and rose to the rank of Commander in the U.S. Navy. Over the last few years he has worked as the President of our GRA-PAC. He brings a great deal of seasoned experience to the race for Congress, and has proven that he cannot be bought by the Swamp in Washginton, D.C.

Among the challengers to Paul Broun in the race for the 9th Congressional race is State Representative Kevin Tanner, who earned a disappointing “F” on his legislative scorecard.

You can learn more and contribute to Paul’s campaign a

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