Mike Scupin, 2nd Vice President

Mike Scupin, 2nd Vice President

Mike Scupin has an A.E. degree in Architecture from Southern Technical Institute, a BBA degree in Economics from North Georgia College, a MS degree in Management of Technology from Southern Polytechnic and State University. He has been an adjunct professor at North Georgia College teaching various management courses.

Mike has various business experiences. He has worked in planning and engineering, owned and operated a gift shop, as a Registered Land Surveyor owned and operated a land surveying business, and has been involved in the building and development business.

For years Mike had realized there was something terribly wrong in our political system but like many was unsure how he could help change things. When the tea party movement began Mike was looking for a tea party group close to his home to join but could not find one. He started Lanier Tea Party Patriots and during its early inception he was unable to find people willing to step out and get involved so he operated as a one-man tea party for over a year. During this time he assisted others in pushing the Georgia Legislature to adopt a Healthcare Compact Agreement and Georgia become the first state in the union to actually have an agreement approved and signed by the Governor. Since its early inception the Lanier Tea Party has grown significantly to become a very active group that continues today to put pressure on elected officials to stand by their oaths and support and defend the Constitutions of the USA and Georgia.

Mike became a member of the Republican Party shortly after forming the Lanier Tea Party and continues to be a member. Mike was a candidate for Congress in 2016.

Mike is involved with a large number of other groups in Georgia that are working for better government.

Mike is a co-host on Thursday mornings on WDUN radio in Gainesville where he tries to bring attention to things the people need to know to bring appropriate change to politics in both Georgia and the nation.

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