Terms and Conditions

The GRA Believes in a Clear Statement of Principles, found on our website under “What We Believe”. Additionally,

  1. We do not discriminate or agree with discrimination based on race, color, sex, national or ethnic origin, ancestry, age, religion or religious creed, disability or handicap, or any other characteristic prohibited under law.
  2. We do not support bigotry or racism.
  3. We also do not support criminal activity, including but not limited to violence against those holding different beliefs.
  4. We only discriminate against RINOs and those beliefs that undermine our organization’s principles or goals, as stated throughout this website.

By “purchasing” a membership, you are APPLYING for membership. Membership is not guaranteed. All proposed members should submit a membership request in writing via E-mail/PDF or postal mail in addition to their payment to president@georgiara.com. By joining online, you explicitly affirm that you agree with the GRA Statement of Beliefs, found on the Georgia RA website.  All donations and membership purchases are non-refundable unless membership is denied by the Georgia Republican Assembly, Inc. If your membership is denied, you will be refunded all money minus any processing fees we incurred from a third-party. If your membership includes the ability to add additional members, the denial of an additional member will entitle you to request another member be added: not a complete refund.