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After training, Chattooga County Opens a New RA Chapter!

After training, Chattooga County Opens a New RA Chapter!

Here we grow again! ‚Ķ Last weekend we opened a new Chattooga Republican Assembly chapter, and they joined with our Etowah Republican Assembly chapter, & some folks from the Northwest Georgia Republican Assembly chapter for another great Convention Training & Introduction to Parliamentary Procedure! ūüéď Great to see the excitement!

Eddie Caldwell

This parliamentary procedure training in northwest Georgia was led by Northwest RA chapter President Eddie Caldwell (also the Whitfield County GOP Chairman).

The new local chapter elected as their chapter Chairwoman Jennifer Tudor (also the Chattooga County GOP Chairwoman) and as their local chapter President Charles Stoker.

Our Republican Assembly leaders in Chattooga have already been instrumental in advancing several beneficial projects in their community, and we look forward to seeing what they will accomplish in the days ahead.

Excitement at the GRA State Convention: New Officers, Impressive Speakers & Awards

Excitement at the GRA State Convention: New Officers, Impressive Speakers & Awards

Newnan, GA ‚ÄĒ Saturday, GRA members from as far as Catoosa County in the northwest corner to Chatham County in the southeast corner of the state gathered to vote on approving resolutions, adopting bylaw-changes, and electing new officers to serve on the GRA’s state Executive Committee. They also got to hear from an array of inspiring guest speakers.

Alex Johnson presiding over the convention.

The body voted in favor of a bylaw change that created a new officer position on the Board and Executive Committee: Chairman of the Board. Attorney Alex Johnson, who has served as the GRA President for about a decade, was elected to this new position, freeing him up to give more time and attention to his elected position as the NFRA President while still providing counsel and oversight of the GRA and still presiding over official meetings and conventions.

Nathaniel Darnell from Cobb County was elected as the new GRA President, which the amended bylaws specify would operate more like a C.E.O. or Executive Director for the organization. Nathaniel has served as the NFRA Director for the last four years. Prior to that, he served as the 3rd Vice President. His wife Abigail Darnell was elected to replace him in his NFRA Director position.

Anne Lane from DeKalb was elected as the new Assistant Secretary, and Stephen Alligood was elected as the new 3rd Vice President, after Mrs. Darnell’s promotion.

The other elected officers on the GRA Executive Committee will be unchanged. Brant Frost V of Coweta will continue to serve as the 1st Vice President, attorney Catherine Bernard of DeKalb as the now Senior NFRA Director for the GRA, Jim Fernander of Douglasville as the 2nd Vice President, Joanna Hildreth of Catoosa as the Secretary, and Banks Wise of Cherokee as the Treasurer.

The new GRA Executive Committee: Brant Frost, Jim Fernander, Alex Johnson, Nathaniel Darnell, Stephen Alligood, Joanna Hildreth, Catherine Bernard, Abigail Darnell, and Anne Lane. (Treasurer Banks Wise is absent from the photo.)
Alex Johnson bestowing the award for exceptional service upon Denise Burns.

The convention also honored Walker County’s Denise Burns, who for the last term has done double-duty, serving as the GRA’s Assistant Secretary while also being the elected 14th District GA GOP Chairwoman. She decided to not run for another term on the GRA Executive Committee, given her many other duties, but the GRA praised her for her exceptional service over the last few years of growth within the organization.

The newly elected officers were joined at the convention by most of the other members of the GRA Board (pictured at top), including the local chapter Presidents and Action Group Chairmen.

Brittany Brown of SEGRA

One of the local chapter Presidents who spoke at the convention was Brittany Brown of the SEGRA chapter, who was also elected this year as the Chatham County GOP Chairwoman. She and Fulton County GOP Chairwoman Stephanie Endres gave a presentation on how their county GOPs were stolen by the RINO Establishment two years ago only to be re-claimed this year during convention season. Now these promise to be strategic high-population counties that could have a significant impact on the up-coming 2024 elections.

Kandiss Taylor

Kandiss Taylor (1st District GA GOP Chair) served as the Resolutions Committee Chairwoman at the GRA Convention Saturday. The body adopted resolutions supporting medical freedom, election integrity, the Accountability Rule, and RICO reform, while “censuring” the Republican legislators who voted for the Mental Health Parity bill, H.B. 520 last year. Kandiss encouraged the activists to reserve ammunition for the RINOs and Democrats rather than firing on each other.

Garrett Ziegler

One of the keynote speakers at the convention was Garrett Ziegler, founder of Marco Polo ‚ÄĒ an opposition research group. Mr. Ziegler served as the Associate Director of Trade & Manufacturing Policy under former President Donald Trump. He spoke at length especially about the Hunter Biden laptop scandal.

In addition, attendees got to hear the latest report from Georgia Freedom Caucus leaders Mallory Staples, State Rep. Charlice Byrd (R-Cherokee), and State Senator Colton Moore (R-Dade). Moore and Byrd concluded the special legislative session with the rest of the Georgia General Assembly last Thursday, and now are preparing for the regular legislative session starting in January 2024. We honored Charlice and Colton with special awards for their courageous statesmanship:

Cobb RA Panel with Georgia Freedom Caucus Leadership

Cobb RA Panel with Georgia Freedom Caucus Leadership

The Cobb County Republican Assembly enjoyed a great county convention last Monday for as local officers were elected & attendees got to hear from Georgia Freedom Caucus leadership State Senator Colton Moore (R-Dade), State Rep. Charlice Byrd (R-Cherokee), Mallory Staples, & Blake Bassham on the dynamics of politics at the state capitol. They discussed up-coming legislative efforts, including ones to revise the RICO laws and provide relief for the alternate electors.

Our friends at TurningPointUSA also held a table at that event and shared about their initiative to increase voter registration.

Those who missed the event can now watch the video interview with State Senator Colton Moore (R-Dade) presented that evening here:

Thanks to everyone who came and participated! Here are some photos from the Cobb RA convention:

Next GRA State Convention: December 9th

Next GRA State Convention: December 9th

The GRA is pleased to host its next state convention on December 9th at Coweta Community Church – 310 Millard Farmer Industrial Blvd, Newnan, GA 30263. All principled Republicans and conservatives are invited to register and attend. The only persons allowed to vote or participate at the convention are dues-paid members who have been accepted and approved pursuant to GRA procedures before 10:00 AM on Saturday, November 9th, 2023, and register for the convention.

The Educational and Training Portion of the Program shall start at 10 AM. Business and voting may begin after 12 PM on Saturday, December 9th, 2023.

Chick-fil-a packed lunch is expected to be included in the cost of registration. Convention registration is available here. All proceeds go to our GRA-PAC efforts to win next year’s election. Early Bird Registration Expires on Dec 2nd. Our PAC, GRA-PAC, is co-sponsoring the convention and handling registration. 

Here are the important details on this state-wide GRA event:

Georgia Republican Assembly Convention:
Location: Coweta Community Church
Address: 310 Millard Farmer Industrial Blvd, Newnan, GA 30263
Cost: $15 early-bird \ $20 late registration
Time: 10am, December 9th
Lunch included


Results from the NFRA Convention in Orlando, Florida

Results from the NFRA Convention in Orlando, Florida

Orlando, FL ‚ÄĒ Over last weekend, GRA members gathered with other Republican Assembly members from as far away as Hawaii for the NFRA Endorsing Convention held at the Rosen Shingle Creek in Florida from October 13 to October 15, 2023. This national grassroots organization consists almost exclusively of unpaid volunteers from all parts of the country, including Puerto Rico, and they took decisive steps to shape the future of conservative leadership in America with their latest endorsements. In addition, they gathered to adopt resolutions and additions to the NFRA platform, and to elect officers.

Members from Georgia made up the largest delegation at the convention with 32 delegates participating‚ÄĒeven surpassing the delegations from Florida and California! As with the GRA, it takes a minimum two-thirds majority vote of the participating membership to win the NFRA’s endorsement.

Congressman Jim Jordan Wins the NFRA Endorsement for Speaker of the U.S. House

Jim Jordan

At this significant convention, U.S.Representative¬†Jim Jordan¬†(R-Ohio) received a¬†unanimous¬†endorsement for the role of Speaker of the House of Representatives. His unwavering dedication to upholding constitutional values and proven leadership skills made him the standout choice for the U.S. House’s vital position.

This endorsement comes just before the U.S. House is expected to vote today on whether to elect Jordan as Speaker. Over the weekend, holdouts against Jordan have announced a change of mind, including Republican Congressmen from Georgia such as¬†Austin Scott¬†(R-GA’s 8th District) who attempted to run against Jordan in the Republican Caucus for the Speakership nomination.

Matt Gaetz

Congressman¬†Matt Gaetz¬†from Florida had been scheduled to be a keynote speaker at the NFRA Convention, but he was not able to leave Washington, D.C. due to the flurry to negotiate support for Jordan over the weekend. Gaetz instead called into the NFRA Convention and expressed support for their work and for Jordan. “I wish I was there with you rather than here in Washington, D.C.,” Gaetz told the crowd, “but we’re doing very important work, making sure that we get a Speaker who can advance Republican priorities. ‚Ķ Balanced budgets and programatic review of how we spend the taxpayer dollars.”

He added to standing applause: “We are still at the Capitol having small group meetings to bring every element of our conference together to elect Jim Jordan the next Speaker of the House!”

Americans await in suspense to see whether Jim Jordan will get the 217 votes needed to win election as the U.S. House Speaker.

NFRA Delegates Enthusiastically Endorse Donald Trump

Donald Trump speaking at NFRA Convention

In addition to Jordan, NFRA delegates overwhelmingly voted to endorse Donald Trump for President of the United States. These Republican Assembly members believe that these two men have the courage and fortitude to put America first ahead of lobbyists, corporations and foreign nations. We believe these men have what it takes to stand up to the uni-party. 

Some RA members, such as Mark Minich of Connecticut, were less enthusiastic about the Trump endorsement decision particularly because of mistakes they believe he made in 2020, expanding the national debt particularly with the CARES Act, mailing wealth redistribution checks, promoting Dr. Fauci, and his apparent back-pedaling on the sanctity of life following the media backlash received after the overturn of Roe v Wade. Not to mention his bump-stock ban relating to gun rights. Opponents of the endorsement feared Trump does not consistently hold to the principles and political philosophy of the Republican Assembly.

However, these concerns were overcome in the minds of most of the participating delegates due to former President Trump’s reputation for aggressively fighting the deep state, and by the sheer paranoia the Left displays at his leadership. Supporters voiced particular appreciation for his U.S. Supreme Court appointments, his success at keeping America out of war, and his tax cuts. The baseless indictments and petty attempts at impeachment of him only continue to endear Trump to Republican voters. 

Election Integrity Workshops a Huge Success at the NFRA Convention

Sam Carnline with GeorgiansforTruth leading a workshop illustrating one of the ways paper ballots can be counted in an election.

The Georgia Republican Assembly delegation in attendance included many of the leaders from the chapters in south Georgia, including Jeff Jones, the Coastal RA President, Ginny Hall and Joy Turner, members of the Coastal chapter’s executive team. Georgia election integrity leaders Holly Kesler and Field Searcy led a workshop on election integrity featuring a simulation of a paper ballot hand count at the precinct level, using two different methods.

Holly Kesler stressed the need for decentralization of elections and greater involvement and volunteer participation at the precinct level. This workshop was very well received and appreciated by patriots from around the country. 

Mike Lindell speaks Saturday evening

Speakers at the convention included Mike Lindell, Alex Newman, Dr. Douglas Frank, Captain Seth Keshel, Mat Staver, Tom Homan, Brigitte Gabriel, and a panel of whistleblowers addressing corruption within the DOJ.

GRA 1st Vice President¬†Brant Frost V¬†chaired the Resolutions Committee, which, in addition to resolutions, presented an exhaustive platform document. The committee welcomed input from all NFRA members, many of whom have done extensive research on public policy and become near experts on the issues important to them. They also presented a resolution regarding the ‚Äúnatural born citizen‚ÄĚ requirement for presidential candidates, urging activists:

‚ÄúRESOLVED, it is the will of this convention that only candidates who meet the natural born-citizenship standard, interpreted through an originalist and strict constructionist standard, be placed on the 2024 Republican presidential primary ballots.‚ÄĚ

NFRA Welcomes New Chapter: South Carolina Republican Assembly

Jeff Davis introduces himself as the new chartering President of the South Carolina Republican Assembly

During the NFRA Convention Board meeting, leaders from across the country were excited to approve the charter for a new South Carolina chapter. Additionally, patriots from Louisiana attended the event and expressed eagerness to also charter a chapter in their state. This represents notable progress toward the goal of establishing strong Republican Assembly chapters in each state of the union that will provide accountability to their state government and bring reform to their state GOP. Please urge your patriot friends and family in other states to consider connecting with the Republican Assembly chapter in their state.

Additionally, the NFRA Board elected executive officers to serve the NFRA for the next two years. GRA President Alex Johnson was elected unanimously to serve another term as NFRA President. GRA Members James Jordan and Nathaniel Darnell were also elected to leadership positions within the NFRA.

GA GOP Moves in the RIGHT Direction with Election of New Officers

GA GOP Moves in the RIGHT Direction with Election of New Officers

Columbus‚ÄĒA whopping 2,057 delegates from across the state assembled at the GA GOP State Convention last weekend, taking up business to continue to improve the Republican Party in our state. They also were excited to hear former President Donald Tump provide the keynote address on Saturday afternoon.

Some business was completed and other business was left undone. The main accomplishment of the convention was that delegates swept out of all of the most outspoken, obstructionist, and antagonistic officers or candidates promoting the interests of the Atlanta Establishment. The immediate list of GA GOP Executive Committee members (apart from the District Chairs), went from having five hard-core Establishment people to having only one. That is impressive improvement!

This election was a clear example of the success of the accountability movement. Conservatives have been slowly making gains each convention for the last 10 years, and now have clearly tipped the scales. The political industry lost it‚Äôs grip on the GA Republican Party. 

Our volunteer GRA members handed out thousands of brochures and stickers for our endorsed candidates, gave away hundreds of educational books, sold lots of fun SWAG, and promoted several of our initiatives at our vendor table and in the hallways at the event throughout the weekend. Networking and meeting like-minded patriots from around the state is always a delight at these state conventions that bring Republicans together from every corner of Georgia.

GRA-Endorsed Winners

The GRA-endorsed candidate for State Party Chairman Josh McKoon won his race with 54% of the vote! A highly-rated former State Senator, Josh ran promising to build upon the success of Chairman Shafer by uniting factions, raising funds for “law-fare,” and continuing the fight for election integrity in Georgia. The GRA also saw three other of its GRA-endorsed candidates win election to the GA GOP Executive Committee. One of them, Cobb GOP Chairwoman and GRA member Salleigh Grubbs, won election as the new Over 80K Chair on Friday afternoon. Caroline Jeffords from Fulton County was another GRA-endorsed candidate who soundly won her election for GA GOP Secretary with 59% of the vote. Caroline has been lauded as an election-integrity heroine by taking the lead as a plaintiff on one of the first lawsuits filed after the 2020 election, and her case is still pending. Another big win came for GRA-endorsed candidate Suzi Voyles ‚ÄĒ an Eagle Forum leader and legend for election integrity ‚ÄĒ who was elected by a land-slide 80% of the vote as the new Assistant Secretary!

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What happened with the Accountability Rule?

What happened with the Accountability Rule?

Some delegates left the convention on Saturday night when it adjourned around 8:30pm wondering aloud, “Whatever happened to the proposed¬†Accountability Rule?” The behind-the-scenes story began when the proposal was submitted to the convention Rules Committee. It has been reported that the convention Rules Committee this year was essentially the same as the permanent Rules Committee for the GA GOP over the last two-year term. That is significant because it means that our newly elected District Chairs from across the state have not yet had the opportunity to nominate replacement members to the Rules Committee.

With the old Rules Committee members still in control in spite of the changes that were won over the last several months at the district conventions, the Establishment majority on that committee voted to block the Accountability Rule from getting out of committee and on the floor of the convention for any review, discussion, amendment, or vote.

Many of the delegates were disturbed by the convention rules submitted to the body which included a requirement that rules and resolutions brought from the floor would only be considered if they received a 2/3 majority vote and even then only ‚Äúwithout debate.‚ÄĚ This language was troubling since it silences the delegates ability to freely exchange ideas and removes their ability to direct and have influence on the party.¬†

GRA leadership made a valiant effort to get the convention rules amended so that the Accountability Rule could be brought up on the floor of the convention, but the presiding convention Chairman State Rep.¬†Barry Fleming¬†(R-Columbia) blocked it by violating Robert’s Rules of Order so as to prevent any change to the convention rules or the order of the agenda.

NFRA Directors attorney Catherine Bernard(DeKalb) and Nathaniel Darnell (Cobb) each made motions on the floor to amend the proposed convention rules, which were seconded.

Roberts Rules requires that motions to amend be discussed and voted on¬†before¬†the body can vote on the originally proposed item. (See e.g, Robert’s Rules, 12th Edition ¬ß 6.5(2).) But Fleming skipped over the votes to amend and proceeded directly to vote on the original proposal without discussing or voting on the amendments. After the body voted to approve the original convention rules, a motion was made to appeal the decision of the convention Chairman. But Fleming did not ask the body to vote on whether his attempt to skip over the amendments was valid; instead, he asked them to affirm whether he counted the vote to approve the original proposal correctly!

When delegates called¬†‚ÄúDivision!”¬†Chairman Fleming ignored it and moved forward with his original call based solely on his eyeballing of the standing votes in the narrow hall. The bright lights and numerous pillars blocked his view almost entirely of the delegates in the back of the hall, and rather than having the sergeant-at-arms manually count the delegates row by row in the aisles‚ÄĒwhich is what the motion of “division” requires, he ignored it. This led to many delegates complaining that his perception of the votes were grossly inaccurate, and electronic handheld clicker devices were used to tabulate all other votes in the convention thereafter.

As a Republican state legislator, Chairman Fleming would himself be subject to the Accountability Rule, were it to be successful. This conflict of interest did not go unnoticed by advocates of the rule change, some of whom believed the Accountability Rule was the most urgent and consequential business to be addressed at the convention. 

The gridlock over the Accountability Rule led out-going Chairman David Shafer to propose a resolution to the GA GOP State Committee on Thursday which called for his successor Josh McKoon to appoint a committee to review the Accountability Rule and other similar solutions, to investigate their implications, and to make a recommendation by October of this year. That resolution passed out of the state committee. Chairman Shafer said that the resolution was “binding” on the next Chairman.¬†McKoon promised that he would appoint attorney and GRA President¬†Alex Johnson, the original author of the Accountability Rule, to that committee.

In previous years, resolutions have been passed to appoint similar committees, and nothing has come from it. We will see if the GA GOP makes good on their word this time.