Counties with Populations Over 80,000 Held GOP Precinct Caucus Saturday

Counties with Populations Over 80,000 Held GOP Precinct Caucus Saturday

Last Saturday county GOP organizations with populations of over 80,000 held their Precinct Caucus Meeting as the first step in the process for Georgia’s Republican convention season. Participants elected delegates to their county conventions and also elected precinct officers and other positions.

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Attendees at the Cobb Precinct Caucus

Participation overall appeared to be down compared to two years ago with some notable exceptions: Cherokee County, for example, reportedly had about 500 participants at their precinct caucus.

With the Precinct Caucus Meetings for the large counties now having been completed, delegates for these larger counties will next need to appear before their county GOP’s Nominating Committee to be interviewed and vetted if they desire to be considered for election as party officers, congressional district convention delegates, or state convention delegates.

Salleigh Grubbs

In Cobb County, for example, the GRA’s NFRA Director Nathaniel Darnell was appointed by Cobb GOP Chairwoman Salleigh Grubbs to serve as the Cobb GOP’s Nominating Committee Chairman. He announced that the committee would begin conducting interviews as early as February 15th at the Cobb GOP Headquarters in order for them to be able to finalize their recommendations several days before the county convention.

Most counties plan to host their county conventions on March 11th, although some are conducting them on March 4th. Be sure to check and see what date your county GOP convention will be held and pre-register as early as possible!

If you live in a county with a population under 80,000, your GOP Precinct Caucus will be held next month. Again, most under 80k counties plan to hold their precinct caucus and county conventions the same day on either March 11th or March 4th. Precinct caucuses for these smaller counties typically start at 9am and then the county conventions start at 10am. You will want to reach out to your local GOP organization for specific information about your local precinct caucus and county convention.

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