New Panel Video from the Faith & Medicine Conference Now Available

New Panel Video from the Faith & Medicine Conference Now Available

If you missed out on Real Health Medical’s Faith & Medicine Conference last weekend, the video of the panel Brave New World we co-sponsored at that event is now available on our GRA YouTube channel! The panel featured a collection of medical professionals, activists, scholars, and theologians looking at the intersection of medicine, politics, and theology. It addressed newly emerging medical and political controversies we find ourselves facing today in America, including vaccine mandates, pandemic lockdowns, abortion, trans-ideology and ramifications, euthanasia policies being modeled in countries such as Canada, certificate of need policies, and more!

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This video is the sequel to last year’s 2022 panel discussion How Shall We Then Live?, which was removed from our YouTube channel last year in October after the CDC made a big announcement about vaccines. But that first panel episode is still available on our GRA Rumble channel.

The Faith & Medicine Conference also featured a keynote message from frontline physician Dr. Peter McCullough—which was packed out! Dr. McCullough has testified multiple times before Congress about the problems with the COVID vaccines and boosters. He is one of the most respected cardiologists in the world, and one of the first to be interviewed on the news when NFL football player Damar Hamlin mysteriously collapsed.

In light of the on-going discoveries being made of the harm from the COVID vaccines, we are grateful that civil governments have reversed course on medical tyranny. However, matters of constitutional liberty such as these remain an on-going concern and require the utmost vigilance. Some suspect there might be another “planned-demic” on the horizon, and we should be better prepared to oppose it.

One of the common concerns expressed at the conference was the lack of liability vaccine-producers face when people suffer harm from their use.

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State Senator Greg Dolezal

So we were excited to see our endorsed State Senator Greg Dolezal (R-Cumming) get his S.B. 1 passed out of the Georgia State Senate last week by a vote of 31 to 21. The bill blocks state or local agencies, governments or schools from requiring a COVID-19 vaccination to receive admission or services, sometime referred to as a “vaccine passport.” Lawmakers passed a version of the measure last year that would have expired June 30 of this year. Thank you to everyone who contacted their legislators in support of this bill!

That bill is headed to the State House.

We have other medical-related legislation being dropped by our endorsed state legislators. Representative Charlice Byrd (R-Cherokee), for example, introduced the Medical Freedom Act this past week, which prohibits any business receiving government subsidies from requiring proof of vaccination, a vaccine passport, or a mask. Contact your representative if you support HB 266!

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