Prayers for the Victims in Uvalde

Prayers for the Victims in Uvalde

Georgia Republican Assembly President Alex Johnson released the following statement: “Please join us as we pray for the community of Uvalde, Texas—deeply impacted by the tremendous loss of life, 19 children and 2 adults. Our hearts are heavy for the grieving families, the injured, children and staff who witnessed the tragedy and the pastors and ministers who will walk with them through this difficult time. We are grateful for the actions of the first responders and volunteers who stepped in and for the community at-large for coming together to support each other.”

The Bible says in Matthew 5:4, “Blessed are they who mourn and they shall be comforted.”

We regret that Democrats such as President Joe Biden have sought to politicize this tragedy by using it as an opportunity call for more gun regulation. This sad event happened in a “gun free zone” which ought to demonstrate to everyone how useless such gun regulations are in protecting victims. To the contrary, such laws make the law-abiding vulnerable sitting ducks to those who desire to cause harm without fear of defense. The only way to stop a mass shooter is with a bullet, as the perpetrator of this heinous act eventually learned after murdering 21 other people—21 other people who might have been saved if someone besides this murderer had been on the grounds of this “gun free zone” with a gun.

The members of our board who homeschool their children are pleased to inform any such potential evildoers that our school is not a “gun free zone.”

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