NWGRA Announces Endorsed Local Candidates

NWGRA Announces Endorsed Local Candidates

Last week the NorthWest GRA chapter (NWGRA) completed their electronic endorsement convention for local candidates, confirming many of those recommended at the state convention, and adding several others.

Congratulations to the following candidates for receiving the NWGRA endorsement! These candidates automatically receive the Georgia Republican Assembly endorsement as well:

• State Senate District 52: Derek Keeney

• State Senate District 53: Colton Moore

• State Senate District 54: Doug Keener

• State House District 1: Jackie Harling

• State House District 2: Jim Coles

• State House District 3: Mitchell Horner

• State House District 4: Nick Voyles

• State House District 5: No Endorsement

• State House District 6: No Endorsement

• Catoosa County Commission District 2: Britt Fant

• Catoosa County Commission District 4: Charlie Stephens

Catoosa is the only county in the NWGRA chapter that has a GRA County Chairman to facilitate the vetting, but they anticipate having more county chairmen in the future. Keep an eye out for upcoming posts from the NWGRA on their Facebook page about each of the endorsed candidates!

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